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  1. Dolphins, Jets, Lions, Jaguars... Some good company we're in there huh guys
  2. Has Rhule ever hit the over?
  3. it's not like better tech doesn't exist. they're using the less accurate tech because it's good enough for it's current purpose. when you're just tracking general stats being off a few inches is fine. still, there's tech that exists to be accurate down to a fraction of a centimeter. WAY more accurate than having a ref spot the ball. they definitely could implement this if they wanted. i'm all for it, watching a ref just give away an extra yard and a half and a free first down is some serious BS.
  4. Going by the "official" trade value chart 29 + 30 + 50 are almost exactly the same value as 6. Numbers wise it's a fair trade. I'd probably do it, though I'd try to get them to throw in a future 3rd as well. Missing out on a top player would suck, but you're looking at 3 pretty early draft picks. The Panthers aren't one player away from winning a championship (or even two or three) so it makes sense.
  5. $11.7 million a year for Donte Jackson $5.5 million a year for Ian Thomas
  6. Build OLine, find your QB next year
  7. I wonder what the huddle would look like if we got Watson and he decided to keep Rhule
  8. "won" the award for worst signing last offseason off to early favorites this year with the Ian Thomas deal what a clown show
  9. It's a double whammy. Not only are there no QBs worth taking at 6, but the Panthers are much less likely to get a huge offer from teams wanting to trade up.
  10. I've stopped paying attention to who Carolina drafts, signs in free agency or even how they do in games. From here on out I'm just using them as an excuse to tailgate, eat BBQ, drink beer and avoid family/responsibilities.
  11. Panthers go 6-11 and win the division Blown out in the first round of the playoffs Rhule brought back for another year Picking around #20 in the draft
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