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  1. Hey @LinvilleGorge did I just randomly decide to make these comments to him out of thin air, or were they all response's to his own attacks (that you conveniently ignore)
  2. I'm not playing victim for anything. I'm calling out your BS, and you don't like that. You want to quote my posts and CONVIENTLY forget all the ones he did. So he posts some insulting condescending comments on his end, and I respond in same. And you mods rush to defend him and threaten me action. Again, you stick up for this "established poster" with 122k poster even as he makes rude condescending posts left and right, but heaven forbid anyone hits back at him.
  3. i mean that's the real issue here, he can insult and disrespect anyone he wants in an argument, because he's just an "established poster" and has 122k posts, but don't dare defend yourself against his disrespect and condescension, that's grounds for a perma ban.
  4. okay fair, but if the way he condescends and disregards any other argument insults people with a a different view should he be banned? i don't see anyone of you mods stepping in to say anything to him for his condescension, do i? that's fair game, but then to post a rebuttal to that you're faced with a perma ban?
  5. i never claimed that mods had a dog in the fitt good/bad fight, only that they want to step in and stick up for the 122K posters, as been shown here more times than I can remember
  6. That's exactly what happened CRA in case you weren't smart enough to figure it out. I've made no other statements here other than Fitt is a bad GM and deserves to be fired. I've made no other arguments for the organization, or politics, religion, culture or anything else either implicit or implied. Butt @LinvilleGorge doesn't want me showing up the long time 122K poster how wrong he is so he has to step in and threaten me with a perma-ban
  7. @LinvilleGorge bruh just look at this guy insta perma ban like you threatened to me, right?
  8. @LinvilleGorge right we cant say fitt is a bad GM, everything he does is all good, nothing to see here. dont argue with the 122K poster, am i missing anything?
  9. hey you won dude no worries mods have determined it's only allowed to say Fitt is a good GM and need to be kept, anything else you get banned so congrats you won, you can spam this board with another 100K posts of fitt is a great gm and nobody can argue otherwise
  10. "just calling names" i've pounded this argument with facts, specific moves and examples of Fitts failures while I've been met with vague evasive excuses there's no reason other than linvillegorge can't handle the situation this organization is in and wants to hear a nicer friendlier fairy tale
  11. I've already been issued a warning - with the threat of a permanent ban - I can no longer speak out against Fitterer as GM. I can only for and now speak to him being a competent GM that we need to retain, which I can't exactly do, so good luck to you all.
  12. I've been informed by CH moderators that I'm not allowed to object to this move as deemed appropriate. Keeping of the Panthers GM is protected speech may institute bans if objected to. I can no longer speak out against the current Panthers FO without risking immediate permeant ban. Thanks all, peace.
  13. HURRR HURR I CAN SEPERATE COACHING FROM PERSONELL Ohh the guy that's traded nearly an entire draft for Mayfield, Darnold and CJ Henderson? Oh, that guy?? A+++++ Huge contracts to Ian Thomas, Erving and Elflein? A++++++++ DURPPPP I CAN SEPERATE AND U GUYS JUST BIAS OMG
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