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  1. Any list that has Missy Elliott at #8 is garbo. I even like a lot of rap and hip hop, so it's not like I'm against that style of music, but there are about a million other artists I'd put on that list ahead of Elliot.
  2. Do the Jets or Jaguars have any disgruntled 1st round LTs?
  3. I'm always wary of a team moving on from a top 10 pick so quickly. Is this guy an outright bust and they just wanted to get something for him while they still could? I'm a human being so I never watch Jacksonville games, have no idea if this guy is any good or not. If he does end up being a legit CB1 then this is a great move.
  4. When you're sitting at 3-0 and you see Marty Hurney's new team lose by 22 to the Bills
  5. A++ Without a doubt he's a top end coordinator. He's having to scheme around a garbage OLine, whereas our D doesn't have such a glaring weakness to deal with. And still manages to put guys in advantageous situations all day long. The rare times you see otherwise it's forced due to a combination of down, distance, field position and game situation. I'm hoping we keep him for as long as possible before we lose him to a HC gig (which I think is all but inevitable).
  6. I predict the Panthers win 24-9 Game isn't over yet so this still counts
  7. Big part of play calling is out guessing your opponent. I'm sure after we did the exact same blitz twice in a row they were thinking "well they sure as hell aren't going to do the same thing THREE times in a row"
  8. Finally somebody that knows what they're talking about.
  9. if you ever visited this lady's house you'd 100% get roped into a 30 minute conversation about healing crystals
  10. To be fair, cheering for injuries was the only thing Saints fans had to cheer about Sunday.
  11. I'm guessing the seat next to her is empty because they made her buy two seats.
  12. "This coaching staff is phenomenal. Putting guys in favorable situations all day, not perfect of course but the best we've ever seen in Carolina." What I posted in the game day thread. This oline is straight garbage, this kicking game is straight garbage, Sam Darnold is what he is, and we took on a strong divisional opponent and just STOMPED them.
  13. This coaching staff is phenomenal. Putting guys in favorable situations all day, not perfect of course but the best we've ever seen in Carolina.
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