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  1. Sure, Houston, the Jets and Dolphins may be offering you a boatload of draft picks. But draft picks are a gamble and can end up netting you nothing but headache. Don't fall victim to such a rookie mistake. We, on the other hand, have something that nobody else can offer. Let me introduce you to the very hard working, fan favorite, up-and-coming superstar Teddy Bridgewater.
  2. This seems like a good idea. I drank way, way too much in 2020. I think a solid month or two of no drinking would do me good.
  3. i doubt it, hurney has such a long list of horrific failures I can't help but think it's a culmination of numerous factors. sounds like tepper realizes he should have fired him sooner so
  4. JUST IN TIME FOR YOU MARTY https://finance.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-relief-package-600-022826852.html
  5. you're god damn right i am bitch
  6. As an example, the Panthers could have (if they wanted) structured Bridgewaters contract so that his cap hit this year was only $9 million, while still paying him the exact same $24 million for 2020. Does that mean his total cap his for playing this year would be only $9 million? No, it just means you pushed the other $15 million into the future. The total cap hit still ends up being whatever you pay him, in this case $24 million.
  7. OP is off base with this. Every dollar you pay a player is going to hit your cap regardless. You can, though, structure a contract in a way to basically make the cap hits each year whatever you want them to be. But you're just pushing cap hits around, not changing the amount that's going to hit the cap in total. So when we pay a player $20 million, that means there's going to be $20 million hitting the cap. Might not all hit on the current year, but it HAS to hit the cap at some point. So saying "yeah we're paying him $21 mill, but his cap hit is only $14 mill!" is really misguided. All t
  8. this makes a lot of sense and would be great for the organization, so of course the panthers won't do it
  9. not sure where you got that i was "dismissing them" only pointing out that it's definitely a winnable game. people are almost chalking up these last 4 games as automatic losses, but while the panthers are fugging bad, so is washington, so we'll see what happens. it's completely possible that the panthers win 3 out of the last 4 games and finish 7-9. not what the "tank for higher pick" guys want to hear but definitely possible.
  10. yeah it's the nfl, bad teams are capable of squeaking out close one score victories against good teams not sure what point you think you're making here btw this is the same team that lost to the fugging lions (lulz), the cardinals and the giants... twice. better go ahead and chalk up an automatic loss i guess right? can't possibly beat this beast of a team, not a winnable game you think?
  11. every team in the nfl has pockets of talents, even the garbage ones but bruh they're 5-7 while playing in the worst division in football and haven't won a playoff game since 2005. they're fugging garbage, granted the panthers are too, but it's at the very least a winnable game
  12. Panthers could very well win 3 of their last 4. Denver is trash. Washington is trash. Saints might be resting their starters.
  13. NFL has announced as punishment the Carolina Panthers will be required to keep Marty Hurney as their GM
  14. depends on the business i guess. I use remote workers in my business with nothing more than them having internet and a PC
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