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  1. I agree, but the question was Watson and a vet LT or Icky/Corral.
  2. Watson is a top 5 QB in the NFL. This is really not a comparison.
  3. Sigh… opens YouTube searches Matt Coral highlights
  4. If we passed on Willis, should have just waited until or pick. Save the 3rd next year!
  5. Should have traded up for Willis!!!!
  6. Trust Fitt. At least we will have all of our picks next year.
  7. Please do not trade into the second round. None of these QBs are worth it except Willis. Willis will take two years to devolpe.
  8. There is not going to be 1 WR left for GB or KC. Love it
  9. I am cool bringing cam in for goaline packages. Sign him Solid backup.
  10. We are going to run the ball this year. CMC, Hubbard, and Foreman. Down hill!
  11. Still can't believe we got Ikem, going to be a strength for us.
  12. I Just hope Kenny Picket is gone in the first. We don't need the panthers doing something stupid tomorrow.
  13. All the WRs are coming off the board now.
  14. Good thing we have horn coming back. two WRs coming into the nfcs.
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