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  1. We're basically the 11 gen intel. And just an i5.
  2. Sir I’m going to need you to process the way we’re processing the process of one of the best processors
  3. This guy is good, he understands a lot of NFL concepts. Also, there's not much pre-analysis bs/he gets right to the point. Good breakdown, shows he's processing but making some rookie mistakes. Stuff to learn from. Doesn't push me overly into pushy or complacent territory, but there's a bit for him to work on.
  4. Hubbard shows a bit more burst to the line and you can probably run stretch plays with him more effectively than Miles. Although neither are pure in the receiving department so there's a redundancy. Similar to the WR crew with certain fundamentals down but severely lacking a quick slot guy or reliable deep threat. We're missing two critical pieces most modern offenses should have: RB with receiving skills A Shifty XYZ receiver We decided to sign Miles and draft Mingo with those needs, which was in retrospect starting to seem kind of shortsighted. Guys like Tyjae Spears, Marvin Mims, Tank Dell, or Tyler Scott would have been in a good place here to make an impact.
  5. Just crazy how quickly the wheels fell off this year. Horn is out, Brady C is done, Shaq is done, Bryce is banged up, 0-2. It's just wild. I'm not in market so it will be on my quad sunday ticket box for as long as I can stomach.
  6. It's really about identifying what Tepper's temperature & patience was going into the season. I get the impression he's TRIED to be patient. Didn't want to look brash so didn't immediately clean house when the team was purchased. Then, once Rhule was in place, he tried to be patient and was willing to give him time. However, that backfired after it was one of those super apparent bad hires and the wheels fell off last year. Since Fitterer wasn't on Rhule's timeline, he doesn't ditch him, gives him more leverage at personnel that final season and now with a new hire. So, the new hire is off to a very bad start. The new QB is struggling and now injured. I think it could be otherwise and DT may be done trying to be patient. Maybe he's ready to be more like his ruthless self. 4-13 or worse could cause a Reich ouster. However, beyond the record, there would also need to be some riffs that develop, noticeable player morale dip, or mid-season staff changes that reveal additional fundamental issues. I think it's unlikely given the staff and Reich's character, but it could happen. It would need to be like Mularky/JAX, Tomsula/SF bad.
  7. I have this guy (who typically drafts well) in my big money 14-team league..he drafted Mattison & Sanders at RB, Mingo and Thielen at WR. Hurst at TE. His 1st rounder was Kupp and QB Burrow. Needless to say, it's the most god awful fantasy team I've seen two weeks in that I can recall.
  8. Fitt is slightly hitting more than missing at FA but draft is a different story... I don't like to compare drafts after the fact because it's all a crapshoot, but the Mingo pick and then aggressive trade up for DJJ (who's been inactive) is just not looking like the best strategy given the holes. I would have loved to target a trade down from 39 (I.E. PIT had 48 and 80) given who was available, but no doubt, that needs a willing trade partner. I just hate to see some draft crushes killing it right now. Tuli is crushing it for the Chargers, Torrence in BUF, Mims in Denver, Spears has looked great for TEN, Byron Young in LA.
  9. Reich's teams historically start slow. Although, the offenses have never looked like what we've sent out, not even remotely. My gut tells me they oversold how much of the playbook they've truly deployed with Bryce combined with the fact our receivers aren't doing diddly minus some nice moments from Mingo and Thielen. Reich's playbooks have been far more nuanced and flavorful than what we've seen utilizing mesh and hi-lo concepts. Rivers knew and worked his system better than anyone in SD and IND. So that's just my gut instinct about Bryce. Combine that with the running game having no explosion, you get a rudderless offense. However, I don't think the OL is necessarily in shambles--we're not going to "ruin" Bryce. He needs the reps. So first things first--I just want to open things up more and see some sort of pulse on offense. We need a reliable speedy receiver. Even if it's Dalton out there at QB. We just don't have that. TMJ is a 4.3 guy who jogs, then Mingo & Thielen aren't providing that and we cannot rely on Chark, Shenault is not a route runner. It's such an obvious need. All of Reich's offenses have that speedster.
  10. It went from optimistic to cautiously optimistic to full meltdown...if the losses continue, memescake factory will be far sooner than expected.
  11. Banter aside: We'd have to go 3-14, maybe 4-13, or worse and there to be clear issues not being worked out as the season progresses. Poor adjustments, poor player development, no one stepping up, and the team just sinks. In any 1 year firing instance (excluding Meyer), it would involve a coaching staff not responding accordingly or making adjustments, and because of that, the players buying out, fans booing or just not showing up, and us handing Chicago a top-5 pick. That being said, I don't see that happening with this staff. Reich isn't some up and comer thinking his sh*t doesn't stink. He's there to work with people and make a good squad.
  12. Yup ha. I'm just more implying how crazy of a day it's been for them. Like, what on earth is happening there?
  13. I dunno if they have time to rejoice after what went down in Halas Hall today. -Braxton Jones to IR -Their new DC suddenly resigns with rumors of an FBI raid. -Justin Fields blames coaching for playing like a robot Wild wild day and rumors are abundant on what's going on with the coaching staff.
  14. Meant to respond to this -- I can definitely agree. Just look at the recently succesful teams and the coaching tree/affiliations: McVay/LAR, Shanahan/SF, McDaniel/MIA, Taylor/CIN, O'Connell/MIN, Staley/LAC...not to mention BJ (under Campbell in DET and Waldren under Carrol in SEA are carving out really stellar offenses. LeFleur is making Love look pretty effective without their main weapons at 100%. They're all intertwined in more than a few ways. The McCoy/Haley tree that Reich, Sirianni, Steichen and a few stem from has promising aspects but it's a mixed bag of old and new. And very dependent on who's running the offense. We just look to be on an entirely different plane than most and it falls like this bc of scheme and their philosophies (and a few other factors I mentioned in the OP). I just thought we were finally pushing past this fragmented cellar we've found ourselves in for some time with the new staff. I officially have some heavy pause. The next few weeks and how this offense progresses/regresses will be telling. I'm of the opinion coaching outweighs QB and player by a little bit of a margin so if you don't have the right coach, you're not getting to the big games. You can make it there with a balance of parts/players...but not without the right coach. Rarely there are players that can supersede -- Brady, Cam, etc.
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