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  2. Well.. It can't be any worse than the 32nd ranked pass protection grade we received from PFF this week. 20% pass protection win rate this week, in other words the ability to hold your block for 2.5 seconds. What Meyer is really saying is they are far enough along to replace the trash we have in place at the moment. We could be in for a very long season, CMC was the big reason Sam didn't take more hits. He's either open or making a block. If our O-line doesn't improve its play, we will consistently see CMC getting 30 touches a game and when Sam doesn't have the time to push the ball ball down the field, we will realize this was the same issue Teddy Bridgewater had last year. If this team can get consistently league average pass protection, it will be a dynamic high scoring team. Sam needs more than 2.5 seconds 20% of the time or else this team becomes dink and dunk and pray for CMCs health for 17 games.
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