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  1. a highlight reel of all of jstews tds would be pretty sweet

  2. i see your gif of stewart throwing farrior to the ground and jw if you know where i can find that whole play. I missed that game, but heard that that run was fantastic

  3. a video of Dante rosario trying to or successfully jumping over people would be great and hysterical bc he tries to do it every time he gets the ball

  4. i haven't seen the play, but i heard that in the game v the Steelers, JSTEW had an insane run in which he plowed through, trucked the LB and stiff-armed the safety to the ground. any chance you have a vid?

  5. my bad on the assumption, me too tho i hope Tyrod gets drafted to a team that can use him

  6. I'm not the biggest VT fan, being a LSU fan first and foremost. But I love watching VT play I always watch when I get the chance.

  7. i thought i was the only VT fan on here...

  8. i got the sig, but thats it, thanks for the help tho

  9. its ok, thanks, apology accepted

  10. i apologize for being harsh. so many of these dang things today, not in a very good mood. again. sorry

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