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  1. Falcons on the clock

  2. Thanks man! They had an open equipment room sale after practices when they were at the RecZone, everything you would want is there but usually the high profile players' stuff is either put aside for silent auctions, charity auctions or for people who know people. Well, there is a guy in Raleigh who knows people and he sold them to me at a reasonable profit. I checked with the assistant equipment manager, Jorge, before I bought them to make sure they were legit. He said they were - Skinner actually wears an 8 1/2 on his right foot and a 9 on his left. I have a Cam Ward stick used against
  3. Here is a section of my collection. From the left to right, mostly off camera is a 2005 team singed ball; game used helmet (with Sam Mills memorial sticker), gu Jeff Skinner skates (issued to him in preseason and used through the first half of his rookie season), Tim Gleason gu gloves, gu game ball from the Christmas Eve game last season (December 24, 2011), signed Cam Newton authentic jersey (not game used), gu linebacker gloves used/signed by Thomas Davis, gu Arena League 2 playoffs game ball; under the jersey - Bob Feller autographed official MLB ball, Jeff Bagwell gu and signed baseball b
  4. You inspired me! Here are my 4 favorite 1980's pop songs.
  5. I'm not a Beatles fan, but two of my favorites here in PFR and Phil Keaggy with an awesome remake of a hippie classic.
  6. Oh, right... it was Operation Mindcrime II (2006). I didn't realize there were two of them. OK, Sabaton now.
  7. I took my sister to see Queensryche at the House of Blues when that album came out. She was a huge fan. After the horrible (as usual) opening act was done, we got an ear full of how evil George Bush is and a lot of politics from the lead singer instead of a concert. They played the entire album and paused in between every song to talk... it was unbearable. I just wanted to leave. She didn't like it either. It's not a matter of what your political opinion is... we bought a pair of tickets to see a music concert, not an anti-Bush rally. Anyway... here is some Dream Evil In Flames You Bu
  8. Great to hear. I do approve of subgenre labeling because there are a lot of bands that get grouped together that have a totally different sound. I'm not going to be one of those genre-nazis who tries to force his own opinion on everyone, but I specifically like symphonic and power metal but have no interest in black or doom, for example. I also don't like seeing bands like Nickelback and Green Day next to bands like Megadeth and Metallica in the metal section of CD stores. Wow jsquared, cool video and that's my favorite Led Zepplin song.
  9. I got the ball... it's sweet! I am also getting a pair of signed Thomas Davis gloves... I think I'll wait til I get them before I start taking pictures. I've been wanting to get a backdrop for taking product shots and I think I'll get one while I'm waiting for the gloves to arrive.
  10. You, sir, rock. I was starting to think there were no power metal fans on here.
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