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  1. Did the Panthers keep the receipt? It may not be too late to return him or get store credit.
  2. I have a 1/1 Smitty ...its a shame it wont end up in his collection
  3. I did go and buy a 1/1 last week I seen this card and had to buy it.
  4. I cut back on my Panther purchase as well. My last card was a CMac rookie auto patch.
  5. This is why I was getting hate when we gave up the farm for a rookie qb ...when we could have gotten a proven QB like Carr or L Jackson. The draft is a total crap shoot. You could get a young Cam or you can get a J Russell. The 49ers struck gold with the last pick. There is no true number 1 qbs in this draft in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong and we pick the right one. In 3 years everyone will grade this draft and laugh that some random QB in the 5th round was the best qb taken.
  6. Never heard of him. I guess we like old people now. I'm glad the team is against ageism. Welcome to the team grandpa.
  7. Great signing. I approve. You can now lock this thread.
  8. We have 2 players that have no soul, very sad.
  9. Bears just sighed Robert Tonyan the Packers TE. Chicago looking good on paper.
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