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  1. I have my 401k, pension and SS. I should be good. My home is paid for. I only have 15 years left to retire. I plan on working once I retire and get my pension. I'm going to double dip as long as my health is good.
  2. If I had nice facilities i wouldn't weigh 340lbs. I don't so I'm fat, its not my fault I'm a fat slob.
  3. My gripe is the prices some stores are selling the 6 bottle pack for $6.99 each. That is crazy. I only buy when they're on sale 4 for $12 at Food Lion.
  4. I drink a lot of Dr.Pepper. I'm on the Pepper Reddit page. The new coconut and creme is awesome, sadly only here a limited time. I bought 4, 12 packs and haven't been able to find them sense.. I only drink 0 calorie soda. The strawberry flavor is good but classic cherry is still my #1. Once in a while I'll buy the creme soda version. Dr.Pepper is doing a great job adding flavors.
  5. During 7 on 7 drills Bryce was picked off 5 times by a 3rd grader from Gastonia.
  6. So your saying we have a shot? I'm betting my life savings that the Panthers win it all. How much would I win if bet $75.00?
  7. Thats a wrap guys. Pack it up, season is over. It was fun while it lasted. You all get an A for effort. No losers here we are all winners.
  8. I just bought an Eddie jersey.... Words that have never been spoken, ever.
  9. What is the market for overweight 50 year old bald men that can play QB? Asking for a friend.
  10. The Tommy Tremble of Terror. It's about to get real this year for triple T.
  11. I went to McDonald's at lunch got a combo for $12. It was ok. The next day I ordered lunch from Cracker Barrel got the broccoli cheddar chicken, steak fries, and 2 biscuits paid $12 with tip. Guess which was better.
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