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  1. Cam has played behind worse OLines then this and has been fine.
  2. not that I want either I'm in the bring Cam home club but I would be for trading for love he has been sitting behind Rodgers which is good for him and has a bright future.Call up green bay and make a deal with them.
  3. you can ban all you want don't mean poo cause Jeremy will let anyone back in cause all he cares about is clicks.
  4. a tepper phone call to Cam Newton. Tepper calls cam and says he is sorry and he fuged up and Cam forgives and comes back and lead us to the superbowl
  5. go to twitter and youtube podcasts Rashad and Davefrom PNP both agree with me.
  6. i've been around here since 08 clown I've seen good posters come and go and the reason they leave cause of crap posters like you.
  7. you stop Cam has plenty left in the tank but you clowns here never liked him in the first place.
  8. I will say this we do go way back I remember your poo posting back in the good ole Jake Days of this forum.
  9. wrong thats not me but keep trying clown. I love watching you make a fool out of yourself.
  10. fug you clown enjoy watching Sam throw ints its what you pricks deserve.
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