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  1. They got burrow. We got Derrick browns fat grocery bag ass. They have legit weapons on offense. We have Moore who would be their number 3 and cmc who is glass. They have an oline. We don’t they have an actual nfl head coach. We don’t.
  2. Hahahaha ok man. 7-4. Jersey scored a TD against us. We got walked. Bull poo in Freddie not playing. He didn’t really get that much work last night. If anything raanta should have played. Leaving today…they are pros that get paid to play. Lose 3-2. Fine. Lose 4-7. That’s bad goalie and team play. Top to bottom they got worked. And it’s was one game??? It was against the worst team by a mile in the division. 5 games ago we lost to Columbus 6-0. I’ll give that one “it happens”. This one was trash. Need to be better.
  3. You can poo all you want dude. Been to every home game in the last 5 years. I know what I’m talking about. Bad decision going with the rookie. Simple as that. Rod will not let that happen again.
  4. What are you talking about? We got dog walked tonight. The rookie goalie wasn’t even close to being ready. I go to every home game so I know what I’m taking about. Cole wasn’t good. Overall team wasn’t good but goalie was a major issue. Rod wiffed tonight. Freddie should have played. Simple as that….
  5. Blew it. Rod pulled a Matt rhule with a dumb ass coaching move tonight
  6. I love Rod but Jesus. Taking an L against the worst team when a tired Freddie would have won us this game. Very disappointed right now. This is Carolina panthers bullshit
  7. Some people are too afraid of his opinions. What those people fail to realize is everyone has opinions and it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. He performs well at his job and that’s what matters.
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