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  1. I here from someone on Reddit that has an uncle that works for the panthers that Tepper and Rhule play tummy sticks on the reg.
  2. I take offense to that comment. I don’t like meth
  3. I hate the panthers. The coaching. The owner. All of it. Losers paid millions while we work out ass off. Fuq this team with 8 inches of rubber.
  4. Would anyone really care anymore if Tepper sold and this team was moved? This team used to be my life. Now, I hate it. Such piss poor ran organization.
  5. Tepper Lubes up his asshole with the hard earned money of NC patrons at his stadium. Win or loss He doesn’t care.
  6. All day and some. Jerry would at least stay out of the spot light. Let business and football people make business and football decisions. Tepper is a simp who needs a lawsuit to move on.
  7. At the game. Freddie let a soft one in. However…Rod lit a got damn fire under the team in the 2nd. Let’s finish this thing strong.
  8. Well guys. This team is absolute ass tonight. The absolute worst they have played all year.
  9. Well we were down 2 last time we played them going into the 3rd. Canes know just to get one and the momentum will swing. I have a good feeling about this game!
  10. Let’s not go down 4-0 this time. Let’s let’s just win this game 4-2.
  11. Teppers fat billionaire ass is too busy ripping a couple 44s while slamming a couple Dustin Johnson’s. He doesn’t care about us. However habituate‘s and hairy legs are his forte.
  12. As far as punt returns go I don’t think I saw us return a punt more than 10 yards this year. Can someone correct me?
  13. The couch GMs in this thread are hilarious. Just think all 32 teams in the league must’ve missed out on the moronic panther fans in this thread as GM’s.
  14. I have went from a fan of this team to a fan of watching it fail miserably and hilariously
  15. I’ll check them out but Tepper won’t get A dime of my money. Really I checked out a few years ago when Tepper claimed he cared about money over winning. Been a fan since 95, a season ticket holder, and I just won’t pay for this product anymore. I know plenty of other lifelong season ticket holders that bounced.
  16. Eugene and the post game broadcast is the worst right now. We will be great next year! We will be much more competent. What team did the post game watch this year?? This team is dreadful with zero hope. We fuging suck on all facts. We just lost the last game 41-10. This team has noooo future. It’s over!!
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