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  1. It's not that different, we're just undisciplined and our goaltending hasn't been nearly as sharp as it was. Nor was our defense. In the end, it's all excuses and the team has to play better or we could lose this Series.
  2. He got lucky in Game 1. He reverted back to his late season self today.
  3. Injuries to the goalie position killed this team. Raanta wasn't good today though. He was pretty bad.
  4. Figured I would go ahead and make this thread. We need a change up, because CLEARLY what's been going on hasn't been working.
  5. Anyway, hopefully we fix the stupid penalties after Aho is done with his 4 minutes. We have to win this game with Boston down two of their best defensemen.
  6. Why are you tagging others? I'm not going to continue to go back and forth with a guy that has clear mental illness. Good day, lad.
  7. Cool. If that's your go to, no point in continuing this conversation.
  8. That's how it's always been in the Playoffs under Rod.
  9. Hey, just because you were raised by a single mother doesn't mean you have to get in your feelings, guy.
  10. I guess only one team plays on the bad ice. SMH.
  11. Raanta has let in two soft goals too. Dude was looking around his ass hole trying to find the puck that second goal.
  12. I think we're watching two different games. Carolina is really, really, really, undisciplined. Have been the past two games. No if, ands, or buts about it. That challenge by Rod was utterly moronic.
  13. Every year the PP in the Playoffs has been God awful. I mean, horrific. I don't get it either man. They said earlier we have the worst PP in the Playoffs this year. WTF?
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