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  1. Speaking of….where the fug is @Stumpywe need the OG canes crew back from last year. That was some fun message boarding.
  2. Waiting for @Stumpyto create a bash bros meme with him and Slavin
  3. 3-1 canes. Canes are playing like Rod FINALLY has a roster of “his” guys.
  4. This is rock bottom. It’s just like last year when we came into games with no hope. We are there.
  5. Good for you! I and most of us won’t. I had season tix since 95. I sold them two years ago after after one year of fhule and trashwater. I will never buy season tix again to the Tepper garbage heep.
  6. No we won’t only scoring 3-10 points We are the worst team in the league.
  7. Ok. I’ll give that to you. However…90% of the threads have merit. Double however….desperate times call for desperate measures to get rhule fired.
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