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  1. Well folks! Home ice matters! Or at least it did for round 1 Vs the Bruins. After a game 7 thrilling win, Canes play a Rangers team that won their game 7 in OT. Wednesday night at 7…. Canes V Rangers. Let’s fuging gooooo!
  2. When I know the date and time I’ll tee it high and let it fly!
  3. If y’all aren’t watching this Pens and Rangers game you are missing some excellent hockey.
  4. Ahhhh….cold beer and stress free playoff hockey. Can’t beat it
  5. Great game so far. You can tell these two teams are gassed but giving it their all.
  6. Ok folks! Pens or Rangers. You do you want? You do you got?
  7. https://www.nhl.com/news/bruins-charlie-mcavoy-fined-maximum-for-tripping/c-334098980 Refs missed the call but he was just fined by the league.
  8. Word from my account manager it’s Tuesday but the NHL may delay one day and start Wednesday.
  9. Again…if it’s all the same with y’all I’d love to keep this streak going and start round 2 Game 1 thread when it’s Announced. It’ll be special!
  10. Thanks! All about positive after the game. During games….glass cases of emotion are very acceptable. I woke up, voice is gone, a little hungover…it was glorious yesterday. I may have even shed a tear during the surge yesterday. When you invest that much emotion and energy then you finally get THE outcome you wanted…you get those feels. This is has been a fun ride doing this with yall! Let’s keep the pedal to the metal! on to round 2!
  11. I don’t know if you go Anderson. I think it’s raantas net.
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