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  1. Let’s go App State! Sunbelt Championship game!
  2. I still remember that collapse game in the playoffs vs the lighting a couple years ago. I can’t go back to Peter.
  3. Hell no to Mrazek. He is done and gives you the same and Koochie. Gibson is very interesting though. What about MAF?
  4. Drury raanta Tony D. Necas was really good on that 4th line so he is out. Pesce is too valuable. We just need league average. maybe a draft pick? We can score now. We have those guys. Just a goalie. That’s all.
  5. The hurricanes front office is, indeed looking to make a trade for a goalie. Per sources, they recognize the window is now and their goaltending is second worst only to Edmonton. I wouldn’t be shocked in the coming weeks or maybe a month we don’t see a move.
  6. So after a night of sleep and cooling off…happy we got a point. That building shook with the buzzer beater to go to OT. But with that being said. This team has three major problems that a killing us. 1. Goalie. We don’t have one. 15 shots 8 goals and a week later. 15 shots 5 goals. 2. PP. it’s bad again. Without Tony D, it stinks. And we are going up shortys at a strange clip this year. 3. This one is odd but true. PK. Our PK is not good. We are giving up too many power play goals. What is it like 6 in the last 4 games? I really believe you have players like necas or a few others that don’t fit this team. However….good teams trying to win a cup or usually buyers or when they trade it, it’s for a true need. If we can just get average to above average goalie play…we can win and close the gap on the Rangers.
  7. With our defense we just need a Goalie that when he doesn’t see much action needs to make saves. Freddie is the only one that consistently does not crap the fuging bed. Give us a an average to above average goalie. This team sucks with this asshole stinkshittt of a goalie rotation.
  8. Our goalie situation has to the be the worst in the league.
  9. This makes late Cam Ward and that Jack leg from Chicago look good.
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