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  1. Would he be that kind of successful in rods system?
  2. No to Freddie unless he is ok being the backup and mentor to Koochie
  3. https://www.espn.com/nhl/insider/story/_/id/39936448/nhl-offseason-schedule-keys-draft-picks-trades-free-agency-cap-space#car The article really makes a good point in saying what Most of us are thinking. Gentzel is a top priority and letting Koochie start over Anderson and find Anderson’s replacement is big for us.
  4. Where are you hearing those rumors? Btw I would love if we got to keep Jarvis Guentzel and chatfield. That’s a great off-season. KK is toast. Bad contract. Skjei would be great too.
  5. Paid attention a little bit last year now that the Canes are done I need to pull for another team. Strengths, weaknesses, standings outlook this year. Help educate me so I can enjoy some soccer in the Carolinas this summer. @MillionDollarCam @Anybodyhome @PantherChris
  6. fug that is sad. Damn we really are going to look different next year. Maybe Donny Wadds call pull some magic in the offseason. Who knows.
  7. Jarvis is going to be a cane for life. Love that kid. Tough as nails. That could be another reason the scoring dropped off there.
  8. Guys necas is going to be tough to see let go. Two years ago, he was in the running to be an all-star next to an Aho. I remember him getting votes as one of the fan votes. I signed a puck for my dads birthday which always stands with me. I really do think Necas is going to go to a team like the leafs that’s prioritizes scoring he’ll get to 80 to 100 points. He will set the NHL on fire. Great player, wrong system.
  9. I love some good ball busting! Doesn’t bother me ha! no promises on that one. I hate losing more than anything. Even when I have no control. Panthers lose I just laugh and move on. Canes lose again in playoffs, it hurts. But, I’m over it now. 24 hour rule.
  10. I should! Maybe I’ll have my daughter write those for you. …or I can take a few of your as well. “Done” “I’m out”
  11. Million dollar questions. I have no clue. The athletic did write a good article on it. They did mention changing to zone in the regular season to start the year. Your players are still going to play well, and may save them some wear and tear as well.
  12. Taking the family today to do the painting on the ice. Going to be pretty emotional walking in there this afternoon. I’ll try to take some pics. This event is always fun but bittersweet.
  13. @LinvilleGorgecan we have this thread pinned at the top and change the title to 2024 Off-season Thread Also, can we un pin the other thread we have since the season is over? Thanks!
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