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  1. I disagree about turbo. He makes Aho better. Turbo stays.
  2. 6 wins in a row 9 points in a row. Last night was another comeback of all comebacks. let’s get this last W before the All Star break fun!
  3. It’s either Kane or no one now for me. These last few games proved what we have is cup level.
  4. 6 game win streak 9 game points streak. 69 pie for everyone??!
  5. Wow. Another comeback to get a point. Calling Svech to win it in OT.
  6. What if the canes don’t make a move and are afraid to fug up the chemistry. When patches came in, yes he scored 3 goals but we looked off. Aho has turned into an absolute machine lately. Something to think about.
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