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  1. Maybe compare him to a menu item instead of the chef. It's just a thought
  2. Yall fools really don't know who's on this team? You fuging live on the team message board
  3. Teammates havecmore skin in the game than the anonymous hiding behind keyboards and smartphones
  4. They've only had a few mini camp outings. Anyone expecting different shouldn't. I'm under no delusions that he needs to start day one. That's rather irrelevant to the big picture.
  5. Jarred buddy. The reporters have nothing ro do with the success of the team. That's like saying the team sucks because you whimper about everything like a scared baby dear in the woods
  6. Trading picks for a minor improvement is dumb considering he's got one year on his contract. It's pretty simple
  7. It gives these guys drama to cover. They can call for it then have a mother load of things to criticise when it doesn't work. Nothing about it is prudent
  8. I wish I thought the boner the media has for Mayfield was for more than just self interest.
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