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  1. Eagles last year. Titans and Lions in 2019. No joint practices in 2020. Sorry facts get in the way
  2. Most teams will hold out the top players after a joint practice week. He said he didn't know what New Englands plan would be since they played a lot of lower string players in their first preseason game.
  3. The Rams are holding joint practices with Bengals next week. They did it twice last summer against the Raiders and Cowboys.
  4. Horn didn't have any penalties last year.
  5. The joint practice allows for very specific scenarios to be played out that aren't sure to happen in the game. The starters and those getting most reps in this will be held out of the game. A good read about them https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/nfl/joint-practices-allow-coaches-to-hold-players-out-of-games/2022/08/09/934d42a6-182f-11ed-b998-b2ab68f58468_story.html
  6. The side affect of this is the twitterers are now sidetracked to the fight and have stopped covering what matters.
  7. These practices are kind of useless if all they do is fight. Whoever is causing it....
  8. Every player does the drills. Have you ever been to a camp?
  9. I'll just wait for his next Saints and/or Steelers thread.
  10. it's a ridiculously over analyzed play for a pre season game
  11. You missed Mister Scot going on about how the Patriots stream practices but Tepper won't and then they cut to a splash screen and said "per team rules" we will be cutting the video off. LOL
  12. They cut the video as soon as the team drills start. They will show the position group warm up type stuff. They don't show anything but a blue screen that says Patriots while there is commentary like radio
  13. And this is why they have preseason games. I just thought it was interesting that Warner drew the line where he needed to run and he was running exactly that. Then the ball was released and the defender reacted. Another analyst suggested the receivers at the bottom ran the wrong route. Regardless, it's preseason. Veterans aren't perfect either during the playoffs.
  14. I think that's what he's saying. However he was running exactly what Warner said he needed to be running when the ball was released.
  15. They still wouldn't pay attention.
  16. For all we know BC wasn't ready early last year. It happens. It happened to some of the better Panthers we've had. Smitty, Thomas Davis, Charles Johnson, Moton, Delhomme, Olsen. Those guys took on the order of seasons and were not all instant starters. Christensen was a 3rd rounder from a non power conference (independent at the time).
  17. I get disagreeing and such. I don't get people who literally think they are better at this as people who havent any experience than professionals nfl coaches like Campen who also played.
  18. Been listed as 1st string with Elfein. Local media hinting he's the starter based on sources just as they are with Baker
  20. yeah....it needs to end. The sooner the better. But there was a narrative earlier today that he wasn't going to be the starter. The context of it being discussed on wfnz was regarding when media knows things through off the record sources but have to ask the question they know will get the fake answer.
  21. like i said elsewhere. I heard the same from Will Palaszczuk not long ago. I'm not saying it's true I'm saying it was interesting to hear.
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