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  1. So you’re saying only people that have been around for a while have the right to post? That’s a very bully thing to say. I came here for my love of the hurricanes l. Wanted to have fun people to talk about things with but it seems like it’s hard when all you have are bullies
  2. Ummmm no. Cam had Smitty and Olsen. Vick had Roddy White and Crumpler. With the eagles he had D Jackson in his prime. Wilson had Metcalf. FatNabb had TO. let’s stop making excuses.
  3. ….the giants falcons both smoked us and so would have the lions. The team quite last year.
  4. Cough homers cough. We got smoked by all three of those teams last year minus the lions. And they would have beat us. The team is trash. And you would lose money.
  5. And water is wet. I think the Hornets would have a better chance to make the playoffs than the panthers in the nfc
  6. Why are you getting so triggered? It’s just a football topic.
  7. It’s not controversial. It’s true. Outside of our bad goalie play and lack of scoring. The Canes are doing everything right. Rangers game and Dallas, we played elite. Can’t win if your goalie play is sub par and goals don’t in. It’s like we are jinxed.
  8. What’s dumb? Running QBs don’t win Super Bowls. Plain and simple.
  9. Overrated won’t win a Super Bowl don’t want
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