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  1. Knicks got multiple 1sts for pick 11 we got a late 2025 1sts and a few 2nds for 13 smh
  2. So we get Milwaukee’s 2025 1sts and 4 2nd rd picks for the 13th overall pick. is Marty Hurney making the trades for the Hornets?
  3. I’d take bpa here. Because even if you don’t take Duren or Williams at 13. 1 will be at 15
  4. I’m probably the only one on here that would want this. But even though we have the glaring need at the 5. I’d love to package and move up for Shaeron Sharpe. Heard a few people talking about him yesterday who have seen him extensively including at practices at Kentucky. They mentioned how he is young reclassifying. but they said if he didn’t and went the normal route. He’d be the #1 pick next year.
  5. Hard pass for me. yes he plays a big position of need for us yes he is a solid to really good player. but he has 1 year left on his deal and as injury prone as Gordon low key, I want to trade up for Sharpe. If not take Williams and bpa
  6. I know everyone is ecstatic about Horn coming back, as we should. But I’m really interested in seeing how CJ Henderson does this year. CJ was about just as hyped as Horn coming out being a top 10 pick. Also oozing with ability and potential. His biggest issue was questions about his heart for the game. This article I found a really good read and has me excited to see what he does and the potential of him pairing with Horn.
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