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  1. And especially is for guys who rely on their speed.
  2. There were some pretty good CBs still sitting there with our 2nd rd pick. And some good/decent WRs in the early/mid 3rd if we were so eager to trade up. smh
  3. But would you use a guy’s performance against Bersin as reasoning why he should start over a guy who struggled against Mike Evans? And use that performance vs Bersin as reasoning why he looked like the better player than Jackson who was matched up against Evans. This whole thing is as dumb as watching fans pull some backup QBs performance in the 3rd quarter of a Preseason game again 2nd and 3rd string guys as argument why he is better, and should play over the QB1 who may have struggled vs the starters.
  4. By thinking with the film vs just looking at a box score?
  5. You do but you still have factor it in if your going to use 1 player’s performance as a argument to why someone can overcome the situation around them. I wouldn’t be praising Stanley Thomas Oliver for shutting down Brenton Betson. Then claim we should sit Jackson for Oliver because the way he shut down Bersin
  6. So performing well against Cam Erving and Michael Jordan is the same as playing against the eagles OL? got it
  7. I’m just going by the whole picture don’t go on a “hold people accountably rant” your just trying push something to fit your narrative. this isn’t player a looked good this week but player b looked fine. a rookie DL shouldn’t be told he should be held accountable by everyone because he struggled vs a good Eagles OL. While pointing out his veteran counterpart did fine against Cam Erving and Michael Jordan’s backups. And use that as your proof to point out struggles and why the rookie should be held accountable and how people should call him out/be concerned. that’s exactly what you and a few other have done here. you have physically used Dalton numbers against the bottom of the barrel NFL defense against Not even their starting secondary compared to Bryce going against a top half NFL defense as your proof to being so critical of on Bryce without taking into account the situation around him.
  8. I’m clamoring for a rookie QB to grow and have a good game even its against a bad team. just not anointing someone to fit an agenda. That’s really the sad thing. Again, I’m not high fiving myself because a DL got plenty of pressures against Michael Jordan and Cam Ervings backups after pointing out the struggles of a rookie DL going against Phillys OL Which You and couple other posters are going out sad at this point and its not even funny.
  9. And 6 of those 17 wins came from the intern coach Wilks take away his run and the record is 11-34
  10. It’s sad really its like high fiving your self if you were a fan of a team that got a ton of pressures against Cam Erving and Michael Jordan’s backups the last few years if they went down. After the other guy struggled vs the Eagles starting OL
  11. I mean he’s back to playing NFL CBs vs practice squad level guys.
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