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  1. Pulling for the Rams to Beat the Bucs dont want to see our division rival with Tom Brady get another conference championship game at home
  2. X-ray vision? didn't he draft Daniel Jones?
  3. Kid has a cannon of a arm. but is about as non mobile as they come. And has a bad knee. that’s a train wreck waiting to happen behind this OL
  4. What a dam circus this organization has become.
  5. Elfein should be a backup at best if he is even on the roster. He was a terrible signing in spring - he was bad in Minnesota. To the point where they drafted over him taking the Center from NC State in the 1st rd after he was their starter. They then CUT him before he even finished out his rookie deal. Something even Dennis Daley here couldn’t accomplish. - he then went to the Jets and we so bad that they didn’t even waste their time attempting the re sign him. - even when at Center here. He has spent more time on the ground than up blocking someone
  6. Some fans are hilarious Joe Brady was inexperienced. And Joe Burrow with Jamar Chase and co were the reason he even got a job. but also We should fire Rhule and hire Leftwich in Tampa. The Bucs OC who has only been a coordinator for 2 years and has the title of OC when we all know Tom Brady calls all the shots. We should hire that guy.
  7. Also said they were really high on Jaycee Horn. says Horn hears all the noise from the fans about how “why did we take him over Slater.” Said he see’s it in his eyes every time he speaks to Horn how motivated he is over this.
  8. Rhule ALSO coming in the mid day show I will admit. At least he is getting in front of the media and taking the bullets unlike our Owner who has been in hiding
  9. You’d be lucky to even get a 3rd for CMC. Big Contract RBs are some of the least attractive things in Football. And one that has become injury prone becomes even less attractive.
  10. He is being somewhat a Coward. dude loved the attention at the start and has been MIA lately. hasn’t even put out a statement or anything.
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