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  1. Actually Wilson is more of a 3-tech than a NT. He played 3-tech and played 3-4DE when they played that scheme.
  2. Our 3rd rd pick may be RICH at DT. This class isnt beastly up top. And this class is Stacked at QB, OL, CB (funny our 3 biggest needs) but everything ive seen and heard, guys like Marvin Wilson should expect to fall to late 2nd warly 3rd
  3. Your eyes have clearly only seen the W/L records and not watched games. Also clearly deaf as no experts are saying this.
  4. Haha, must be a Florida fan. Because you have a completely different view point than people around the league and other football experts
  5. Could care less what he says, dude woupd be a good pickup. Thus the reason why Detroit isn't going to let him walk for less than a top 15 pick.
  6. Now just saw the report that we signed his and Watson's old QB coach
  7. Was listening to the Mac Attack this morning on WFNZ. Mac mentioned he reached out to his sources in the organization about the Watson smoke after the Report the other day. He said he was told that we are "doing our due diligence looking into possibilities to get Matt Stafford as well." Smells like Tepper wants his QB, and is going to get one, one way or another.
  8. Want a QB rd 1 reguardless. Then if we went all OL/DL the rest of the way id be estatic. Grab a QB Extend Moton, and Put this guy beside him at RG
  9. He also built the worst team in football that gave us the #1 pick, that we drafted Cam
  10. Dam, was begging for People-Jones when we were on the clock in the 5th
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