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  1. Wait until a couple of our staff members dap up ARich. And they’ll be freaking out “See!!! See!!! TD is right” Then when one of them mumer “see you in Charlotte” (the top 30 visit) ”OMG he said when you move to Charlotte. Remember when Sheena Quick said on that podcast that she heard they already told Richardson’s mom to start house shopping in Charlotte. I can’t believe we traded to 1 for him!!”
  2. We’re not We’re taking either a 5’10 195 pound QB or a 6’3 214 pound QB. We’re taking whoever this staff thinks the best “player” is.
  3. Panthers sending same same entourage from yesterday to Bama. And Houston is sending the same people they sent yesterday as well.
  4. He never said the word live said when your in referencing the his Visit that they were talking about starting around the :06 mark
  5. Did this give it away for you? Suffered with some inconsistency issues when under a heavy rush, this could become a major issue at the next level where he won't have the benefit behind a top-level line Doesn't create much outside the pocket Isn't elusive in any way and struggles to get outside the pocket while trying to escape the pass rush. This is demonstrated by a subpar QB rating of just 76.0 when under pressure
  6. Mond is already on his second team because he couldn’t beat out the Vikings Backup. While Fields is a starting QB currently.
  7. Glad you are quite the expert on frames. Bryce has plenty ability to add Weight. If you think that Kyler can get to the weight he is. As is Russ, but Bryce can’t. Then you are clueless or just hate the kid that much to where you have some narrative
  8. I have more confidence that he can bulk up 10-15 pounds than any QB develop the pocket awareness and processing to a guy his level and other highly rated NFL QBs And for the LoOk WhAt HaPpEnEd To TuA!! Tua is thicker and 3 pounds heavier than CJ Stroud.
  9. @Verge one of these Carolina?
  10. Nice! So if he’s around at 39 if he makes a fall. I’d Love to see us grab him
  11. @Verge I saw your write up on Keion White. I’ve seen a few people say he Could slip out of rd 1. Do you think he can play 3-4 DE in a defense like ours. Or is he better suited for a 4-3 base?
  12. @Verge combining the last 3 draft classes. How would you rank the QBs by the grade you had them coming out.
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