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  1. Going a True Bpa at 8 would not surprise me one bit. And a Bama WR wouldn’t shock me either. I know a few People that have Waddle as high as #3 overall and WR1 in this draft. people forget about him because he missed most the season due to injury and Smith went off when he went about. remember. Even with Jerry Jeudy, Ruggs, and Smith. Waddle still stood out and all honestly, whenever Bama needed a big clutch play, Waddle was the one who made it. just to jog people’s memory Week 1 a. 8 catches for 134 2TDs b. 8 catches for 89yds
  2. Paging @Verge !!!! coincidence that Billy Marshall with stating “weapon” rd 1 and OT rd 2?
  3. Fitterer maybe. to scout what other teams personnel are there. And get in their ear about trading up to 8 for a QB
  4. 1. Jags: Lawerence 2. Jets: Wilson 3. SF: Jones 4. Atl: Kyle Pitts 5. Bengals: Chase 6. Trade! Denver moves up for Fields 7. Trade! Washington moves up and grabs Trey Lance 8. Penei Sewell: after a Historic run on QBs, the Panthers get the best OL in this entire draft. 46. Richie Grant: Panthers Trade down with the Patriots who move up for a QB who fell out of rd 1 (I’m looking at Davis Mills here). Matt Rhule has a crush, and it’s no secret it’s Richie Grant. Grant is Safety 2-3 on people’s boards. I don’t see Rhule waiting around and
  5. Love Love the Rds 1 and 3 picks. but Holy Smoke that is a reach at 39. Everything I’ve seen and heard on Hill, he is being projected late 3rd-5th
  6. Not really. just like Joe Burrow last year. Though his stock jumped from his play on the field his senior year. You had to dig to find where people had him a lower grade going into the year, due to all the most recent articles.
  7. Just go dig through a article that was posted before this past August
  8. Link the film? Just go dig up northwestern games. And watch him
  9. The actual film, the game tape. the same tape that NFL scouts had him pegged as a rd 2 grade coming into this year Before he sat out. Not the box score.
  10. And then he looked avg in a few games vs guys who want be playing in the league. not taking the risk off of 1 game. Kony Ealy had a Monster game on the biggest stage. Doesn’t mean he is a top level DE not saying I fully dislike the guy, but If it were me, No Way am I taking that risk at 8. say we trade down and he’s there at 15, sure. Top 10? No Bueno
  11. Parson’s isn’t even going to be the 1st LB off the board
  12. This. he had 1 fantastic game. A few other good games. Rest never stood out. he like Dillard has the quick feet the underwear Olympic times, and shows the quickness on film. Down side he is smaller, not as dominant overall as the other Sewell or even Darrisaw. and back to the size thing. I don’t lean on the analytics, size, etc As heavily as some but factor it in. But Slater IS in the bottom 20% measurement wise of OTs coming out in the last several years.
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