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  1. remember there were some on here who would’ve wanted us to draft him in rds 3-4
  2. Dude was picked the pick ahead of TE Mark Andrews. Gaulden litterally was the worst athlete to ever come through the combine at that position. Didn’t have a world beater career at Tennessee. No one had him mocked until rd 5 range. yet Hurn dog grabbed him in the 3rd
  3. @Zod did you happen to notice Greg Little? I know you mentioned not putting focus on the OL/DL. But this was Little’s first practice back in a make or break off season for him
  4. Really wish we could get DJ locked up along with Moton before the season. DJ is fixing to really pop off, and going to get way more expensive the longer we wait
  5. Let’s not forget either. Sam hasn’t had a QB coach since college either. Not only was the Train Wreck known as Adam Gase the HC of the Jets. He was their QB guy as well.
  6. Greg Little wtf is he even doing? how the vet FA signings look. Have heard a lot of talk about the tools, but less about them. how has YGM looked. This is a name that no one has talked about.
  7. it’s simple, we had a QB who had some major limitations last year.
  8. I may be overlooking this. BUT One of the big headlines the last few weeks have been Teddy’s comments about the staff, comments regarding practicing late game situations etc Here is Luke today on Rhule
  9. Panthers confidential just came out. interesting to see a peek of their draft board but we had a Rd 3 grade at OT on Christensen BUT a rd 2 grade for him at OG
  10. Greg Little not practicing today
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