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  1. The Falcons are getting embarrassed now. Geez.
  2. Falcons fans must be losing their minds over these penalties, lol.
  3. I don't blame Stewart for the situation of course, that's on our previous GM. Our run blocking does need to improve. But right now as it stands, Stewart has 220 rushing yards, and Cam has 195. We need more yardage out of our RB's if we want to compete with the best this year, it's just that simple really.
  4. Would be nice if we could get a consistent RB like that for Cam, instead of him having to consistently be our leading rusher. Freeman is doing for Ryan what Lynch has been doing for Wilson.
  5. Lmao, I gotta give Payton credit for that one. Played the Falcons like a fiddle.
  6. Well that's one plus for being out here on the east coast then.
  7. Yeah, I forgot about that too. West coast game. Well at least now I don't have to be quite so hammered early in the day.
  8. CelibatePimp, you should go back on your hiatus instead of shitposting in threads of people who actually contribute.
  9. Good stuff. For scary movies, I gotta go with The Shining.
  10. Lmao typical huddle. That was a catchable pass. Not everything is going to to be a fugging picture perfect throw, but look at the teams who have still made plays for their QB regardless (Seattle for example).
  11. Too much time one clock to be wasting drives.
  12. Norman again. Just bring in a Brinks truck for this guy.
  13. What are you doing here? I thought you already stepped into the kitchen to hang yourself?
  14. Seriously, immense props to Ed for a heads up play.
  15. Make Dickson a lifetime Panther for that play alone.
  16. This might hold some relevancy if you weren't the same broken record every season. We're 3-0, up 17-10 in Tampa Bay, and we get the ball back. Nut up man.
  17. Looks like the Bucs rolled Ray Finkle out there.
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