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  1. not a rockstar, but i don't hate it. but i hate rhule, so i hate it.
  2. SAG doesn't cover crew positions edit: oh SAG awards. that's different
  3. throw your money at FA guards and suddenly you can afford to take linderbaum wherever and have a 1000% improved line.
  4. BC left tackle free agent left guard linderbaum at center brown at right guard moton right tackle that combo wins like two extra games even with sam darnold's corpse out there calling signals.
  5. the good news is we'll all be able take our half-interested children to a game for fifteen bucks, buy 'em some stadium nachos, get drunk, and leave in the third quarter like the wine-and-cheese fans we've always bitched about without feeling the slightest bit guilty for the first time in franchise history. 2022 is coming up aces
  6. i fully expect a decent off-season by fitts and a gutty eight wins, stacked early, showing enough improvement to warrant him a fourth year
  7. he's not ditching a built in fanbase with phenomenal infrastructure
  8. tepper isn't moving the panthers to europe
  9. backup QBs are either steely vets that provide a lockerroom boost or young guys with developmental potential. which of these is pj walker? neither
  10. this is so pathetic. pj walker has shown absolutely nothing. he wouldn't be on a roster on any other team in the league.
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