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  1. nice. i remember fuging around with surveymonkey quantifying qualitative data for an anthropology masters thesis and i still have nightmares about spss. be sure and return here with the results once you've finished
  2. not me, not even close. watson is ten years as the franchise, stafford may be two or three. we'd have to think about drafting his replacement as early as the 2022 draft. I'll happily take him but he's my third option behind watson and drafting a guy.
  3. done. curious what your program is. good luck!
  4. will you designate teddy a pre or post June first cut
  5. how does ron not stop for two seconds and ask himself why hurney never got any other interviews ever?
  6. doubtful. he needs a bunch of prime kelvin benjamins to succeed in the NFL and they're about to lose michael thomas and half that roster. if they think there's any possibility whatsoever taysom hill can be a starter it would make a lot of sense to test him this year while they start a rebuild.
  7. they're so fuging irredeemably stupid
  8. not even titties get me as hard as watching someone with a medical background beat anti-vaxxers to a bloody mushy pulp in front of everyone they're trying to convince
  9. he's too young. he'll be motivated to stick around here a few years and make a name for himself
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