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  1. lol you must not post here much. i don't recognize your handle. this cat45 guy has been posting here for years and has made his views about race, society, and the greatest quarterback in franchise history very, very well known
  2. he vocally supports and actively pushes the worst of the evangelical dominionist camps like focus on the family and gay conversion, is a willing stooge of the military's propaganda wing and publicizes guantanamo torture facility tours like it's a zoo trip, is an anti-kneeling chud whose first comments after george floyd's murder were about disrespecting the flag. he's fuging gross
  3. he's one of the only NFL players i despise at a personal level so i would legit hate this beyond words
  4. dumb. he would've had prime time future HOFer cam newton throwing to him here. but you're a weirdo shadow racist street preacher cam hater so of course you have this wonky ass take
  5. perseverance is essential to winning but it's not sexy and a slogan's gotta be sexy.
  6. usually football traits are strong, big, and fast, and you only get to chose two. ickey is all three
  7. they showed up to the interview in another team's polo and told us themselves
  8. when the spanish conquistadores arrived in peru they built churches directly over top of incan holy sites
  9. he's the only person who still hanging out with his high school friends is the least loser thing about him
  10. the ghost of rob ryan is trying to draft eleven safeties
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