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  1. atlanta is sneaky good. this could easily end our season
  2. mine and @Chaos movie just landed a nationwide theatrical run with paramount pictures, we'll buy the huddle with some of that sweet box office dough, bring back neg rep, install an autocracy, and replace ad financing with monthly auctions of original handwritten @SCP essays (which he will be forced to write because it's an autocracy, duh)
  3. *criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge*
  4. unless PJ is truly the second coming i see three wins there max.
  5. sounds like you've been getting exactly the team you wanted for the last three years
  6. as a fan i want the team to lose for better position in the draft. as a fan i also want the players to fight their asses off. because i am a fan and not a general manager or coach these two equally pressing desires don't conflict. tAnKiNg Is fOr LoSeR fAnS juice box ass babies need to sit down, you aren't cool, tough, or more of a fan for your squinty nearsightedness
  7. CMC wasn't good enough to overcome every single defensive player in the league keying in on him every single play
  8. just shows what a toxic slug trail drip on a strip club pole matt rhule really was
  9. fug it, i'll watch the panthers make brady poo his socks any day of the week
  10. man i gotta say it feels good to potentially completely fuging ruin their season
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