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  1. if i was a falcons fan over the past half decade i'd have booze on an IV drip
  2. pitts then best tackle in the second guard in the third this would be a fantastic armament and weapons upgrade for the ginger cringer.
  3. 30 touchdowns feels like a decent benchmark. assuming that's not matched by the same number of touchdowns it would be a nice first-year progression from his dumpster fire start and signal a high ceiling.
  4. i'm just glad we didn't have hurney here to trade next year's first and immediately give him a five-year extension
  5. precedents for this - good or bad - narrow substantially when you control for his situation, which is getting traded partway through a rookie deal.
  6. yeah i love this guy. he would be an awesome downhill complement to CMC.
  7. not thrilled, but optimistic. i highly recommend having pursuits outside of sports to maintain a calm detachment.
  8. was he winding up for nine minutes and heaving it with every fiber in his body and dropping it short or is he just a shitty deep passer? neither answer will make me feel good
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