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  1. Outstanding as always Jeremy. Nice to see the offense fit to be on the same practice field for a change. Usually the defense is dominating and we are at panic stations already.
  2. I don't need to do my research. It's on the news every day. I know exactly what is happening. You've added 2 and 2 and made 5. Do you honestly think they spent £50 million on a player because he is English? Of course not. They've signed a highly talented player that happens to be English so fulfills another requirement. If they wanted English so badly they would have bought somebody a hell of a lot cheaper that would be a warm body for training purposes. Instead they bought a talented player and paid the English premium for him. The value your 'agency' puts on players is as relevant as the val
  3. Valued at £35 million by who? The only thing that sets a value in football is what a team is willing to pay. In this case City are mega rich and can buy who they want if they think the player is talented enough. Either way they haven't purely bought Sterling because he is English. They bought him because he is talented, being English is just extra gravy.
  4. I'm a United fan. I'd love nothing more than for City to drop £50 mil on a talentless lump that's only redeeming quality (in City's eyes) is that he is English. Sadly this isn't the case and they paid fair value for such a talented player.
  5. Being English was a bonus for City signing Sterling. Not the main driving factor.
  6. Show me where anybody has said the sole reason for City signing Sterling is because he is English. If they wanted cheap and English they would have went for Ings, Austin, Schneiderlin (counts as home grown) or Clyne. All fill the requirement, all relatively young, all relatively talented. They could have signed those 4 for 50 million. I'm sure if Shiekh Mansour found out that Sterling was signed to be an expensive trophy piece heads would roll. Sterling was signed because he is one of the highest rated youngsters in Europe with both international and Premier League experience. If QPR didn't ha
  7. You don't pay £50 million for a player just because he is English. Regardless of the homegrown quota (which doesn't work the way most people seem to think it does) City were interested in Sterling and wanted to sign him. Being English was just a bonus.
  8. Everybody that's not Real Madrid, Barcelona and, to a lesser extent, Atletico Madrid is struggling to make money in La Liga. They don't share TV revenue. Each team sells their own rights so Barcelona and Real basically take all the TV money. Real are in money trouble because they are not a business, they were the governments play thing but now the government has no money to bail them out.
  9. It's to do with how successful your team is in the previous 4 years of European competition. That's why it's so difficult for teams like Man City to make an immediate impact in Europe. They always end up in the 4th pot until they can build up their coefficient points (built up by winning in Europe) to be one of the top seeds.
  10. Isn't the Shroud of Turin a piece of fabric that was used to wrap Jesus when he was buried (well that's what is claimed)?
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