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  1. Seahawks fans used to be rocket scientists until they had to deal with the stupidity of Broncos fans in '13............now they are just sort of a drooling mess.
  2. Panthers fans will beat the ass of Broncos fans 10 times out of 10 times. We are a match-up nightmare for Broncos fans.
  3. Apparently the Broncos extremely tough SOS is what made them get whupped by the Colts and Raiders. It is common knowledge that if the Panthers had to play the Colts, the Colts would win by at least 40. Since we've had such an easy SOS.
  4. Jetmeck Not a Chief's board Join Date: Sep 2003 Posts: 6,667 http://www.orangemane.com/BB/showthread.php?t=121936 Panthers average 230 ypg....Are you scared yet ? Did you see their regular season schedule...........? Pathetic Slightly better Chiefs team with better QB. Give credit for Seahags and Cardinals...but the rest of
  5. Getting closer to the game....... Their forums are still filled to the brim with utter stupidity. Quite a few of them believe they have a better offense than we do. If their fans are this bad now......... with a shitty offense and an okay ppg defense..... Can you imagine how bad they were in '13? I kind of understand why so many Seahawks fans are idiots now, reading the Broncos BS would make even the best of fans lose some IQ points.
  6. Throughout the Broncos forum world, I've seen a few comments such as "GUFFAW, Y NOT ASK LUCK HOW RUNNING AGAINST US WORKED OUT!?!" Why don't they ask Tony Romo how it was to be a slow statue qb in the pocket against us?
  7. I mean, hell.. the offenses we faced this season had an overall better ranking than the offenses the Broncos faced this season.
  8. Heard it guys........... we are just an 11-5 team if we had a slightly stronger SOS. What idiots.
  9. This is along the lines of what yall will see from basically every Broncos forum. rabble rabble... poor strength of schedule....... Panthers 15-1 record isn't legit. Their offense isn't legit.. their defense is fake... rabble rabble rabble. Broncos best defense in nfl history, Broncos had the strongest strength of schedule of all time, rabble rabble, LOL rabble rabble Panthers lost to the FALCONS!!!!212213111 LOLOLOL rabble rabble rabble. rabble rabble duhhhh we're battleum testedd! Panthers are not!!!!!
  10. Try convincing a Broncos fan of that. lol. Those dudes are more idiotic than the Seahawks fans.
  11. lol........ all the buzz those fruits are making about what they did to Brady and come to find out, the only reason the Broncos pass rush looked so dominant against that makeshift Patriots Oline, wasn't because it was a makeshift Oline, but because the Pats' Center was giving away the pats snap count on nearly every play. o0o... Ssccaarryy!
  12. It's funny when I see Broncos fans actually compare their defense to the '13 Seahawks defense. That Seahawks defense wasn't special because they were #1 in yards, they were special because they were #1 in takeaways, #1 in ppg AND #1 in yards.
  13. Lets just cut through the bullshit and admit that ppg is what matters the most. This is a game of the #1 offense vs the #4 defense. Or if ya wanna look at the other side of the coin, our D vs their O...... the #6 defense vs the 19th offense.
  14. COTY and MVP, the votes were in for those awards a day or two after the week 17 game. Postseason play has nothing to do with them.
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