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  1. Not even the clusterfug that is our current coaching situation would have me missing Rivera. Not saying we have it better now, but would never want that guy back. 

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  2. He is showing a much better ability to escape than he ever did, it’s called stepping up in the pocket. He’s maneuvering within [what passes for] the pocket now better than he ever did. Is he gonna shuck dudes that hit him square like a 25 year old Cam? Of course not, that’s stupid. But I’ve seen a bunch of plays these past two games where old Cam would have moved back or looped around and had to shuck a dude but instead he stepped up and shifted a little and avoided meaningful contact altogether. 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, rippadonn said:

    Lazy take. Had they looked at his completion% lately...



    Yea man, and not only just lately. He’s always been good at ball placement and accuracy. I’ve always hated the take that % = accuracy because it doesn’t. There are other factors that go into % other than the QB’s ability to put the ball where it’s supposed to be, not the least of which is the hands on the other end of the pass and Cam has always been at a disadvantage in that respect. Lazy is the perfect word to describe that way of trying to simply define accuracy by completion %. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, SBBlue said:

    I agree that Cam carried Shula.  So far, Cam+CMC+DjMoore couldn't carry Brady.    The point isn't to say how good Shula was, its to say how BAD Brady is.  His checkdown offense sucks.  He has never been a good OC anywhere and needs to be fired.

    Yea Brady turned out to be a dud for sure. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, SBBlue said:

    My gut reaction is to agree, but Shula took us to a SB with less.

    I’ll never give Shula or Rivera credit for Cam’s achievements. But your point isn’t invalid, and I know. But that was all Cam heroics

  6. I think today pretty clearly defined our Achilles heel: power running teams. So I was thinking about who we have left and how it affects our chances at the playoffs. I know nobody wants to think about that right now after a loss and the board is all doom and gloom, but the truth of the matter is we have no more power run teams on our schedule. The closest thing to it is the Bucs, and they were always going to be a tough game anyway. The Bills are still obviously a better team too, but the fact of the matter is we still improved exponentially at the QB position and our defense is still elite against other types of offenses. I can’t see the Dolphins, Falcons or Saints having a chance against us (disclaimer: I obviously thought the same thing about the WFT) and the only teams we could possibly be facing in the playoffs that could give us troubles as far as power running goes is probably the Cowboys. 

    If the offense can continue to get in synch and we pull off an upset or two in the three games vs the Bills and Bucs we could still squeak into the playoffs and make some noise against any team except probably the Cowboys. And we even played them tough with Darnold at QB. And by then we could have Horn back. Anything is possible, I never would have pegged the Bucs getting hot (and ref assistance) at the right time and winning last year. They didn’t look that good in the regular season.  I still have a sliver of hope. 

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