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  1. 1 hour ago, methodtoll said:

    Fun fact for you: Matt Corral is dating Raine Michaels, daughter of.... Yep you guessed it, rockstar Brett Michaels 


    Damn she hot too. Got a bit of thickness, not bony like you see with a lot of these college kids’ girlfriends. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. 


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  2. I know it’s just the optimist in me but the more I watch of Corral the more enamored I get. He throws an incredible ball, good mechanics, quick feet, etc.  Of course the important part is what we can’t see and have no idea how quick he can pick up the pro game, so that’s to be seen. He seems like the type that will put in the work and make everyone around him want to give 110% as well, so I’m very optimistic and can’t wait to see how his career starts off.  

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  3. So I thought he did really well as a coach in year one. The situational decisions, things like that. Year two he did poorly. I do actually think there’s a chance he turns it around and last year was an anomaly. I’ve wanted him gone (and still do) because he was SO bad last year and I think the chances are greater that’s just who he is, but if he rebounds and gets back to year one form and keeps improving from there then I’m good with keeping him. 

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  4. I was a 1a Howell 2b Corral guy (definitely above Pickett and above Willis based on value of where I thought we’d be able to get them, wanted none at 6). But Corral was steadily rising in my estimation and Howell was static, the more I saw of Corral the more I was leaning toward him. So many NFL traits you don’t always see in the highly ranked guys. Really his only knocks are size and perceived durability based on size and play style, in my opinion. His deep ball isn’t his strength, but it’ll be the best we’ve had since healthy Cam. Sam had the arm but Corral is more accurate, and that’s largely based on decision making and timing rather than actual ability to put the ball exactly where he wants. Corral forced some deep shots trying to be a hero occasionally, but he was still more calculating and smart on deep shots than Skittish Darnold.

    Honestly if you take out the size concern and the fear of injury and just focus on what he does on the field, I’d put him right up there with Zach Wilson last year and I was a big Wilson fan. Wilson did some things better, but Corral has some things he does better too. That release can’t be overstated. Something like that helps avoid batted and tipped passes as well as giving defenders less opportunity to defend the catch. He’s also really good at placing the ball to protect his receivers, something they highlighted numerous times in that Waltman video posted today. Of course, the size and injury concerns have to be considered, hence we got him in the third. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, OceanPanther said:

    Our Best Draft Ever,,  probably 2001 .. real pro bowlers 

    #11 Dan Morgan ,

    #44 Kris Jenkins,

    #72 Steve Smith,

    Yea no doubt, but I meant at this point, before knowing what they turn out to be, this one is up there. We didn’t know Smitty would turn into one of the goats and Jenkins would be great.  We finally got a real stud at LT and a very promising QB. Those two alone make this one of our best without using hindsight to judge.  

  6. LB or OL would be great if we could get a starter but I wouldn’t bet on it. Might be more beneficial to the team long term to double our chances at QB. Only downside is whether it discourages Corral or inspires. 

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