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  1. That doesn’t have anything to do with what I said. And it’s all the proof I’ll ever need not to trust stats to tell the whole story. I could walk past a burning bush tomorrow and Morgan Freeman’s voice could say “Teddy Bridgewater throws a better deep ball than Sam Darnold” and I’d reply “sorry God, you must not be actually watching the games.”
  2. Darnold’s deep ball isn’t accurate. He’s overthrown DJ a number of times this year. Still not as bad as Teddy’s though.
  3. Anybody picking Shula is just overreacting and emotional. He was the worst OC I’ve ever seen on any team. And there hasn’t been anyone remotely close.
  4. That’s only because we had to go for it on 4th. If it wasn’t the last drive of the game, two of them would have been drive killers, and there were at least a couple drive killers earlier in the game.
  5. Darnold is significantly better than Teddy, just not enough better.
  6. Darnold threw like 20 catchable balls that drive.
  7. Mostly, not all. Last year’s oline was way better. Darnold isn’t good enough to produce behind this year’s.
  8. This oline is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.
  9. First of all, no not really. Second of all, nobody said Sam is innocent. He’s made his share of mistakes but he’s getting no help. The only person on offense doing their job is Chuba.
  10. That definitely didn’t look like a catch to me…
  11. Man it ain’t all on Darnold. I know that was just a good play by the defense but none of the receivers are doing their job really.
  12. Man Robby doesn’t look like he wants to play. Put Marshall in his spot, damn.
  13. Depressed about the Panthers? Yes. Depressed overall? Nah, I gotta good life. Never been depressed or anything. Doesn’t mean I can’t be depressed about how disappointing the season is going because of injuries. Emotions about the team are separate from general emotional health, for me anyway.
  14. No other coordinator had anything remotely close to the talent at QB that Shula had. I hate taking stats at face value, analysis of the conditions have to factor in. I truly believe that with any of the other coordinators we’ve had we’d have won that SB
  15. Shula was infinitely worse than Davidson. Even Davidson wouldn’t have wasted the best player we’ve ever had so badly. With Davidson I’d be willing to bet we win the Super Bowl in 2015
  16. Best was year 1 Chud. Year 2 Chud sucked though. Worst is a much easier call: Shula.
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