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  1. Yea that’s fair. But there have been a lot of posters around here not talking about their fears, but actually accusing him of being what you refer to and stating it as fact.
  2. Well yea, those problems are all part of that group of mistakes I mentioned. Being too patient with Rivera/Hurney then falling for Rhule’s bs was absolutely a huge mistake. But as to my point, he’s been the opposite of meddling by doing what you said, trusting those three incompetents too much.
  3. Not really no, and the city of rock hill was the one that fuged that up anyway. There’s been a lot of people looking for a reason to hate him since he got here, getting outraged over nothing. Overall he’s been a net positive influence on the team, and some growing pains are sure to be expected from anyone that’s new at something like this. I for one see him as a breath of fresh air after the stale fetid atmosphere that Richardson enforced, always striving to maintain the status quo and caring more about the good of the league over the good of the team. Hopefully Tepper shakes stuff up more. This is the most exciting offseason we’ve ever seen outside maybe the first one, just because nothing could be more exciting than getting our own franchise was. There’s no way this could have happened under Richardson. The most comparable year, 2011, had a shitty HC hire, kept Hurney, would go on to fire him, hire someone arguably worse, and then REHIRE Hurney. In 2011 we had the #1 pick and Cam was exciting, but nothing else really moved the needle. Most of us were cautiously optimistic Rivera could be decent but annoyed we went with yet another defensive HC. So yea, Tepper’s mishandling the preliminary round of coaching and keeping Hurney was a mistake. One he seemed to learn from.
  4. Yea I lump keeping Ron too long in the “coaching decision”. Rock hill has nothing to do with the football team so who cares.
  5. The feeling that people are getting that Young is catching up to Stroud in the Panthers’ eyes might mean the misdirection is working
  6. It’s been obvious from day one that Tepper lets his football people make the decisions. He’s never been a meddling owner despite what some here believe for some reason. Made a mistake in his first decision on a coach, but beyond that there haven’t been any problems.
  7. Doesn’t matter he isn’t as good as TJ Watt, his deal will be newer so the bar has been raised.
  8. Yea he’d be a great pick for us but I think he’ll be gone mid first when it’s all said and done. If he’s there at 32 or 31 and we can swing a trade up that’s not too expensive I’d be on board. If it was between him or Kincaid/Mayers I’d probably take the TE though.
  9. As long as they get rid of the silver helmets I’ll be satisfied.
  10. I think there will be a really good TE available at 39 and that’s what I want. If not, then bpa of defensive front seven.
  11. That’s why I said it’s weird. Could have been a low cost way of projecting confidence to the team, building morale. Who knows. Even if we did swap the wrong way in the 7th, who really cares, it’s just a 7th.
  12. With Rhule, Wilks, Darnold and Mayfield, and with Brady still in the division, we still almost won the division last year. As long as our new QB isn’t worse than Mayfield/Darnold we should be winning the division, guaranteeing the pick is back half. Hell, even if the rookie has a terrible first year (which I don’t see happening with either Stroud or Young, they’re both really mature and smart. Much better than most top rookie QBs), I’d guess even Dalton is better than Darnold and Mayfield.
  13. Some of us commented before the word conditional was added to the reports
  14. That’s weird, so if we end up worse than them next year, we swap for a worse pick and give up Zane?
  15. I still want a TE at 39. This TE class is way better than the WR class anyway
  16. As good as his receivers were, he still had to throw with anticipation and into tight windows. They definitely weren’t open all the time this year.
  17. Oof, hope he learns to kick under pressure. High % is great and all but I’d rather a 90% guy that just misses long attempts early in the game, not chip shots when the game is on the line
  18. Absolutely. I’ve been talking about that since halfway through the season. The reason some people are saying the Ga game was an eye opener is because they weren’t watching him until that playoff game
  19. That’s what I saw that I was talking about above
  20. Saw something earlier that said five teams were in negotiations to trade for Hopkins, Panthers weren’t one of them. Doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it’s not nothing.
  21. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CqJNGTKszZG/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Reich doesn’t look nearly as enamored in that parting of ways as he did with Stroud. Looks almost disinterested.
  22. I’d be satisfied with Young but I want Stroud. “Small” QBs have had injury problems lately, like Murray and Tua and they’re both bigger. Stroud is also a better passer. The only thing Young is better at is scramble drills. But he’s still a good enough passer that I’d be happy with either. They’re roughly equal in the mental aspect, Stroud has an advantage in throwing ability and Young had an advantage in scrambling. The gap is relatively small in both circumstances. Even setting size concerns aside I’ll take the better thrower over the better scrambler, but if Young is the one Reich wants I’ll trust his decision.
  23. Someone posted a graphic some time ago, showing the defenses OSU faced this year were way better than the defenses Alabama faced.
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