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  1. We have the talent that adding Watson would make us instant contenders. Adding in that the trade price should be a little lower with the newly discovered risk and image hit that comes with him, I’d be absolutely thrilled to get him if Darnold stinks and we don’t have a high enough pick to get a good QB in the draft.
  2. Compared to the past few years, yea. But still need better. Oher was just ok at best, I’m hoping for better than that.
  3. Yea and if Oher is his ceiling, that’s a problem as well. We need a legit LT pronto
  4. I’d have to agree. I’ve loved almost all our moves. Erving is the only one I’m iffy on and it doesn’t help one of my best buds at work is a Browns fan and has been telling me how bad he is since he was drafted lol
  5. I hope it goes to Apple. Would make it a lot simpler for me. Amazon prime would be fine but their app is poo.
  6. Doesn’t surprise me at all. PFF is still trash though, even though I agree with this assessment.
  7. They’re discounting turnovers they deem not to be on him. Tipped passes, etc.
  8. If only considering the QB position then 27th is fair. The whole roster though, seems quite low. But what can you expect, pff is trash.
  9. He’s not just a RB though. He’s a game changer, the ultimate weapon on offense. Most other RBs I agree, no big money contracts past like 25 years old. We’ll see this year. If he continues to be banged up, it was a mistake. If he’s back to fully healthy, it wasn’t.
  10. New regime, new coaching. I don’t think Rhule and Brady are as offense-ignorant as Rivera or as old school as Turner. CMC will be used appropriately now (especially with a full complement of supporting weapons and potentially a QB that threatens the defense). I think CMC is gonna get his stats without the offense relying only on him. Maybe not 1k/1k again, but still top tier production and the other impacts he has on the offense just by being who he is, making defenses have to worry and concentrate on him leaving other weapons and plays able to succeed.
  11. Nobody is saying ignore everything else and just rely on CMC. We gotta build the OL and get a QB (possibly have checked this box, we’ll see). CMC’s contract doesn’t prevent those from happening. But the offense is better with CMC than without. His contract doesn’t even reflect how much he actually contributes to the offense. and nothing in the Super Bowls dispels anything. CMC is a rare weapon. There aren’t any others like him right now. That’s what rare means, hard to find.
  12. You don’t let superstar players go just because your team was bad. The record isn’t on just CMC, it’s not like he didn’t do his part. He’s a rare weapon that can’t be replaced and makes the offense even better than his contract would indicate. If he never gets healthy, then yea I’m hindsight it was a bad contract. But if he returns to form, like a 25 year should, it will be worth it. Especially since we hopefully have a real QB now, even if Darnold doesn’t improve a lot it’ll be better than last year and 2019.
  13. (I’m fine with CMC’s contract, for the record. He’s a game changer, not just a “rb”. Shaq’s contract sickens me though. Worse than Jake’s last extension imo)
  14. As tough as it may be to accept paying a top 10 RT top 3 LT money, we gotta keep him. Our OL must be a priority, and we gotta stop letting good players at key positions leave because we don’t want to pay them (especially not while paying players at devalued positions top dollar).
  15. All while rarely signing any FAs worth a poo
  16. I understand the mixed feelings, he truly was one of the all time Panther greats. But not so great as to have his number retired. I think he realizes that. The only numbers to be potentially retired in my opinion would be 89, 1 and maybe 90.
  17. I mean, we did. He may or may not play LT for us, but it’s indisputable we drafted a LT…
  18. There’s a difference between “didn’t invest” and “didn’t invest enough in my opinion”. What they said tells you they don’t even know that we drafted two OL, which undermines anything else they said if they don’t even know that.
  19. Didn’t address the OL? Lost all credibility right there. We drafted a couple OL, both of whom have a lot of potential
  20. yea you do spend a #7 on an elite NT because they make it possible for those around him to get to the QB, ala Star and Short vs Rando and Short. Brown doesn’t need stats himself if those around him are getting them.
  21. I wanted Kinlaw that year. Glad the Panthers didn’t listen to me lol
  22. https://www.facebook.com/RickBeal3/videos/3983278208388182/ Took that Bear completely out of the play and protected teammates.
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