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  1. And yet Bryce had the 14th longest time to throw in the league. That’s pretty average.
  2. Laughable. Last year he was Teddy Bridgewater if Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn on 75% of his passes
  3. No disagreement from me. My disagreement comes when people try to say Bryce was bad BECAUSE of the other two. They weren’t good, but they also weren’t prohibitively bad. He could have shown something with what he had, if he was any good.
  4. Yea people that whine about the talent around him conveniently either never saw (because they didn’t watch the games) or forgot the multitude of times receivers were running open and he had plenty of time but just threw a stinker of a pass. Occasionally a receiver would make a miraculous adjustment and catch, but not often.
  5. Haven’t watched it yet, but whining about the line (which wasn’t nearly as bad as the Young fanboys’ narrative says it was) and the pass catchers is the siren song of people who refuse to admit they were wrong about Young during the draft process. I still hope Young is able to develop, but I’m not expecting it.
  6. But I thought no QB had ever been drafted to such a perfect situation people are severely overestimating what he has around him.
  7. Brady is an incredibly unlikeable guy who dumped his pregnant girlfriend, pushed crypto scams and was often seen whining to refs and screaming at teammates. I think most sports fans not from Boston or Tampa don’t like him. He’s not as hated as Rodgers, but not far behind.
  8. The “human element” in refereeing is the worst part of the game. Getting it out with absolutely not make the game less fun. It’ll make it more accurate and more a contest of skill rather than luck or popularity. Bum ass refs and/or corrupt refs have been by far the most joy sapping part of being a football fan.
  9. Wins: Chicago, Washington, Saints x1, Giants, Denver, Arizona. Maybe Falcons x1. Probably optimistic, I reserve the right to adjust after preseason heh.
  10. Well, the panthers from around ‘14-‘19 for one. ‘11-‘14 there was at least Smitty to go with Olsen but after Smitty left….a TE ain’t enough.
  11. Once upon a time we basically had to choose between Kawaan Short or Star Lotulelei. We chose the guy that got the flashy stat. I’m glad this time we chose right. (not hating on KK, but Star was far more important to the defense)
  12. D) not like I’m saying we have a good roster. Hell, might be second worst. But this guy is just talking out of his ass.
  13. A) it’s bleacherreport B) jewell and wonnum are burns and luvus replacements? Not clowney and jewell or whoever? This guy doesn’t seem to have all the information C) OL rankings? Gtfo, can’t rank something like that before the season even starts. OL is tough enough to judge after the fact, much less before.
  14. My concern is his horrible accuracy and slow decision making. These can be improved I guess. Arm strength can be schemed around but it’s definitely a handicap.
  15. Good video. More realistic take than all the people making every excuse under the sun for Bryce. Sometimes the WRs failed him, sometimes the OL failed him. But for every WR or OL fail, there was a play that someone was open and he had plenty of time but he either just failed to pull the trigger or threw a terrible ball. Good QBs on bad teams take advantage of the opportunities to make plays when others do their jobs. Bryce didn’t.
  16. I dunno, I’d put Bryce over Bo Nix. #30 sounds right.
  17. Wow, I half expected tubby on the right to break down in tears at some point. Obviously they’re just Cowboys fans without any knowledge about any other teams. “OL is atrocious” there’s no evidence to qualify that statement. This OL is 3/5 different from last year with different coaching and schemes, we have no idea how they’ll be, but at the very least it was highly invested in. Pinning fantasy hopes for Brooks on Bryce is a fool’s errand.
  18. Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed heh. For the title, he’d need to show great improvement, specifically and decision making, throwing guys open and in stride, and being able to hit the broad side of a barn from more than 10 yards away.
  19. If he can get the corner he has the jets for it, but he doesn’t have quick change of direction for getting around people if they get to the backfield
  20. XL has great hands, that’s what I learned. Almost all the deep passes that were in his vicinity were caught. Screen passes aren’t his forte though. He needs to be fed crossing routes and deep shots. He’s deadly on those crossing routes if he’s hit in stride…hope Young learns to do that.
  21. Cool video. Would watch one for each of our trades heh. With that said, I kinda wish we hadn’t made that trade. I forget who it was but someone went between 65 and 72 I had wanted. Frazier or Colson, someone like that. Edit: it was Colson, went 69
  22. Obviously drafts can’t be evaluated for a few years before you know what you got, but just going off what we know right now anyone hating on this draft is either ignorant or willfully miserable. The big complaints defending Bryce (a lot of it in the media, the same people shitting on our draft) were that our OL sucked and Bryce didn’t have any weapons. We heavily invested in the OL in FA, brought in a separation machine via trade, and spent this draft plugging every conceivable hole in the weapons for Bryce. I get if you wanted McConkey or someone other than XL, but we already have McConkey’s role on the team. We didn’t have a XL role and he’s inarguably the highest potential of anyone in the draft at his role. Whining about one year of production ignoring the factors that lead to it is the definition of ignorance. Even if you preferred a different WR, the worst you could give that pick is a B. Surrounding a young QB with weapons is how everyone agrees it should be done, so doing that rather than backfilling depth spots at CB or edge is not a poor strategy. We got at least three guys that should be starting before the end of the year, maybe four depending on the LB we took in the 3rd. Our LB position was weaker than CB or edge rusher.
  23. He doesn’t. Just doing that social media thing where you throw out wild claims that others will repeat because they share your agenda until it becomes accepted as true.
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