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  1. Worse than I thought but still not bad. Watching them all year, looked the best I’ve seen since probably ‘13ish
  2. Hell no I’m not against it. Fields and Lance are 3 and 4 on my list. I’m cautiously optimistic about Darnold, but getting a top tier young guy to ease into the starting role would be ideal.
  3. 15 to 8 would take well more than a second. Maybe next year’s first plus this year’s second.
  4. Teddy doesn’t excel at anything. Even the short passes were more often behind the receiver or too low or off target in some way. We just have good receivers who were able to adjust and catch some of those bad throws.
  5. This doesn’t even surprise me. The least clutch player in history.
  6. 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Fields 4. Lance 5. Sewell 6. Slater (or whoever is the #2 LT) 7. Pitts 8. Top WR or CB, whichever they have rated highest.
  7. No, I watched in all its agony. Still less infuriating than Teddy two yards.
  8. Close, but at least those QBs tried. Teddy two yards was the most infuriating thing ever.
  9. I know that was the rhetoric, doesn’t mean it was either true or that it was a good idea if true. I’m sure Cam wouldn’t have had any troubles developing as a QB with Steve Smith to throw to instead of Kelvin Benjamin, Funchess and the clown car full of sub par WRs we gave him between Smitty and DJ.
  10. Meh, he’s the one that poisoned the season. Can’t complain when he suffers the toxicity as well. This was the least enjoyable Panthers season to me in team history.
  11. Agreed. I’m sure he’s all smiles and niceness when things are going his way, but the difficulties during the season and now that he’s sore that the decision makers discovered how bad he sucks have shown his true colors. Comments during the season were the first clues.
  12. The biggest problem with the Smitty and Norman fkups was that it was bad business as well. Both shouldn’t have been cut when they were, much less how they were. Gettleman made some good moves here, but many more bad ones.
  13. Pipe dream: Wilson Not so realistic pick: Fields, Lance Semi-realistic pick: Sewell (this is my answer to the question) If Sewell is gone, Pitts or the next best OL
  14. Lot of people have been expressing very anti-Darnold sentiments. They’re a mix of people that are just weary from having to watch Teddy last year and trolls.
  15. Teddy had (and has) zero potential, Darnold has potential. I’m not “pro Darnold” per se, but I’m “open to the chance Darnold can be fixed”
  16. Well availability is part of it ain’t it. I watched a few Patriots game, when they weren’t on at the same time as Panthers games. And the Patriots were straight dookie. They have nothing on offense with Edelman out, and even with him in he’s not exactly a franchise carrying WR.
  17. Hah that was entertaining. “it’s what they don’t have. They don’t have Adam gase, thank the good lord”
  18. I would rage if we took a gd LB with our pick. We need OL, CB, or WR (assuming Pitts is gone).
  19. He won’t come back. He may return close to form, but he won’t be peak Cam any more. They gave him a couple tight ends, still need receivers and a RB badly.
  20. But I thought we were the only ones interested and we were bidding against ourselves and everyone is just stupid? This report is just too obvious and believable to be true.
  21. Pretty optimistic. The overall FA moves have been quite good, we haven’t backed up the money truck to anyone and even if some of them end up getting injured, it was worth taking a shot. The QB situation is already an upgrade and if Darnold can be fixed then even better. If not, we still have draft options available for QBs. If Fields or Lance is there at 8, we take him and play it like Mahommes, Jackson and a lot of highly draft QBs letting them sit behind a placeholder. And in that scenario Darnold is still a cheap placeholder that relieves us of having to play Bridgewater.
  22. That’s exactly how it’s being view by anyone with half a ***** brain
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