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  1. What a bullshit call. That was PI, not holding
  2. Ian Thomas got hit in the face because his arm was being held down in an obvious PI
  3. That was PI, held his arm down that he was trying to catch with
  4. lol at the bitchfest continuing even on a 99 yard pick six. It was clearly obvious he slowed down halfway down the field a bit to let his blocker catch up cuz Cousins had an angle on him.
  5. Damn you don’t make me pie you. You get a cheers, best I can do.
  6. I’ve defended TMJ for the past two years and change. I’m just about done with that. If it doesn’t click this year then yea, Jarrett. Sometimes it takes three years. I’m done with him after that though.
  7. Miles doesn’t suck at all. See OL thread for reasons he’s not putting up big numbers.
  8. Eh, not really. We don’t have our guards, starting WR, RBs are different, instability at QB, new system means old roster is learning new schemes which means you can’t compare directly to last year. Plenty has changed and it’ll take time for it to settle in.
  9. In order of impact, here’s what see (and none of this is unique, I’m just listing them in the order I think they’re having a negative effect) 1. The Guard problem. OLmen depend on the guy next to them. All three of the starters are struggling because they can’t depend on the guy next to them. It’s not like we’re missing our RG and RT and Ickey is struggling, that wouldn’t affect Ickey as much. None of our three starters playing has a reliable person next to them. 2. Predictability. Because our run plays are mostly vanilla and our pass plays are near the LoS it allows the defenders to cheat. The ATL Safety said that verbatim. When they know what kind of play is coming, whether it’s a run up the middle or a short pass play, it allows the defense to get the upper hand at the LoS, putting our OL at a disadvantage. 3. Scheme/fit. TBH I’m not knowledgeable enough about what scheme our OL is running vs what they’ve succeeded at in the past, so I’m just throwing it up here cuz there’s certainly a chance that there could be ill fitting pieces here since our offense changed with new coaches.
  10. Both are just hating. Or at least premature.
  11. Meh. What’s done is done. Having a top 5 pick in the second round would be better than a mid pick in the second round. Can’t rewind time, so whatever can help us in the future is what matters.
  12. Yea, we lose this game I don’t see any kind of recovery for a respectable season possible. Not making the playoffs or anything was an understandable expectation. 0-6, likely to turn into a 2-4 win season would be a big disappointment.
  13. Yea, I worked on my uncles pig farm when I was a kid. Stank, but not as bad as the chicken farms. And..uh I said I live in Maryland now. When I’m ready to settle down back in NC it won’t be in Sampson county. Probably closer to Charlotte
  14. And even though it’s a rational stance, I’d much rather deal with the 1% chance he’ll move the team than the 100% chance he won’t learn from mistakes and refuse to admit them and stay stuck in the past.
  15. Being afraid that someone not from the area will move the team is a rational stance. Not wanting a “yankee” owner is not. (What American even calls people Yankees any more? It’s not the 1800s, the civil war is over.)
  16. Living in Boston does nothing for your statement. I live in MD now, after a 20 year military career, I’ve lived and been all over the world. This attitude of hatred or disdain toward “others” is a problem no matter where you’re at.
  17. I’m from NC, hillbilly. Sampson county. I’ve just gotten out and seen the world and am not afraid of it.
  18. This is the kind of nonsense that I’ll never understand. Having a “Northerner” for a team owner? Wtf kind of ridiculous statement is that?? That’s the sort of tribalistic, hillbilly, ignorant poo that is the problem with our country now. Not only that, but JR was a terrible owner who failed at every hiring except John Fox and then kept him on way too long past his expiration date. Not only that, he told our brand new QB no tattoos or long hair. Not only that he was a toxic creep. And that’s all just the stuff we know about. Getting rid of JR was the best thing to happen to this team since creation. Tepper has made mistakes, but his willingness to admit them and move on makes him infinitely better than JR.
  19. Best advice would to be stop worrying so much about the owner. After hiring the GM (and in some cases, input on the HC), they’re removed from the process. The product on the field is up to the GM to get and keep the right players and the HC to get those players ready and manage the game. If those two roles weren’t filled to your liking, then discuss who you think would be better and why. I personally think Fitterer has done fine, some misses and some hits, and it’s way too early to tell with Reich but I’m optimistic once he gives playcalling to Brown (which he said he would, just a matter of when.)
  20. KB and Funchess were trash, especially Funchess. KB was good(ish) his rookie year but doodoo after that and his absence was a benefit on a team that had to start Ginn and Cotchery in his place…
  21. Sure he did, got rid of Rivera and Hurney for starters. Too late in both cases, but like I said he’s learning.
  22. Even with us playing terribly right now, I think we’d beat Chicago 9 times outta 10. If they’re taking a top QB, theirs will be the higher one to do it with. We may end up giving them the top WR to go with their top QB, heh.
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