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  1. I wanted Kinlaw that year. Glad the Panthers didn’t listen to me lol
  2. https://www.facebook.com/RickBeal3/videos/3983278208388182/ Took that Bear completely out of the play and protected teammates.
  3. QB improved the most, followed by CB and then hopefully LB
  4. Too tough ends up losing out on players you want. Like with Norman.
  5. We wanted two for $4m, they wanted two for $7.5m, we got him for two for $6m. Sounds about right.
  6. That was fantastic. When the trade offers were coming in at 8: “nope” click. “nope” click. lol
  7. If they’re not top ten, it’s time to get rid of Snow. The dline should be brutal, the lb’s should be good enough, and the secondary should be quite good now, with at least two stars in Chinn and Horn (even if Horn takes a little time to adjust)
  8. Also not sure if he qualifies, but Chris “Hitman” Harris was a beast. The nickname alone probably disqualifies him as a JAG.
  9. One of the most well made Panthers videos I’ve seen. Great job!
  10. Hah that’s it. Thought it sounded off in my head when I was typing
  11. Ice up son is #1 dab on dem folks is #2 they put my momma out there imma score on her too #3 A number of other Smitty quotes will fill out the rest as well
  12. Lol was puppys for the Atlanta game throwing shade for the Vick scandal? Probably not, but funny to think it is
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