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  1. Arguments that use where a player went to school against them aren’t worth your time. There’s no less relevant detail to use against someone. Might as well argue that because someone was born on a Wednesday they can’t play football. Ludicrous.
  2. Since last night?! It’s over guys. I’m sure he’s forgotten the Panthers even exist with that gap in contact.
  3. This is a reverse smokescreen. Put it out in a way that makes you think it’s a smokescreen so you discount it when it’s actually true! Masterful!
  4. I said it elsewhere, I’ll say it here. The team was not abysmal, Rhule was abysmal. Wilks didn’t “take” the team to average, he just held them back less than Rhule. And for what it’s worth the defense got WORSE under Wilks.
  5. Trying to use their 2022 records or the fact that Reich was fired this year (by the Colts) is as ignorant and shallow an argument as there could be. Even if you are too lazy to actually pay attention to the games Wilks coached this year, ignoring the epic failure in the game that mattered most, all you have to do is look at their history and it’s obvious Reich is far more qualified and accomplished. And that’s still not even taking into consideration the offensive vs defensive guy thing. Or the fact that despite being a defensive guy, Wilks is bad at running a defense. There is absolutely no informed argument for Wilks over Reich.
  6. Well that’s also in a tough division and I’ve always said this team around Wilson that was getting so much hype was overrated. Good defense, decent offense. A tier lower each than the talking heads were saying. Plus Wilson was never a guy that could carry a team anyway, he needed the LoB and Lynch to carry him.
  7. I don’t disagree, but next year seems like it’ll be another anomaly. The Bucs window is done. The Falcons are a joke on the same level as the Rhule Panthers. The Saints, IF they find a QB, are the only real threat and even then the Panthers without a QB are still a better team than the Saints without a QB so they’d have to find a better one than us. Cuz they ain’t out-coaching us.
  8. I mean, this year it was pretty easy. Came down to not leaving backup CBs on an island with Mike Evans. Someone couldn’t figure that easy path out and we missed the playoffs.
  9. It’s not a bad question to ask. This and next years’ first and second to move up and get Stroud? Hell yea. Throw in a player if we need to, hell throw in Burns if for no other reason to satisfy the whiners still bitching about not taking the Rams offer earlier. Could be argued to be similar value if it gets us out QB.
  10. Wut? This is far from certain, likely, or even a maybe. The only chance would be if Wentz comes dirt cheap and then just to bridge for whoever we draft. If he’s dirt cheap then MAYBE
  11. Bozeman could not be replaced with a little effort. He is a great C and it would be foolish to let him go. First good C we’ve had since Kalil, we finally have a very good OL for the first time in about 11 years and we can’t lose the central piece.
  12. I expect him to hit a 30 yard field goal with the game on the line. That should be 100%. Top % in PATs impresses me a lot less than 0% fig in pressure situations, and no not all kicks are pressure situations. A fg in the second quarter is a lot less critical than 10s left in the game down by 1.
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