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  1. Nah. He’s Felix Jones light. Won’t be nearly as effective with a heavier work load.
  2. I was at the home Bears game that year, peppers’ first return to boa. Came out of the gift shop after the game and there was a pretty nasty fight between a bears fan and panthers fan
  3. There aren’t enough games in a season to overtake Panther fan whininess.
  4. Or, hear me out on this one, keep both.
  5. And now the season has officially started. Let the winning commence.
  6. Kinda funny hearing Keyshawn saying a #1 overall draft pick should be the guy for 10-15 years when he was a #1 overall that couldn’t stick on a team more than four years.
  7. Disregard above post, I see there was already a thread about it
  8. Dunno if this has been posted elsewhere, but some analytics for the Bryce haters. He’s throwing to some of the least open receivers in the league (no surprise), and he’s the most accurate when throwing to open windows.
  9. Bell and Woods were all over the place. Great signings by Fitterer.
  10. That’s what I’ve been saying since last night. I still think Reich could be a good coach, but he needs to let Brown call the plays. I remember a noticeable improvement in the preseason game when Brown started playcalling
  11. Because understanding concepts, and executing them in real time with bullets flying are totally different things. He has to get used it it til it’s second nature. That takes time.
  12. There are new people running the show, though. I was as vocal about anybody about how bad Rivera and Rhule were after their second years, but this was the new regime’s second GAME. And Rivera goes to show you can still have good seasons with a terrible coaching staff. And trying to claim that getting Bryce was a bad move or pick is extremely premature. I was strongly a Stroud guy, but as soon as Bryce was announced on draft night he received my support and nothing he could do on the field after two games is going to change that. Even if he looks bad after the whole first year it would be too soon to give up. Not many QBs light the world on fire their first year. Cam and Luck were exceptions, not the rule.
  13. I think it’s going to take Brown calling plays to get some creative run schemes implemented. Right now as others have said it’s too easy to defend our traditional run game. Sanders needs space to work in and Hubbard trips over his shoe laces unless there’s a gap you could run a truck through.
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