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  1. Can’t say I have. The later Rivera/Shula/Hurney days were close but I think even Rivera never mismanaged the roster this badly.
  2. Why does he throw it so far all the time? I thought it was against the rules to throw past the yellow line, isn’t that what it’s there for?
  3. Sad funny animation of NFC teams’ playoff standings as the weeks progressed. Panthers’ course was funny in a yakkety sax kinda way. Started high, plummeted off the map, peeked above, fell off, peeked above, disappeared never to be seen again. https://fb.watch/aDfO2ejXNI/
  4. I take Cousins as a FA. No more trades unless they’re slam dunk low risk QBs.
  5. If this is what all that speculation that Tepper didn’t want Tomlin came from, it holds no water. The minority owners that wanted Tomlin gone could be citrone and evanson and the statement would be correct. It basically means there’s at least a 1 in 6.5 chance Tepper wanted Tomlin gone
  6. Boger is the worst, Blakeman is the dirtiest. Hate them equally.
  7. Did he? Or did Fitterer? Either way, we could draft the next Peyton Manning and it don’t mean poo if we don’t play him.
  8. No. Rivera was terrible. I’d rather move on, get worse but still have a chance to get better after Rhule is gone.
  9. Good. He’s really not pleasant to listen to. Half the time I’d rather listen to opposing announcers than Mixon.
  10. As long as Rhule is gone, I wouldn’t hate it. Sign him to two years, draft OL this year and QB next year. I’d rather just keep Cam but I wouldn’t hate Baker. I think he’s better than he’s given credit for.
  11. Because the next draft isn’t where we’re going to get our next QB. We need to invest in the oline and draft our QB the following year. Bring Cam back for next year and maybe the next to let the new QB ease into the NFL. Cam showed he can still play, he just can’t elevate beyond bad coaching and oline like he used to have to.
  12. He’s really good when motivated. A good #1. But he doesn’t maintain his own motivation. If the team is playing like poo, he doesn’t feel the need to give 100% for a team going nowhere. I’d absolutely want to keep him if we could give him the motivation he needs. I don’t see it happening next year though, so we might get best value by trading him.
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