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  1. If it would take firsts, then I agree hell no. Most I’d could stomach is Burns, our second, and maybe late pick like a 5, 6 or 7. But I actually think Burns does fit their profile, if Danielle Hunter is any indicator. They’re built similar and Burns is just a bit bigger (I think) and much better.
  2. 100%. But the Bryce Boys won’t hear it. They’ll keep spouting the same rhetoric and propaganda, especially if you venture into IG or twitter. Same tired arguments that people made up and others parrot.
  3. Bryce Young like package? Who said anything about that? The most I’ve seen floated was by me and that was Burns and a second. Burns might be too expensive anyway, so it really doesn’t seem like that high of a price. Especially if we’re going to lose Burns anyway, whether this year or next after tagging him this year.
  4. Sure you win 7 games with a garbage QB, we just did last year. Teams do it all the time. Fields is garbage and Bryce is worse than garbage.
  5. Fields is garbage and ok they have DJ Moore. We have more than one good player. Draft picks arent on the roster and we were talking about rosters.
  6. Because we wouldn’t be signing him for only one year. And he could be part of what actually makes Bryce (or next year’s rookie) improve, as a target the QB can have confidence in.
  7. Last year: Mingo could be Nico. We won’t know til we get decent QB and play calling. 2022: Icky. Sure last year didn’t look good but his deficiency has been blown WAY out of proportion here. He was very good his rookie year and competent coaching can get him back on track. Barno is a decent situational pass rusher that could keep improving. Mays is solid OL depth. 2021: Horn is an all pro if he stays healthy. He was healthy most of last year. BC is a solid OL starter. Tremble is a decent TE that could still get better especially with better QB play and play calling. Chuba is, beyond all my expectations from his first two years, a decent starting RB. Not to mention rookies that looked like trash last year could actually make a leap with good coaching and playcalling. The sky isn’t falling and last year was a perfect storm of sucktitude. It all depends on Canales, his staff and Morgan.
  8. We could be the Bengals of a few years ago. We haven’t been picking top three but we’ve been picking top ten-ish. Insert a guy like Jefferson, draft a couple sleepers (most of the Texans’ guys aren’t first round picks, not the receivers anyway) and we do have a decent amount of funds. Good coaching, nail a couple draft picks, get a couple key FAs and we’re ready to compete for this shitty division IF Bryce can just not look like the utter abomination that he was last year.
  9. That is a narrative and we don’t have the worst roster. The Bears are probably worse. Jacksonville maybe. Washington, Atlanta maybe. This idea that we are completely untalented is emotional knee jerk reactions. We have a very talented defense and enough on offense to be ok with proper coaching. That’s the difference. The QB is a huge problem no doubt. If we had taken Stroud maybe Reich doesn’t lose his job so quick and we don’t get Canales who might be the next savant. No way to know yet. But our roster isn’t as bad as our record last year. More like the record the year before.
  10. I meant not the worst run team ever, not that we weren’t the only team bidding on Darnold. I believe that.
  11. I hate that narrative. Sure it’s unlikely we’ll be competitive but the Texans went from the #2 pick to the playoffs. Other teams have gone from top one or two pick to the playoffs in the next or following year. We have a chance of being competitive THIS year if Canales and Morgan are good. Unlikely, but possible.
  12. I get your point, but no we aren’t. Hyperbole aside we aren’t the worst run team ever and might not even be the worst run team now. The Jets paid Rodger’s how much for four plays? Washington and Jacksonville would also give us a run for the title. If we dangled Bryce I guarantee you some team out there would be willing to give a 2 or 3 just in the off chance he could be salvaged.
  13. The thing I like most about Jefferson is he doesn’t seem like a speed dependent guy. Because no I don’t think Bryce could take advantage of someone like Hill or Jamar Chase. Jefferson is a savvy route runner with amazing hands. He’s a Michael Thomas (before he got bad). That’s the kind of receiver Bryce needs.
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