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  1. Would be a helluva off-season. Would love it. We also get Gerald Everett, Hassan Reddick, Larry Ogunjobi and Shaq Griffin as FA signings. None are game changers but solid pieces in areas of need.
  2. That’s what I came to say. Brees is quite mobile, he’s just not a runner or scrambler.
  3. I wouldn’t be mad if we got Fields. I still prefer Wilson, but considering he’s probably going to the Jets or Texans at #2, I’d be happy with Fields after a trade up to 3 or 5. Give up next year’s first to do it. Maybe next year’s second if necessary too.
  4. No it wouldn’t. It wasn’t a few more plays, it wouldn’t have required a whole new season and him playing like he’s never played in his career. Teddy isn’t going to be our QB next year and he simply isn’t and never will be a good QB
  5. I’ve been here since around 07. Still quite a few oldheads around from before me, they just tend to get drowned out by the loud trolls and younger generation heh
  6. I’m not sure which I prefer, Fields or Lance. Lance is more boom or bust. And I’m also not sure whether I’d prefer one of those two or trade a mid round pick for Darnold or something along those lines, draft well this year and prepare to be aggressive in the draft for a QB next year. I would be happy with pretty much any scenario that doesn’t include Bridgewater taking another snap for us. Except maybe Alex Smith. Not sure I’d be satisfied if we signed him.
  7. Boot his ass out. I mean, I’d love to see the WTFs (intentional) stay mired in mediocrity forever, especially while Rivera is there. But he is no bueno. Gotstago
  8. Nothing major here, just posting for his write-up
  9. Not that I think he’s done and I’d love to see him get back to form with a more normal off season and some actual NFL talent around him, but if Cam were thinking maybe it’s time to give his body a rest and sit at home counting his millions, it would be epic if he joined them on March 11. Three of the main architects of what success we had for a decade
  10. I didn’t see a mock draft but that would have me furious
  11. Honestly I wouldn’t mind sending them a 3rd or 4th, use this year’s first on a stud LT (or maaaaybe Pitts) or trade down to build ammo to move up next year if Darnold is irredeemable.
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