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  1. I’ve seen lots of speculation of a relocation threat with absolutely zero actual information. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if they relocate, so be it. Will still be my team. I haven’t lived in NC in over 20 years
  2. That’s ridiculous. No team is ever more than 2-3 years max.
  3. Fox most likely would have been more stubborn about that issue, but Fox also wouldn’t have benched Cam over not wearing a tie, wouldn’t have stubbornly insisted on playing older guys over better guys, wouldn’t have stubbornly kept Mike f’ing Shula, wouldn’t have neglected to give Cam more protection and weapons. And Cam still would have been great in a different system. All in my opinion of course. Before Rhule came and blew him out of water for the position, Rivera was paradoxically our worst coach by a large margin. He just happened to be able to ride Cam’s coattails to accolades and a better winning record. I’m 100% convinced that Fox, Capers, Seifert or even Reich would have had significantly more success with Cam.
  4. This one is pretty low because of Bryce but I’m pretty hopeful in the coaching staff and roster moves. Rhule’s last year was probably dead last for me.
  5. If Fox had Cam we’d have won multiple Super Bowls. Not only was Fox more suited for his time, but he was also simply better than Ron. They weren’t the same thing. By the end of his tenure he was similarly outdated as Ron, but still better. And Richardson’s first HC was ok. Better than Rhule, sure. Hiring competent HCs might not be that hard but finding good ones is. How many Super Bowls in the past 30 years have been won by merely competent coaches? Billick, the guy in Denver that beat us, that’s all I can think of.
  6. I mean, if Canales is decent he’ll have basically matched Richardson’s pace for first decent coach. And then it was quickly downhill from there. Hiring a good coach is hard. In Richardson’s 20something years he hired one decent coach and the rest were trash. Won’t even begin on GMs and somehow hiring the same mistake twice… My point is, if you could have patience with Richardson it shouldn’t be too tough with Tepper. At least he’s willing to admit his mistakes and move on.
  7. You can’t honestly believe we even sniff the playoffs much less the Super Bowl with Von Miller instead of Cam with that coaching group and QB situation we had. I’ll take Cam and Luke the next year over Von and Luck or whoever we could have gotten the next year any day.
  8. Saw that on ig, commented I was too, some Bryce boy loser started bombarding me with comments with the typical ignorant rhetoric and every time I responded with a rational, respectful conversation he just got more and more unhinged til he started stalking my profile and making personal attacks when he realized he was completely outclassed lol
  9. If Bryce can somehow turn it around and become a stud, everything else will fall into place.
  10. Absolutely. NO ONE did anyone else any favors last year. No one. The only people I saw playing their asses off were Brown and honestly…Chuba.
  11. And yet Bryce had the 14th longest time to throw in the league. That’s pretty average.
  12. Laughable. Last year he was Teddy Bridgewater if Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn on 75% of his passes
  13. No disagreement from me. My disagreement comes when people try to say Bryce was bad BECAUSE of the other two. They weren’t good, but they also weren’t prohibitively bad. He could have shown something with what he had, if he was any good.
  14. Yea people that whine about the talent around him conveniently either never saw (because they didn’t watch the games) or forgot the multitude of times receivers were running open and he had plenty of time but just threw a stinker of a pass. Occasionally a receiver would make a miraculous adjustment and catch, but not often.
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