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  1. I hear Emmitt Smith is looking for a team, I’m just saying.
  2. I’m with you in general in this thread but I’d still have to put Burns behind CJ and Hardy and maybe Rucker. Still plenty of time for him to rise in those ranks though.
  3. Peppers disappeared all the time, as all pass rushers do. The best of the best all time average barely more than one single sack a game. And even if you actually look past just the sack numbers, which you always should, pass rushers “disappear” all the time without any impact on the game. Peppers especially, people would say all the time he was lazy and disappeared, but no reasonable NFL spectator would argue that Peppers wasn’t elite. I’m not saying Burns is on Peppers’ level, but he’s a lot closer than many here have the IQ to recognize.
  4. Pay the man. He’s gotten noticeably better pretty much every year. Started out poor against the run, now he’s decidedly NOT a liability against the run. Better than average. His sack numbers (since that’s all some care about) have increased and will only increase with better coaching and scheme. He’s reliable and a leader of the defense.
  5. Saw this on Facebook, too funny not to share.
  6. My son is the same way. Mind boggling, cheese is an indispensable ingredient for so many things but he can’t stand it when there’s even cheese in the same vicinity as his food. Not lactose intolerant, he likes ice cream, but almost no other dairy products.
  7. Lol. Finally an article that doesn’t act like the Falcons nailed the off-season and the Saints are a shoe in for the division. I still don’t understand why so many think the Falcons are in good shape. They got Campbell who is good but ooooold for a DL and nobody else worth a poo. They have two young weapons on offense still riding pre draft hype and haven’t produced in the NFL, nobody at QB, a good OL, a shiny new RB should help but there’s only so much impact they can have. That’s it. Sure their run game should be good but without balance the offense won’t amount to much and their defense still isn’t top half.
  8. Previous seasons under Rhule: Panda Express. Looked ok at first but entirely unsatisfying. This offseason: Calamari, onion rings, wings, lobster spinach dip, whatever appetizer you prefer cooked to perfection. The upcoming season: A dish you’ve never had but looks good at a restaurant you’ve never tried but heard good things about.
  9. Al Davis > Tom Brady. Brady would be the most boring announcer ever probably. He wouldn’t be Barber/Holt/Charles Davis levels of terrible and annoying, but he’ll be the most boring.
  10. It’s not about the big hits, it’s about strategy and field position. If they wanna get rid of kicking altogether and force 2pt conversions after every TD I’ll probably whine at first but I’ll get used to it. Selectively neutering part of the field position game sucks though.
  11. Show a little respect… how about research who was actually on the teams before trying to scold me about respect on a football forum.
  12. I mean, neither I nor other fans have any power over the rules, so it’s not like when kids do a bad job at a chore so parents will stop giving them the chore. And I was obviously being over dramatic for comedic purposes. If they want to get rid of kickoffs they will do it regardless of fans’ overreactions. They’ve proven they do what they want no matter what fans think of it and fans have proven they’ll keep shelling out the dollars no matter how badly Goodell affects the game.
  13. If they’re going to neuter kickoffs this way, they should do away with the penalty for kicking it out of bounds. Give teams some hope of getting a position advantage.
  14. Might as well get rid of kicks entirely and change the name of the game to Passball. The National Passball League. 4th down? Elect to give the ball to the other team whatever the average of a current punt is. 50 yards away or whatever.
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