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  1. Helluva tackle by DJax. And then Shaq as I type this
  2. Eh. Some injuries are due to smaller frame, degenerative joints, etc things that can be foreseen and concerned about. Some injuries are just freak injuries that can happen to anyone. Someone who people project injury concerns on getting a freak injury doesn’t verify those concerns. Correlation doesn’t imply causation.
  3. Exactly. If he could take that hit and not get injured, I’d say durability isn’t a concern yet.
  4. I mean, it’s a groin injury. Not the sort of injury that being small really contributes to. Maybe durability ends up being a legit concern, but this isn’t really evidence of that
  5. I have to admit, I thought the defense would be better…. nah, mines about the same. I thought our dline would be dominant, secondary would be at least pretty good but our lb corps would hold us back and be a weakness. And I’ve been critical of Shaq for a while, he’s playing well this year though. No denying that.
  6. Yes, when that punt was on 4th down without the option of getting a down back, lol
  7. You can call it premature to make this comparison, but Burns and Reddick remind me a lot of when Indy had Mathis and Freeney. And then on top of that we have a great DT group and great players in the secondary. If we can find a way to keep Reddick, Fox and Jones as well as the studs we drafted this defense is going to be legendary.
  8. He got pancaked by a phantom lineman. Looked like he just fell backwards.
  9. Yea that’s what I was seeing too. They just called it really strictly, but both teams got bit by the ticky tacky calls. The Saints just committed more reasonable penalties too. False start twice in a row usually means they’re scared of the dline lol
  10. Definitely seems like it. Reflects on the scheme. Raise your hand if you thought from the beginning that not only would Snow be a competent NFL DC, but the better of the two coordinators on the team.
  11. I think we beat the Cowboys and Cardinals. Maybe lose to Bills. Probably lose twice to Bucs but maybe win one thanks to divisional familiarity.
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