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  1. Proof that Not everything is better with Bacon!
  2. BUSTER BEANS!!! I love watching Curtis Lepore vines!!! HAHAHA
  3. It's Time to Shine! :-P

  4. ok ok ok Last one bc LOL'ed all over myself reading the comment below with 917 thumbs-up ....
  5. Old Pic of me ... I was the Fastest swimmer that year on my team!! #ThrowbackThursday
  6. I know ... I have been slammed here lately!! I just recently got all of Firefighter 1 & 2 certifications and have been in EMT class since March! Working on my backup plan for racing if it gets any worse!!! How have ya been!?

  7. Hey --- Not bashing Cassell -- I was having fun with the topic! I don't know about him though, still unproven to me I guess, but you have to admit he will go out on higher money/picks than your normal backup QB! That is what I was trying to say. Anyways before I forget props on the Hitman reply in the Heart thread :lol:

  8. Not sure LOL email me - [email protected] I'll hook ya up!

  9. If referring to that chick w/ panther panties I have a copy saved on my PC. Just some random pic I found on a google search If the HMS thing -- Hendrickmotorsports.com

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