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  1. as bad as that sounds it’s not even his worst one 2009, wherein hurney traded the next year’s first round pick for a seminole who had no business playing as a down lineman in the pros, and our best player from that draft turns out to be a 5’8’’ cornerback from the 7th round or how about 2010? yea, let’s trade a 2nd round pick for a player that would’ve probably been a UDFA otherwise. i mean, we did get greg hardy in the 6th round, but everybody knows how that turned out in the end.
  2. he’s worried about the competition at that coveted h-back/blocking TE roster spot
  3. we’re instantly a contender with him on the roster but i don’t see it happening either
  4. david newton is that fumbling overpaid boomer at the office who doesn’t know how to save a word file as pdf so he sends the .docx file to a $12 an hour intern via outlook to do it for him
  5. draftspeak these supposed 2nd-3rd round graded players that are still available are not freak athletes that are going to produce on just any team. if they were, they would’ve been taken already. they’re only going to have a chance at panning out if they’re put into the right system. it doesn’t really matter which round you’re selecting them in at this point.
  6. is it like a requirement for this franchise to draft a developmental TE/h-back almost every year
  7. not rly crazy about the idea of trading down out of the third by round four you’re basically throwing darts
  8. tbh it probably doesn’t matter who we pick until brady fugs off and rides into the sunset with his 20 rings or gets theismanned and then it might matter that we picked the safe corner back that could develop into a shutdown guy instead of the QBs that were left that have a lot of question marks and might be holding a clipboard in three years
  9. unless they’re so serious that a trade goes down before draft day i wouldn’t hold my breath and with 3 or even 4 QBs projected to go before 8 we could walk out with a top 5 prospect
  10. they traded a 2nd round pick, the highest of which could only be the 33rd pick, which is not even close to giving up a 1st round pick bc the talent dropoff is usually steep after the top 15 prospects are off the board (the blue chip guys, or whatever ESPN is calling them in 2021). this is hurney logic. we spent how many years pretending we got solid day one starters in the second round almost every year. even in the gettleman years there was kony ealy. it’s really hard to tell exactly what scott fitterer’s long term draft philosophy is, especially since we have yet to see him pick h
  11. makes you think should we just forget about upgrading QB this year and focus on strengthening other areas bc we really aren’t in much position to get what we want anyway
  12. if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t even see the ads bc you would’ve run adblockers by now. i haven’t seen an ad while using this site since 2015.
  13. my life’s a blur and i hardly notice anything anymore
  14. i didn’t think it could get any more generic than the browns
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