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  2. ugh it reminds me of 24/7 “hustle” culture
  3. stockholm syndrome also this guy’s take is very inaccurate. i 100% haven’t believed in hurney as a GM since that horrible AZ divisional game in january 2009, and that was a few years before ron rivera’s name was ever associated with this organization
  4. without getting into contract numbers, i don’t see why anybody would forbid moving CMC to get watson you’re trading for a QB who, at only 25 years old, already has two seasons of playoff experience and a win under his belt, has put up huge passing numbers at the highest level of competition, and is already developed unlike drafting a QB in the first round which at 8 isn’t even guaranteed that we’re going to get a good one. ....and we’re freaking out bc it may cost us a guy who’s probably never going to hit 300 carries in one season
  5. especially when almost every team is running nickel formation as their base D, bc 3 WR sets are so common hurney mixing and matching back there was never going to give us the depth we need to compete in today’s league
  6. i hope redskins fans like hearing “we needed more depth at RB” after their first round pick ”we had a first round grade on him” after their second round pick ”we think we can convert him to safety” after their third round pick “we traded up for an H-back” after their 4th round pick year after year
  7. a huge part of ron’s downfall here was that he never looked outside the organization for solutions for staff vacancies; he promoted from within too many times. eric washington was a great DL assistant but he did not have the chops to be a good DC. ditto for shula, who was an unimaginative, mediocre OC at best. this seems to follow that approach
  8. bc when you don’t win, you clutch onto the legitimacy of your first round picks it’s a loser’s mentality
  9. if you could pick one single player acquisition from a divisional rival that stifled the panthers’ chances to compete for the last 15 years, drew brees would be it. i know in that time this organization has shot themselves in the foot in so many different ways, but having a perennial contender in your division doesn’t help matters at all. just ask the dolphins and bills. since brady is gone, dolphins finally have a winning season for the first time in over a decade and the bills won the division first time since i have no idea. good riddance drew. i wish the phins signed you up so
  10. it feels like brady got more HC interviews with one season OCing for the panthers under his belt than all of the other offensive coordinators we’ve ever had combined since 1996
  11. this community has extremely overvalued the draft as a measure of a competent GM above everything else to the point that there is virtually no other aspect of being a GM besides that first round pick that matters to them.
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