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  1. dave tepper after the panthers lose by 28 points for the third week in a row
  2. see i love when they make signings like this bc it reminds me that if they just get lucky finding a great QB in the draft this team may have a good run in the near future as long as they find a new coaching staff in the process
  3. they’re just making it obvious at this point that the organization is circling the drain, so my question is, have we hit rock bottom yet? or is there more abyss to explore?
  4. rhule needs to get a division title this year if he wants to have a future in this organization beyond 2022. with tom brady, drew brees, and sean payton all retired or otherwise out of the division, the NFC South hasn’t been more wide open since the mid 2000s.
  5. yeap about two weeks before that yokozuna dropped that big ass leg on hogan which officially marked the end of his historic run in the old WWF (until 2002) vince totally panicked and put lex in that role as the all american hero, even though the fans were sick of it by then and he already had a great babyface champion in bret hart. then they made lex tour the US in a bus for the entire summer shaking hands and signing autographs to lead up to a big title shot at summerslam. he wins by DQ but he never got the belt. i actually remember watching them recap this on superstars days after it happened. if anybody that was there could’ve done it for real at the time i say it would’ve been kona crush (brian adams)
  6. oh man i can still hear the echoes of those “fire trgovac” threads in here i never thought i’d see the day ppl were proposing hiring him in any capacity here ever again
  7. it’s probably a good time to be stepping down from managing social media platforms seeing as how this organization has become bankrupt of prestige and if you don’t believe social media has an influence over our daily lives here in 2022 like anybody can just ignore it, then you’re either living under a rock or are deluding yourself and idk what to tell you.
  8. idk if i’m ever done bc fandom is pretty trivial to me but i’m definitely orbiting very far away from this dying star of an organization right now, and idk why ppl would want to follow them closely bc they seriously do not deserve any kind of emotional investment. it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future, unless tepper has the stones to fire this entire coaching staff and not hire another idiotic collegiate overachiever who wants to fill the next highest job openings with his favorite college assistants out of his pool of linkedin connections.
  9. as much as i’d like to pin this all on hurney, tepper is just as responsible (if not more responsible bc he holds the golden pen and signs off on everything) for what now appears to be a boneheaded hire that set this organization back several years. …furthermore, the day he declared that it’s going to take 5 or so years for the team to be competitive, he doomed us all to experience the current product that’s on the field. it’s hard enough to contend in the NFL when you’re actually trying. it’s almost impossible to contend when you’re resigning yourself as an owner to compulsory mediocrity.
  10. watching this shitshow tepper and rhule are running after surviving years of mostly compulsory mediocrity under jerry richardson is like being on a raft adrift in the middle of the pacific ocean for months and finally escaping hundreds of miles of waters infested with requiem sharks constantly bombarding and harassing you only to be gangbanged to death by a pod of bull orcas
  11. Culture is whatever you want it to be if you have good leaders. I think the reason why this is such a trash organization right now is there is a lack of good leaders anywhere. In the past you had Cam leading by example throwing his body at piles of defenders to get a TD, and if you can’t get your teammates behind you after that then they shouldn’t even be on the field. Davis, Olsen, the list goes on. Even Ron, for all his struggles in many facets of the game, could command the attention of an entire locker room of pros when poo got real. But Matt? I’m not entirely too sure at this point. And who is really established as a battle tested vet on the roster besides maybe Shaq?
  12. this looks like a productive conversation we’re having
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