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  1. they traded a 2nd round pick, the highest of which could only be the 33rd pick, which is not even close to giving up a 1st round pick bc the talent dropoff is usually steep after the top 15 prospects are off the board (the blue chip guys, or whatever ESPN is calling them in 2021). this is hurney logic. we spent how many years pretending we got solid day one starters in the second round almost every year. even in the gettleman years there was kony ealy. it’s really hard to tell exactly what scott fitterer’s long term draft philosophy is, especially since we have yet to see him pick h
  2. makes you think should we just forget about upgrading QB this year and focus on strengthening other areas bc we really aren’t in much position to get what we want anyway
  3. if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t even see the ads bc you would’ve run adblockers by now. i haven’t seen an ad while using this site since 2015.
  4. my life’s a blur and i hardly notice anything anymore
  5. i didn’t think it could get any more generic than the browns
  6. that’s actually pretty reasonable considering his production and upside
  7. if we can get a high volume passing QB in here, we’ll see how high his ceiling is
  8. the difference in his work ethic and conditioning between while he was here collecting his big payday and being handed the starting job vs when he got signed by the steelers and had to establish himself on a new team and compete for a starting job is all you need to know about how he always felt about this organization
  9. with an 80 million dollar contract it’s almost impossible to play up to that value each year. injuries get in the way and it’s a team sport. obviously we didn’t get quite the return in his performance but ppl wanted to spend the same amount of money on josh norman at the time and he never came close to his 2015 performance, where i think short did at least get close to his own for those first few years. also he was a crucial part of our defensive line in 2015. we had the supporting talent on that line but we just needed somebody to step up and be a playmaker after greg hardy’s departure.
  10. based on what i’ve read, TE isn’t a position that is featured in our offensive system. which is fine if the replacement production is covered by say a slot receiver, in which case curtis samuel definitely made up for a lack of a pass catching TE in receptions/yards. i’m neither here nor there on the issue. i feel like this offense could work fine without a TE, however if the opportunity presents itself where we’re on the clock and there’s a really good TE prospect on the board, it’s probably best not to pass it up.
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