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  1. We got one legitiment stop all game. Poor defensive showing. Had Cam and the O wet the bet the Pats would have scored damn near 40. Like us they marched right down the entire field on virtually every possession.
  2. You cant count the last TO. It was a desperation heave to the in-zone from like the 25 yard line when our whole D knew that was what they were gonna do. The fact of the matter is they marched right down the field on 6 of 7 possessions. Essentially we only stopped their O one time all game. That is beyond pathetic! 2 if you count Riddleys fumble. We stop them 2 times all game? Before the final drive with 50 seconds left they scored on like 4 of 6 possessions. And it wasnt like they were getting short fields. Carolina was scoring right with them and they started about every drive from their own 20. That was not a good performance and they better be able to get more stops against the Saints.
  3. Anyone that tries to say we played good D on monday night doesnt know football. On top of only getting them off the field on 3rd down ONCE the entire game (one punt), we missed tons of tackles, gap problems, gashed on the run, CBs getting abused, numerous big defensive penalties, etc. Luckily our offense was able to move the ball well themselves and were able to keep Brady and their O off the field for a large portion of the game. Normally you will not win trading scores with Brady. ie The other QB and offense will blink first. We can thank Riddley / his fumbleistis and our O for this win. Your not gonna shut down NE on D but the least you can do is force a few punts during the entire game.
  4. We lose this game its on the drop passes and turnovers. Not his play calling.
  5. D is finally gonna break. We cant expect to keep the 9ers from scoring 1 td all game.
  6. They will go down and get a fg. then it will be up to us for a last minute drive
  7. We have way more yards than 49ers and they have the great Roman.
  8. Lol at you ppl hating on Shula. Called a good game today against on the the best Ds. Lots of dropped balls and ints.
  9. man. this game is too much. aged a few years watching this.
  10. We can not afford to come away with this TO without getting points.
  11. I can not believe that call. WTF I want to break something
  12. Dude, your not running on the 49ers. You want to beat them you better be able to pass. We had drop balls and guys open with Cam over throwing them. Game plan is fine.
  13. we always find a way to poo the bed. FUG that is gonna cost us
  14. Thats it. TV going off. Aint watching anymore of this poo.
  15. Maybe they adjusted and starting playing the short routes? The bottom line is we are not making the right play calls, reads, execution, and their blitzes are causing a lot of problems.
  16. I thought Shotgun gave the QB more time? Bad oline you call quick passes, plain and simple.
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