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  1. That's him. Other candid pics I've seen of him looking leaner and smaller. With ballcaps. So I would assume the person looking at him realized it was him. He doesn't want attention but also just wants to be general (which is probably hard to do) so the Tepper thing is obsolete
  2. Any video footage or recaps on the scrimmage? Wish Panther channel on NFL app would cover more!
  3. "Darnold’s play certainly wasn’t perfect, with multiple throws over his receivers’ heads, and more of the blame than Rhule puts on the quarterback probably is warranted. He finished the day going 19 of 39 in the team drills and 7-on-7s, after starting 6 of 8 on the first 7-on-7 drill, with zero turnovers." But are we going to jump all over the "over throws"? Myself is starting to understand how its the QB making the ball either catchable or not interceptable. Sounds familiar
  4. But what if Darnold has that above average year? Due to tape not being in the Carolina system. Do you still look at the QB class coming up or stick with Darnold which is only 23 correct?
  5. Cam started his 2018 season (until that hit from Pittsburg) with better stats than his mvp season(2015).
  6. Burns is my next jersey. I have all Defensive jerseys and Wife, son always pick a offensive player.
  7. That has to be medical because I have a relative that their stomach did the same thing (bloated and hard) and they have some kind of intestinal disease and also sleep apnea
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