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  1. sorry folks....was just curious what canes fans were saying....didnt mean anything by it ...ill just read....wont post anymore
  2. Ranger fan here. Before the playoffs started, i thought the 2 best teams in the conference were carolina and florida. Still do, I love carolnas style of play...love the coach. this series is 3-0 but 2 OT losses (one in double OT)...Canes could be up 2-1....series is very close...even tho its 3 zip....and i know coming from a fan of the team up by 3 that means nothing, eapecially after a second round sweep last year....but the canes are a great team, with a great coach and they just didnt get bounces.....rangers and igor playing as well as they have all year....but canes are formidable ....i can be the biggest **** ranger fan, like the rest of them, but canes are just in the wrong place, wrong time...i hope rangers close it out tomorrow....canes not a team i want to give any life to.....i still fear them......last thing, i was at the game 7 rangers won a couple years ago...your rink is LOOOIUUDDDD...so be proud!!
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