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  1. Kale is cool, had it in a salad the other night, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese (just a lil) and some greek Vinaigrette dressing, not bad.... That being said, I haven't really run into anybody that talks about the healthy thing, my wife is supportive which is all that really matters, to hell with everybody else...JMO
  2. Gotta go with the fitness is a lifestyle thought. I started really seriously working out again a little over a couple of months ago and I made a lot of changes to my routine to fit in nightly visits to the gym, and to seriously training in krav maga and jiu jitsu. Additionally, I made some serious changes to my diet which eliminated a lot of the things I used to eat and now has me only eating fish, chicken, turkey, plenty of vegetables, little to no bread and not a lot of sugar at all ( I constantly am reading labels to see what sugar and sodium content is). So yeah I think it is a lifestyle change, and for what its worth, I've lost 37 pounds since I started and have completely bought in to living healthy and clean.
  3. What are folks thoughts about whether cardio should go before or after lifting. Me, I am doing it afterward (run 1.5 miles on treadmill and 3 miles on stationary bike). I wonder though if it would be better to do it first. On leg day I am struggling with this. What say you?
  4. http://awesomegifs.com/2012/06/parking-like-a-mini-boss/trackback/ Like a Boss!
  5. No, just a new menu item they have been trying out...it's called the "McSlap"
  6. Last time it was cockroaches for MPH.......
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