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  1. It’s more about having enough power to make sure that the sound comes out correctly, not just volume. It’s hard to do in a 1970s vintage two seater with thin, thin metal walls and fiberglass seats.
  2. I’ve just always been into high, Fidelity audio, and I’ve installed many systems in my cars over the years. Nowadays, it’s difficult to do that stuff with new cars. But I made sure that my old Porsche could really blast the tunes even though I’d rather listen to the engine behind me.
  3. Still stuck in Tampa for maybe a couple of weeks. Blah. Can’t go to the beach as the sand will certainly find its way into the hole in my chest.
  4. Received my second kidney transplant about two weeks ago. Here in Tampa, everyone’s favorite destinations. Everything went wrong with it. I had a heart attack during the operation, multiple symptoms of blood infections, etc. More pain than I thought it was possible for days at a time in the ICU. But they threw everything at it, and I came out of the other end still ticking. Still not sure when I’m being released from here, or able to be sent back to CLT.
  5. It’s just nice to know that as of right now, at least, our coaching, staff and owners are playing actual chess regarding the draft and what they are going to do. That is always a good thing.
  6. Max Muhleman. I got to spend an afternoon with him at his house installing a computer and he was a very interesting man to talk to. The response to the PSL concept made the awarding of the franchise a no risk decision for the NFL.
  7. Hey, there's a guy who is trying and succeeding
  8. Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote for her. I’m sure she’s having the time of her life right now with her husband, Jeff. Looking forward to tailgating with them again next season!
  9. Just to demonstrate the level of fandom she provided this year, she actually went to the Bengals game. And stayed for it.
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