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  1. Excited to get back to my show Wonderfest after I missed it last year getting a transplant. Been going since 95, staff member since 04. My project for display this year
  2. Awww I should have known that. I stopped drinking years ago for health reasons but sneak a beer occasionally. I got to have a few at the hofbrauhaus once…
  3. I just realized if it’s true, that’s a Panthers game in the middle of Oktoberfest in the city that invented it. true fact: Munich is the birthplace of the Nazi movement.
  4. I'd like to make the suggestion that you choose your next dog from a shelter instead of a breeder. I've had both a purebred Scotty and a rescue black lab mutt and loved them both the same. We need to discourage excessive breeding.
  5. My black lab mix is pretty chill, but has been known to tear up a trash can when put out by us leaving or something like that. Sweetest girl ever though
  6. During not football season I do scale model building. It’s a great hobby that demands patience and practice to achieve really good results but it’s easy to get started in. I just finished this Buckley class WWII destroyer escort in the North Atlantic on convoy patrol. The scale is 1/700 making this ship about 5 and a half inches long.
  7. A good friend of mine was the reactor operator on a submarine doing a ballistic missile patrol when a combination of ill advised contiguous drills with a freak accident caused a scram with a complete loss of propulsion and electrical, and the submarine began to slide backwards into the ocean as they attempted to restart the reactor from battery. You surface guys are so cute.
  8. Adblock or something similar may cause this.
  9. My morning yesterday, got 5 hairs in one pull.
  10. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/chiefs-fans-amputations_n_65e9a51be4b024897f7b9f2c Tough guys and alcohol FTW it’s not worth it just to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift.
  11. Talked to him in person once and this was my impression but clearly he’s pretty sharp. Glad to have him here and can’t wait for him to dent a locker or two.
  12. I’ve had the shingles three times. Believe me, you want the shot.
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