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  1. If it’s here, my wife will make me choose but she already knows my choice.
  2. A friend on the project says the lead time for ordering needed infrastructure components are measured in months, and they are not ordering them now. It will be a slog to resume construction once the funding gets straightened out.
  3. That's a terribly written article that suggests Rock Hill should invest their money into the school system and not a football management complex.
  4. Exchanging stories of adventures in massage? Good times.
  5. There’s nothing political about it. They are both lying shithead narcissists, these are facts easily proven for both. Don’t worry, it’s a free country and you can vote for a narcissistic shithead liar if you like. And even put a big flag with his name on it in the back of your truck, narcissists love that. But think of how you’ll react if someone had a MEYER flag in their truck, and you’d get an idea of how a rational person looks at stuff like that.
  6. makes sense, birds of a narcissistic control crazy feather
  7. It happens. You hit your head, feel woozy, lay down, and don't wake up. Wonder if he was on any blood thinners.
  8. My car got hit and we took it to the nearby Caliber Collision @ the beginning of January. They said they were booked until March 21st. Luckily we knew someone at another shop that could sneak us in. Another local Caliber actually stopped booking at all because they were so full.
  9. Enjoyable movie but a lot of head shaking stuff. Tobey is the best SM. Giving Dafoe and Molina another shot at their characters was wonderful, Jamie Fox’s and the others, meh. The big end battle was way too dark in the theater at least.
  10. Just get someone who doesn't feel the need to use the word "ample" when describing the coaches chest.
  11. Wow a fun day watching football, forgotten what that was like
  12. stretching out the misery until the last possible second for us, maximizing the beer sales in the Tampa area for them
  13. First use of "Robot" in literature https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/286379/rur-rossums-universal-robots-by-karel-capek/ We did this play in school. Good news for stirs, girlfriend upgrade in the near future.
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