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  1. Had a bit of a day today but Jades head in my lap and her deep "ah, so what" exhale made it all better.
  2. Rescue black lab mix. Her tail is chopped and she has a funny bowl legged walk, and she loves to help yell at the cats when they do stupid poo.
  3. If the Panthers play like they want to win, they will win. If they play like they are saving themselves for next year, we are going to lose. Saints are a good team, which sucks, and they would have to have a kind of bad day to lose against us unless the Panthers can mostly put it together against them (turnovers, points off, S/T play and that damn kicker).
  4. I’ve been virtually alcohol free for over a year, and the only time I really drank for a couple of years before that was at the tailgate. My screwed up body just can’t process it any more. Sucks as it was a favorite pastime of mine.
  5. I actually liked the CGI and thought it was done well - the problem is that we KNOW it's CGI because its Mark Hamill decades ago, and that drives our brain crazy. If it was CGI of an actor who looked just like Hamill we would probably been a lot more fooled. Next time you see it groove out to the EDM track that is the Dark Troopers activating, first electronic music in Star Wars I believe
  6. My kid was absolutely relentless and managed to get a PS5 off of the playstation site. He also snagged a new XBox for a friend. When he wants something he does not know the word quit.
  7. Man, they totally blew the chance for those doors to open, the hood to be brushed off and... spoilers .... ... ... "I'm Luke Skywalker! I'm here to rescue you!"
  8. @Ja Rhule I was just here to post that I hadn't heard about that special order I made over a week ago, but JUST NOW it says it's at the Charlotte sorting facility. Been a long week.
  9. I didn't know anything about him other than he was a already a known actor of some type when he was in Season 1. Caught a YouTube of him today doing some talk shows and he's pretty interesting.
  10. I hope to be getting my shot pretty soon. I have to go into the hospital next month for real surgery, and hopefully a transplant sometime after that. I've been isolated forever other than a September trip where I mostly stayed in my car or a hotel room alone.
  11. This makes perfect sense for the individual. But if your concern is for another, getting them the bottom of the pyramid requires them to actually be alive, so I guess it's more about empathy which varies wildly between people.
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