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  1. Plenty of pro athletes have stayed here in Charlotte after moving here from other places. Primarily family types. Cost of living, being close to city infrastructure, weather are great reasons to be here. Bonehead rednecks, latent racism, homophobia, and Jesus bullshit are reasons to flee, but as long as you stay in Charlotte proper there's a chance you won't be surrounded by them. Just the price to pay living in the South. If I was a tradesman I would not get anywhere near North Carolina, one of the worst labor states in the country. PS I farking hate South End now. No parking and filled with goofy concept places that get replaced by another one overnight. Sure the newly arrived kids love it though. But I've lived here (from Western MA) for over 25 years and enjoyed it just fine.
  2. Greg was a long time model maker and effects guy in Hollywood. He passed away last spring, and when friends went to inventory his collection, they found a lot of incredible things. He had saved over the years. The most prized possession was in a cardboard box, the original filming miniature for XWing red one in Star Wars, thought to be gone since shooting ended. It sold for 2.3 million, the total haul was @12 million. He never worked on Star Wars, I’d sure like to hear the story of how he acquired it.
  3. Him and his dad at the Vikings game, I was taking the picture...
  4. Miami fans have had to face Brady twice every year and compete for the division against him, essentially for a football lifetime. Most of them are able to handle success.
  5. There were a really good few years there when the AFMB looked like this every day.
  6. Thanks I needed that except the smell part
  7. Had a blast seeing all my tailgate buds again after a crazy challenging year.
  8. Poor cat probably got run over by a giant pickup as soon as he landed on I 277
  9. I had stopped going to Jersey Mike’s because every time I went in, they were out of bread. But lately they’ve been doing really good and I like their tuna. We have a Which Wich nearby and that’s pretty good except they always seem to heat it when I want it cold and give it cold when I want it hot. Subway makes me gag.
  10. St Thomas from our balcony on Wonder of the Seas 11th deck
  11. When the Eagles broke up, it felt like the 70s were really over. My favorite Don Felder song is on the Heavy Metal Soundtrack, and I’m pretty sure most if not all of the Eagles were on it. For sure, Don Henley was, which I always thought was kind of odd. but I can totally understand Randy’s take on the situation. Living day to day like that with a guy who believes his own hype probably isn’t worth it once you’ve made your money. I’d bet that it was half that, half jealousy. Meisner had an ego too.
  12. This is the one I go to when my wife wants some of that greasy crap. Staffing issues of course. That grease makes me a little queasy at times.
  13. My buddy John Eaves worked as a designer and modelmaker for the movie, and managed to keep the back end of Spaceball One (We brake for Nobody).
  14. It’s more about having enough power to make sure that the sound comes out correctly, not just volume. It’s hard to do in a 1970s vintage two seater with thin, thin metal walls and fiberglass seats.
  15. I’ve just always been into high, Fidelity audio, and I’ve installed many systems in my cars over the years. Nowadays, it’s difficult to do that stuff with new cars. But I made sure that my old Porsche could really blast the tunes even though I’d rather listen to the engine behind me.
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