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  1. That's some awfully big names she's next to right there!
  2. This is bullshit every stadium I’ve ever been to has a sizable contingent of away team fans except maybe Green Bay and complain about it like we do. But Charlotte is a bit worse since it’s a place people move to. Like Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston, etc. the Eagles fans around me today were actually pretty great, they have every right to go nuts after the way the game went.
  3. NFL had to wait until they were all considered too old and entrenched to do anything too crazy. I'm a marginal fan of hip hop but all these guys together should be fun to see.
  4. I'm heading to Pigeon Forge and will be looking for a sports bar
  5. I'm actually arriving in Pigeon Forge that night if there's any recommendations on best place to watch the game.
  6. This was the game I had initially penned as an away trip for when the schedule came out as I've never been to Houston. But screw Texas. Maybe I convince my wife to go for New Years in New Orleans. It may be a swampy hellhole, but last time I went there for a game it was recovering from Katrina and drinks were 3 for 1.
  7. If I owned the NFL every halftime would be frisbee dogs.
  8. A big group of fans tried to organically start the chant today, and were completely blown out by whatever thing they were selling. "Organic" can't work in such a controlled atmosphere.
  9. My pal got a chant going pretty well at the north gate on the way in. I like the idea of it organically starting, but it has to be at the right time and get loud quick, which can take a minute when its starting in a single section. Coordinating with the jumbotron makes it a lot more effective. Hope to see it at some point in the game where we really need it.
  10. I don't think they included the commercials in the full game video last year either. It's a total PITA to deal with.
  11. He's on pace to get injured and out by game 3 or 4 again.
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