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  1. the season 2 finale didn't disappoint, although I felt the season as a whole suffered from too much melodrama, and in one case, went into soap opera territory; redeemed by being the target audiences dream come true LOL. Needed more of Mollys husband being happy; he was the best part of Season One. That old Cosmonaut was scary as hell. Season 3 already ordered.
  2. Last trip we made together due to Covid and her relapse. She was a K-8 principal and tough tough tough
  3. Unfortunately my little sister passed away a couple of weeks ago after a long shitty battle with cancer. I'm in charge of her estate out in Long Beach CA and it's just as crazy out there. She has a 1950s/60s era condo, the realtor says don't go nuts fixing it up, people are waiting in line to take them as is for the moment.
  4. Since 1999 my tailgate club has been putting photos online, first with a first generation digital camera on a site built by Microsoft employees as a test of their new skill set with HTML publishing, later moved to a third party site for photographers. I started taking some pictures in 2002 and took over the photography in 2007. It's mostly snapshot stuff and a zoom lens for in the stadium. I want to give visitors to our tailgate a nice picture of their visit, catch some of the fun stuff going on, and gives me an excuse to talk with everyone.
  5. In 2005 we had a little Huddle cookout
  6. update, honestly these have been some of the worst weeks of my life. I've had to go on hemo dialysis while my stomach has healed, and I just cannot tolerate it. It's every other day and when I get home all I can do is lie in bed completely uncomfortable, uninterested in food, cold sweats and unable to sleep. Pain from the surgery was added of course but that's gone now. The good news is that I only have one more session of it and I will be allowed to get back to peritoneal dialysis, and the neck catheter will be removed next week. The transplant search is now getting close, my two main ca
  7. This is a great idea for a science fiction series. A space station built out on the edges of the solar system for a black hole we figure out how to use to travel vast distances.
  8. yelling like crazy at the moment
  9. It's been a real joy watching him play for our team. I hope he continues to do so.
  10. Second one next week. I did it quickly because I wanted to try and see my sister who is battling cancer in California, but they won’t give her the shot yet so there’s no real point right now.
  11. Thanks everyone. It’s been terrible. But it’s much better now than a week ago. My hope is to get back to tailgating next season along with the rest of the world. A lot of work to do before that though.
  12. Nope all my Pats friends back home were cheering him on. And Gronk too. They still have metric tons of good feelings to shed themselves of.
  13. It was pretty clear that on multiple occasions, the Chiefs were getting flagged for fouls that don't normally get called in playoff football. This was just another nail in their coffin though.
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