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  1. just for you sir. Keep Pounding.
  2. I started dabbing on everyone here on the airplane, but security removed me and now I’m in prison. Thanks.
  3. I’m flying home today, but at least I sold my seats. To Panthers fans.
  4. Matt Rhule should get the Republican nomination for Governor, they’d love him
  5. When the players do good things, I cheer. When we win, I scream. When we suck, I try to laugh. What else should I do?
  6. Oh yeah, proof that you don’t always have to win to be entertained and excited about the team.
  7. My family has no understanding of this concept. Going to miss next Sundays game as well, that’s the return day from Europe.
  8. What a crazy day we had here. First off when we left center city to try and find the sports bar where I was hoping to watch the game, we got on the subway and my sister was robbed. She lost hundreds of dollars. Then somehow, I screwed up the directions and we exited the subway at the soccer stadium. 80,000 people were trying to get in to watch Milan versus Napoli. We eventually got a ride to the sports bar, but the TVs were already taken with a patriots and Steelers fan. It didn’t matter anyways because everyone was kicked out of the bar for a private party to watch the Milan soccer game. So basically my day in Italy was just like the Panthers day on the football field
  9. Yeah after a terrible trip out to a sports bar they already have it stuck on NE/PIT and TB/NO until 830 when the local soccer match happens to start FML
  10. well that's disappointing. Always wanted to have one of these to visit all the Sunday morning tailgates at least once..
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