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  1. I have a pretty good feeling we grab an edge rusher within the first three rounds. That position needs to be restocked
  2. This team has blown too many leads for me to ever feel comfortable. Need to keep it coming in the second half, don't let them crawl back in
  3. Run defense has been poo all game and now they're back in the game, need a score here to stop the bleeding
  4. That bene injury looks terrible, have my doubts we see him the rest of the year
  5. Man that's such a terrible penalty, gonna let these guys hang around
  6. We can't let them climb back in like the colts, Rodgers is too good to give him too many chances
  7. Defense needs to close this out, offense just gotta kill cloxk
  8. Can't be going three and out like that, come on D let's keep it together this half
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