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  1. Right there with you. Moved to NC in '94. Panthers got the team in '95. A few months later Modell blew up a SB caliber team in Cleveland (not often anyone can say THAT) and I became a Panthers fan.
  2. Wasn't there a one year difference?
  3. Like Celion Dion, he is the greatest of all time. A true wizard at his craft. And not only at coaching, but at everything in life. I hope he stays FOREVER.
  4. Karma is a fickle bitch. I wish no ill will on anyone, but I foresee Watson getting injured this year. For whatever reason, when big trades go down, it seems to be inevitable. Icky and Corral
  5. 52Beast


    Yeah...my bad. I cooked there. You're welcome.
  6. This. Fix the offense and ST and the defense will shine. Control the field and the ball, you win the game.
  7. Protecting one of our best players, and you don't like it? Heed your own advice, Squid.
  8. F'n fantastic. As a Buckeye fan. I'll get to root against him for years. Just like Harbaugh.
  9. This is God, Kent

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