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  1. maybe but that doesn't change the point he was making The point is showing a misleading chart, I guess. So 47 states = 20k cases while 3 states are at 8k, There's no right answer on how to beat this virus it's either by herd immunity or a vaccine and there ain't no telling when a vaccine will be created if at all. Gotta keep practicing the safe habits and protect the most vulnerable but these states can't stay on lock down forever.
  2. Dammit coaches don't become pussies on us now, we're sooo close
  3. Still a great drive to open half, you get points and take 7 out of 30 mins off the clock
  4. Big answer now need a defense stand and come out 2nd half and break their will
  5. Why not spread it out and run, this goal line pkg never works
  6. This is why Belicheat and Carroll are better coaches because they play an entire 60 mins with the same mentality not pussy foot around trying not to lose its fkn pathetic
  7. what a shitstorm of a second half but atleast we won hopefully lol
  8. why are they 10 yards back, if they get in fg range i think thay kick fg early
  9. itll come down to onside kick and with how fkn lucky the seacocks are anythings possible
  10. playing not to lose instead of playing to win, first down and we win
  11. If Cam lets shuka call one god damn play this drive I'm fuging done
  12. LMAO onyl the seahawks get away with fuging garbage god damn i hate russell wilson so god damn much
  13. It's inevitable that the deg is going to blow this lead, if I doesn't match scores than we are ducked
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