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  1. Maybe if there was nothing on the line but this is an important game with possibly big implications so he will be MIA.
  2. I wouldn't have been upset had Winslow not been there. Had Winslow not been there I would have been elated with the pick. Winslow was the second best player in the draft behind Towns. Winslow is the biggest reason Duke won it all last year. He is a selfless, shot blocking, 3 pt shooting, unstoppable ball driving, soft touch finishing, winner with the heart of a champion and a killer instinct that knows just how and when to will his team to a win. This is not like the Luke pick in any way. Panthers went bpa and hornets did not and went need. When a player like Winslow is there you take him reg
  3. Right on, thanks. Rep when I can

  4. common sense isn't one of the huddle's strengths most of the time.. it depends on who you talk with.. you just have to push back and/or let it roll off your back.. if you take some of these fools too serious, you're likely to get an aneurysm..

  5. I called posters out for not knowing we don't have a 3rd rd pick. This apparently upset Happy Panther because he was one of the people so he negged me....I guess this is how this site works...whatever....

  6. This sitemdoes a rank of the 25 best images of shay...not bad at all... http://topcultured.com/shay-maria-photos/

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