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  1. 19/31 players drafted by the panthers are off the team with more to follow. Every one minus Grier & Daley are out the league or on a PS. Deonte Brown being the only one on ours. Chinn, Tmarsh, & YGM n are all likely to be off the team next yr. Horn, Brady, Chuba, Barno & Mays all potential candidates as well. Haynes, donte, & Ian from 2018 could all be gone next yr too. The drafting by this team has been absolutely brutal for awhile now minus the 1st pk
  2. The panthers were losing all game, Baker Mayfield leads a game winning drive, you’re inside the red zone on first down and you decide to give up, run the ball all 3 downs and settle for a field goal? How disrespectful is it to not let baker throw the ball at least once against his old team to seal the deal with a TD? Not only that, but this shows that you lack confidence in your QB or lack confidence as a team period. Stop playing like p**sy’s!!! That’s why we lost…because they turned into nervous little pussy cats when the moment called for a big strong panther.
  3. Officially cutting LB Khalan Tolson and CB Duke Dawson from injured deserve with settlements.
  4. It is now time for me, your ruler, to weigh in on the Carolina Panthers 2021 season. I have taken into account all variables, known and unknown, and developed what I think is the most accurate season prediction possible. Let us begin. Fast Start Out of the gate the Carolina Panthers appear to be a team on the rise. starting 3-0 with talks of playoffs starting once again. While the team does look much improved, their early success is also due to the weak front end of their schedule. The Wall By game 4 the Panthers will hit a wall, mainly due to the weakness of their offensive line. By then, teams will be working around Matt Rhule and his system of hiding awful players via scheme. At this point, Elfein will be benched permanently and replaced by Dennis Daley with Deonte Brown becoming the new starting right guard. The line does not improve immediately , but instead sees incremental growth with each passing game. By November they will resemble a professional football offensive line. The QB Sam Darnold will flash moments of brilliance but also inconsistency. However, his play will be strong enough for the Carolina Panthers to compete in every game. Darnold will also do what Teddy never could, win multiple games in the 4th quarter. The Emergence of the Dominating D This season will mark the return of a punishing, dominating defense in Carolina. Derek Brown will come into his own as Brian Burns gets All Pro numbers. Jeremy Chinn becomes the field general we all want him to be as Jaycee Horn improves as the season transpires and develops into our first shut down corner since Bradberry. Conclusion The Carolina Panthers finish their 2017 season with a 9-8 record, narrowly missing a wild card birth due to a tiebreaker loss. While disappointing, this sets up an excited fan base for the 2022 season with the playoffs a real possibility.
  5. Ok folks, time to sound off. You know the drill. Who wins? Score? Notable stats? BONUS: Super Bold Prediction. Must be plausible however unlikely.
  6. Here we go folks. Can the Panthers shake off the injuries and continue to win? Soon we shall see. Panthers at Cowboys Let's get it.
  7. I've been bookmarking tons of tweets with various Panthers-related stats these past two weeks and I think it would nice to start compiling some of those best tweets in a single running thread that stays updated throughout the season... I'll post some of the interesting tweets from the past 24 hours below and then in coming days and weeks, I'll add more as I find them. I hope others will feel free to add tweets & stats to the thread too. Note, I may highlight certain stats in the thread title from time to time to give attention to a certain stat.
  8. This has got to be terrifying for any opposing QB to watch.... Here are all the Panthers' sacks in week 1 & week 2. Relentless!
  9. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CQy_pClgm3l/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. I was super high on Fields in 2019 and have been going back to him and then rolling with the Wilson buzz. So, I finally decided to give his QB life a finer look. And I have to say, I think this is the man to get. Maybe in a trade up, whatever way works. So why? Here we go: Justin Fields 6'3 227 Before the 2021 season, Fields was seen on par with Trevor Lawrence. Heck, rewind to his senior year in HS--he was seen as a future NFL QB coming out of HS. 5 star recruit, baseball stud, even seen as a potential MLB star/high pick. He was the guy colleges wanted. Now, fast forward post-PSU de-commit & UGA, he goes to OSU and just blows the lid off. He gets rave reviews by coaches before his season even started, after the UGA racist rumor thing, he doesn't talk trash, he simply acts like a man about it all. And a greater take from this is let's not think he's some OSU quarterback. He's not Haskins or like any of the past Buckeye starters. And it's not some cursed position-school connection. If you look at his recruitment, he received offers from Alabama, Florida, Miss State, PSU (his OG choice), UGA, Auburn, MSU, virtually every top school. And a fun factoid: Our very own Matt Rhule recruited him hard and the Baylor Bears offered him a scholarship in his first year at HC. Funny enough, Baylor recruited 2 QBs heavily in this draft class and offered them scholarships: Justin Fields & Kellen Mond. Just food for thought. His performance against Clemson in 2019 was damn good. That game really set the tone for the next few years with a fun Clemson/OSU/Bama dynamic at the top of college football world. Now this video is a pretty sober look at him. If you don't want to watch, the short: It shows he does make progressions, superb accuracy, great mechanics. The narrative that there's only one or two plays where he threw to his second read during the season is hyperbole but yes, it does hold some water given the offensive system: Also, feel free to watch him in duress with the OSU line depleted against Bama. I'd prefer to watch him at his lows versus looking at all the highs (which are pretty superb). That game and the Indiana one were his "bad" career performances. I just don't think there's as many question marks as people think there are with this guy. The other thing is that he's gotten beat up a few times in games (not just that Clemson one) and he's proved to be one tough SOB. And furthermore, he actually responds to getting knocked down by elevating himself and his team even more. You can't teach those qualities IMO. If you really have time: I think he could very well be our draft target, not Zach Wilson, not Trey Lance, not Mac Jones. He showed a lot of great leadership abilities with the pandemic situation with a weird schedule and a lot of players out at times. He seems patient when he needs to push in the pocket versus just bailing out and running. I just see a lot of superb traits with this kid. Love his in game presence, there's a lot to like. And in looking back at him more closely, I really see why he was viewed so closely to Lawrence. Our coach likely knows him well already versus some of the other QBs in the draft. This is my Justin Fields endorsement. Thanks for reading.
  11. Keyarris Garrett didn't have to choose Carolina, but he did. The main reason why he landed in Carolina? Well, he can tell you that... Ricky Proehl was the main reason Garrett chose Carolina over a dozen other teams. While places like Atlanta are producing "recruitment videos" and other gimmicks, the Panthers are staying true to what actually works. Namely, excellent coaches who take the time and connect with the players. Coaches with a proven track record of developing young talent. Imagine being a rookie wide receiver and in your first practice having a coach that can not only tell you how to run a route, but also run it himself better than anyone else on the field. Instant. Respect. Garrett was wise in choosing Proehl and the Panthers. Afterall, coach Proehl has.... Turned Kelvin Benjamin, who some said was a project, into a thousand yard receiver in his rookie year. Took Devin Funchess, as inexperienced a rookie wide out can be, and molded him into a real threat and one of the better Panthers receivers late in the season. Made Philly Brown, and undrafted rookie, a contributor on offense almost immediately. Clearly, coach Proehl knows how to develop young talent. This year he has the NCAA's leading receiver Keyarris Garrett to work with. Just imagine. View full article
  12. I see a lot of excitement out there over a few of the Carolina Panthers undrafted free agents, and rightfully so. Last season safety Dean Marlowe and running back Brandon Wegher was able to claim a roster spot. The year before? Philly Brown and Andrew Norwell made the regular roster. This year the buzz is around wide receiver Keyarris Garrett and linebacker Jeremy Cash. Here is what needs to happen for them to make the roster, and who their competition is from last season's Carolina Panthers roster. Jeremy Cash - Linebacker - Duke Panthers Roster Competition: Ben Jacobs The path to the NFL for Jeremy Cash is clear. First, the training staff needs to put some weight on him, at least 8 pounds this offseason. That sounds like a lot, but with Cash's frame it is very doable in a pro regimen. Trust me, this kid is in for a healthy dose of protein and weights. Next, he needs to get excited about special teams, because that is now his bread and butter. The Carolina Panthers will not be calling upon the services of Jeremy Cash on defense this year, just as they hardly ever called on Ben Jacobs last year. But Jacobs, a former rookie camp invitee, cemented himself as an excellent special teams player and earned respect and a paycheck. Jeremy Cash must prove he can shed blocks and get downfield for tackles on the returner. If his performance at Duke is any indication, his natural tackling ability will be a huge asset for him to rely on. The Panthers' preseason was never more important for a rookie. He will have a few opportunities to make a real difference. If not, he may be practice squad bound. It is Cash vs Jacobs. The Panthers will not be keeping both this season. Keyarris Garrett - Wide Receiver - Tulsa Panthers Roster Competition - Brenton Bersin, Kevin Norwood, Philly Brown, Stephen Hill The Panthers will likely keep only five receivers this season. There are only three locks at the moment: Kelvin Benjamin, Ted Ginn, Devin Funchess. The rest are competing for 2 roster spots. Keyarris Garrett is ranked by most sources as the second most valuable UDFA pickup behind Jeremy Cash. Garrett's path to the Panthers roster has solely to do with his performance at the wide receiver position. That's it, that's all. Out work, out hustle, and out perform Brown, Bersin, Norwood, and Hill and the job is yours. The good news for Garrett is his drive. He has been very vocal since the draft about his resolve. He plans to prove without a doubt he was the best receiver in the draft, as his production numbers in college would indicate. As a result, a swell of support has developed from Panthers Nation. Garrett has his work cut out for him, it won't be easy. Making it even more difficult for Garrett is the fact that he is practice squad eligible, when some of the others are not. This gives the Panthers another option to develop him into a future star. Garrett needs to show the Panthers that he immediately can make plays week 1 against Denver. If he fails to do so, practice squad is likely. Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp kicks off on Friday, May 13th. I will report back with initial impressions and photos. View full article
  13. Now that the dust has settled on round one, the Carolina Panthers have unfinished business to get down to in round two. I told you no uncertain terms who would be the pick in round one. Things become a little more murky in round two. Nevertheless, here is what I think will happen. 1. Panthers will try to trade up Like last year, there are still a few players on the board that the Panthers really like. Hunter Henry, Derek Henry, Emmanuel Ogbah to name a few. This would likely require a trade up into the top 10 of the second round. I am not so sure Gettleman is willing to give up enough to move that far. One possibility, however, is banking on that probable third round compensatory pick for next season and trading the existing 2017 third round pick away along with this year's. The Carolina Panthers could more easily move up to the teens. This would put them in position to draft someone they may not have a first round grade on, but someone who could impact the team immediately. 2. Panthers mid-second round targets In the second round today, aside from the players listed above, the targets could be... - Sterling Shepard - WR - Shepard would round out the Panthers WR corps perfectly and the Panthers do like him quite a bit. - Kendall Fuller - CB - Despite a minor injury last year, Fuller still high on the list of wants. This would certainly make fans who are still worried about the loss of Josh Norman happy. 3. If the Panthers cannot move up If the Panthers are unable to move up and must pick at 30, I like... - Su'a Cravens - SS - Would immediately compete for playing time with the departure of Roman Harper. Some project as a small outside LB, the Panthers could treat him like they did Thomas Davis initially and put him at strong safety. - Von Bell - FS - The Panthers really don't need another FS, but they like Bell enough to take him anyways. - Devontae Booker - RB - Good mix of size and ability. A well rounded running back that could take a roster spot from Whitaker, Artis-Payne, and/or Wegher. View full article
  14. There have been a great number of music videos sent to us this season, mostly rap or hip hop tunes with a Carolina Panthers flavor. I came across this unique song this morning, and really thought it was well done. The artist, Patrick Carroll, took the Sweet Carolina victory anthem of the Carolina Panthers and put it through an "Adam Sandleresque" filter. "Except Atlanta" had me laughing Nicely done Patrick! You can follow Patrick on twitter or on his YouTube View full article
  15. Jonathan Stewart returned to the Carolina Panthers practice field today with his usual sense of humor. Stewart participated fully in all drills that media was allowed to see. He took the first team snaps as usual . I did not witness any lingering issues with his foot that there may have been. However, all eyes will be on him tomorrow to see how the foot reacts to his first day back with a helmet. In my opinion, we will see Stewart full speed ahead on Sunday. Other practice notes: - Kurt Coleman was the first player on the practice field. His presence will be needed badly against the Seattle passing attack. - The receivers looked sharp, no dropped ball from what I was allowed to witness. Usually there is one or two. Devin Funchess has improved a great deal since the Panthers - Seahawks game earlier this season. He could be a big factor in the outcome. - Cam Newton was his normal self, laughing and cracking jokes during stretches. The team seems loose but focused on the task at hand. Confidence is in the air. View full article
  16. Not only has Cam Newton earned the Most Valuable Player of the NFL this season, he has redefined the position along the way. Anyone who watches the Panthers play on Sundays clearly understands this fact. However, there are still a few who try to dismiss Newton’s performance using the old way of judging a quarterback. Allow me to present to you the main bullet points of Cam Newton’s amazing 2015 MVP bid. 3837 Yards Passing - 16th in NFL Here is the one stat that is not all that impressive. Cam Newton only threw for 3837 yards. Strange that in this day and age nearly 4000 yards passing is not particularly impressive. If Cam Newton played the entire games against Atlanta and Tampa Bay, he may have surpassed 4000 yards. But, as you can see by the following stats… it really doesn’t matter. Many doubters will point to Cam’s completion percentage. It is easy to spot a living room couch expert that way. They have no idea how many dropped passes Newton has played through. Heck, if Ted Ginn held on to just half of his drops alone Cam Newton would have had well over 4000 yards and been ranked in the top 10 in this category. 7.8 Yards per pass - 7th in the NFL The Panthers are a running team. In fact, they ranked 2nd in the NFL in rushing overall. Naturally, on a team based on the run, the QB will be throwing less. Taking this into account, Cam Newton averaged 7.8 yards per pass which ties him for 7th in the league. This is more yards per attempt than Tom Brady. Throw in the fact that Cam did so without a single wide receiver that would start on any other NFL team. This stat becomes not only impressive, but nearly unbelievable. 35 passing touchdowns - 2nd in the NFL (tied with Bortles, E. Manning, Palmer) Thats right, Cam Newton is tied for 2nd place in the NFL for number of touchdowns thrown, also known as the most important stat for a QB in football. Moving down the field is meaningless if a QB cannot deliver in the red zone. Again, without a wide receiver that would start on any other NFL team. Simply amazing. Ok, so there are some traditional QB stats that clearly show Cam Newton is one of the top QB’s in the league. Do these stats make him a MVP candidate? Not really. They make him a very good quarterback. Now comes the part where he has redefined the position…. 56 Rushing First Downs - 5th in the NFL I have said it for many seasons now. Cam Newton is 80% of the Panthers offense. Without his first down runs, many improvised, the Panthers would rank very low on offense. However, because of Cam Newton, the Panthers scored more points in 2015 than any other team in the NFL. Cam Newton single handedly kept the chains moving 56 times this season. This is almost twice as many times as the next QB on the list…. Russell Wilson who ranked 33rd. 10 Rushing Touchdowns - 5th in the NFL (tied with RB Todd Gurley) Cam Newton is tied with probably Rookie of the Year RB Todd Gurley in rushing touchdowns. He is ahead of full time running backs like Doug Martin, David Johnson, DeMarco Murray, the list goes on. Cam Newton has one rushing touchdown less than Adrian Peterson. Take a moment and let that sink in. Cam Newton has already tied Steve Young’s career record for rushing touchdowns. Now, take into consideration that Cam Newton clearly was a very good QB in 2015 despite lack of weapons, he also was a top runner in this league. In other words..... Cam Newton was the majority of the production, both in the air and on the ground, in the offense that scored the most points in the NFL. That, my friends, is MVP defined. View full article
  17. I have gathered the data. I have crunched the numbers. I have applied our proprietary Huddle Algorithm. Now, without further ado, the Official 2015 Huddle Season Prediction The Good News Cam Newton is as healthy as he has been since 2011. Not many people are discussing this, but it remains the biggest factor on the Panthers 2015 season prospects throughout the entire team. A healthy Cam Newton is good for a few wins on his own, even if the rest of the offense is not clicking. The Panthers offensive line appears to be greatly improved over the start of last season. Mike Shula's passing attack requires a bit more time than many other passing attacks in the NFL, this offensive line should be able to provide it. This is a vertical passing attack, not a west coast dink and dunk. Pro Tip: Panthers rookie Daryl Williams will be starting more sooner than later. He will quietly be the Panthers best 2015 draft selection. Running backs are no longer a concern on this team. Last season we saw undrafted rookie Darren Reaves actually start a game due to injuries. Reaves did not even make it as far as training camp this season, that tells you how much this group has improved. Stewart, Artis-Payne, and Wegher are all capable of carrying a full load of snaps on their shoulders. This is the best running back depth the Panthers have had in many seasons. The Panthers now have the most talented and most complete linebackers corps in the NFL. The addition of first rounder Shaq Thompson has solidified that fact. The linebackers are the biggest reason the Panthers were able to pull off a victory against Arizona in the playoffs last season. They are improved since then, which is a scary notion for the rest of the league. The Bad News You knew it was coming, so here it is. The loss of Kelvin Benjamin is a tough one. The Panthers wide receiver corps are just not as talented without him, especially in the red zone where the Panthers offense struggles the most. Rookie Devin Funchess has not yet shown the ability to use his size to his advantage against NFL corners. Ted Ginn and Jerricho Cotchery are currently the two best other options. Not good. Depth at corner is razor thin. Josh Norman, Peanut Tillman, and Bene Benwikere are a stout starting lineup. All three, however, have already been injured at one point or another since the start of camp. The Panthers need help here and will most likely be bringing in an additional corner soon. Don't underestimate the Star Loutelei foot injury. His foot flared up once the pads were put on in practice, which was a full 7 months after his surgery. Prepare to see Star off and on throughout the season. Colin Cole and Kyle Love are solid backups, but they are no Star. Special teams, and particularly punt coverage, remains a concern. This group looked less than stellar in preseason after a dismal 2014 season. There will be more than one game this season where a punt return could be the difference in the game. Conclusion The 2015 Panthers squad is built to win on the road. With a solid defense and running game, they will be able to slow the game down and run the clock. This quiets the away crowds and halts any momentum the home team may develop. Cam Newton's athleticism will make up for many passing plays gone awry. His impromptu scrambling will be the difference once again. For the past two seasons, the Panthers offense would have ranked near last place without his heroics. The Panthers defense will rank in the top 5 when it is all said and done this year. 2015 Panthers Record Prediction 11 wins 5 losses NFC South Title View full article
  18. Today the Panthers can clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs should they defeat the Atlanta Falcons. The Panthers can also clinch home field with an Arizona loss in Green Bay. The Falcons are still in the playoff hunt, but need some help. They first need to win out, starting today. Keys to Panthers Victory - Expect a different Falcons team. The Falcons were embarrassed two weeks ago at Bank of America Stadium. These are professional players who don't take kindly to such a thing. They will be more motivated this week. - Continue to shut down Julio Jones. Luckily, Jones is the type of player Josh Norman plays his best against. Larger receivers that are not used to being challenged for the ball. Hopefully, Norman can continue to blanket him as he did two weeks ago. - Cameron Artis-Payne. I liked what I saw out of the rookie last week. He needs to use that as a stepping stool on the way to improving this week. Not turning the ball over would be a good start. View full article
  19. Believe it or not, the Atlanta Falcons are still in the playoff hunt. The Falcons need to win out and hope for two Minnesota Viking losses. A long shot, but it could possibly happen. This means that on Sunday in Atlanta, the Carolina Panthers could both clinch home field throughout the playoffs and knock the Atlanta Falcons out of the playoffs. How great is that? I went over to the Falcons fan communities to gauge their feelings on the upcoming game. On Matt Ryan being fire up. Since that Matt Ryan outburst years ago, the Falcons are 1-5 vs the Panthers. I am not so sure they should be wishing for a return of a fired up Matt Ryan. On how to beat the Panthers Oh look, another "double Olsen and the Panthers offense is dead" comment. We have seen it every single week this season from opposing fan bases. Two weeks ago Greg Olsen only played a single half against the Falcons. The end result was a 38-0 behind the woodshed shellacking. Short memories these Falcons fans have. On Roddy White talking trash about Josh Norman .....fair enough. Norman is absolutely tasked with locking up receivers many times during games. He also does play zone, as does every single corner in the league. Holding Norman to a higher standard than literally every other corner in the league in an effort to agree with an asinine comment made by Roddy White.... sad. Of course, Corey Brown and Josh Norman responded to Roddy's comments on twitter themselves... Overall, Falcons fans are evenly split. Some want to win out and hope for a postseason. Others want to lose and improve draft position. Almost none are happy with their current coaching staff, especially offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. I doubt Shanahan is around next season, unfortunately. Sunday may possibly be the largest Georgia Dome takeover in NFC South history. Expect thousands of Panthers fans to once again make it feel like a home game as Falcons fans remain mostly indifferent. See you there. View full article
  20. Every week I bring to you a sampling of what fans of the opposing team are saying. This week, Tennessee Titans Fans, courtesy of their independent fan site TitansReport.com (minus the Browns, Dolphins, Texans, Falcons, Colts, Bills... all losses this year) This will be a popular sentiment among fans and teams alike. Knocking off an undefeated team is bragging rights material. The Panthers are currently 8-0 with a giant target on their backs. Proof that all fan bases have pretty dumb individuals pulling for them. Apparently some fans are already giving up... in early November. I remember those days. It stinks. I'm looking at you Jimmy Clausen. Pretty realistic. Overall, Titans fans are fairly realistic about their chances on Sunday. Sure, there are some that are supremely confident about a 2-6 team facing an 8-0 team, but that is part of being a fan. View full article
  21. After Sunday's victory over the Green Bay Packers, Kawann Short was asked by the media if this Carolina Panthers 8-0 start was a surprise. "This is what we expected from day one" Short replied with an unwavering confidence. Short's emergence as a premier under tackle, and even occasional defensive end, is a huge reason why the Panthers are currently undefeated. For example, it was Short's pressure from the defensive end position that forced an intentional grounding call against the Houston Texans earlier this year. Without that penalty, the Panthers could easily have one loss. Kawann's latest game winning play was a pressure up the middle on Aaron Rodgers, who was forced to hurry throw the ball. That pass ended up in the hands of Thomas Davis. Without Short, that interception would not have happened. A Panthers victory would have remained in doubt. Short's play resembles that of Warren Sapp. Relentlessly aggressive with a quickness that no man his size should possess. Short has 6 sacks this season, tied with Cincinnati's All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins. Together, hey lead all defensive tackles in sacks.... and most defensive ends. Thats right, big named DE's and OLB's like Bruce Irvin and Julius Peppers have fewer sacks than Kawann Short. Short has 3 more tackles, and 5 more assisted tackles than Atkins currently. I would say that is at least a Pro Bowl performance in the first half of this season, if not All Pro. Will we continue to see Short dominate the line of scrimmage and contribute to an undefeated record? Could be. Short does not plan on sitting on his laurels anytime soon. "We still have to stay humble, disciplined, and come out ready to work." View full article
  22. Each week I bring to you the best photos my lens captures from the along the sidelines of the Panthers game. This week features the emergence of Devin Funchess, Shaq Thompson's return, KK Short dominance, and much much more. Without further ado... Along the Sidelines - Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers View full article
  23. Truth be known, I actually like Packers fans. Typically they are some of the most pleasent and some of the more knowledgeable fans in the NFL. My trip to Green Bay last year left me with the most favorable impression of a franchise and their fan base of all away games (Philly being the opposite end of that spectrum). That said, they are next up on the Panthers revenge tour of 2015. Here is what the Packers fans are saying (Above quote is from a guy named "packerfanincarolina".) and from the Packer Chatters forum.... Sunday is going to be a tough game. If Ryan Kalil and Andrew Norwell can't play, the edge may go to the Packers. The Panthers will need to be able to constantly move the chains on offense and keep the defense rested. If not, you may see another 4th quarter letup from exhaustion by the defense again this week. View full article
  24. Each week I bring to you the best photos in high definition. Here is what my camera captured on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.... Along the Sidelines - Eagles at Panthers View full article
  25. This week we take a quick look at the New Orleans Saints and the bullet points of their offseason. (Last week we looked at the Atlanta Falcons) The Draft The Saints selected OT Andrus Peat in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft. Peat would have been the Panthers selection according to sources. This was a solid selection that will pay dividends in years to come. The Saints went on to address defense for 6 of their remaining 8 picks. You only need to look at the Panthers at Saints game last season to figure out why. Their second 1st round pick was spent on LB and Clemson alum Stephone Anthony. Anthony is extremely quick and athletic, will probably be starting by mid season if not sooner. The Saints addressed their pass rush in round 2 with the selection of sub package player Hau'oli Kikaha out of Washington. He will play OLB on situational downs where a bit of extra speed is needed on the pass rush (something the Carolina Panthers struggle with) In the third round the Saints showed concern over the diminishing play of Drew Brees by selecting Garrett Grayson out of Colorado State. I like Grayson and think he has a chance to do well in the NFL. Free Agency The biggest loss for the Saints obviously was Jimmy Graham. Graham was the life line the Saints needed in many games against the Panthers over past seasons. The Saints also lost WR Kenny Stills, C Ben Grubbs, and RB Pierre Thomas on offense. Their biggest offseason acquisition was RB CJ Spiller who should do well on the Saints fast home turf. On the defensive side of the ball the Saints lost one of the only bright spots in Curtis Lofton and his 144 combined tackles in 2014. Overall, the Saints took a net loss in free agency, that fact would be difficult to argue against. Drew Brees 2014 marked the first season of any real noticeable decline in the play of 14 year veteran Drew Brees. As the season went on, the physical toll on Brees became more apparent. The Saints organization also took notice. The majority of draft picks being spent on defense signifies that. The days of the Saints simply out scoring opponents may be over. A NFL caliber defense is probably needed now, and the Saints know it. Throw in the fact a 3rd round selection was used on a QB, and well, it is easy to read the writing on the wall. Can you imagine the controversy if Carolina spent a 3rd rounder on a QB? Yet barely a mention of it in New Orleans. The Saints fan base may be in a bit of denial. Conclusion Jon Beason once told me "If you aren't getting better, you're getting worse." The Saints.... they aren't getting better in 2015. They are in real danger of finishing last in the division. But what do you think? Next week.... Bucs. View full article
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