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  1. Glad you had a great time man. Hope to see you and your girl again soon!
  2. Totally unprepared. Two weeks and we poo the bed like this?
  3. Standard non-existent halftime adjustments. Self-destruction commence
  4. Screens and check downs are legal in the nfl. Someone tell mike Shula
  5. 1 candidate knows....they can't reach out to nfl coaches during the season right? Meaning someone outside the nfl has been notified. Any predictions?
  6. Ron Rivera's hot seat just went nuclear. It is speculated that Rivera, at 1-2 this season, can keep his job with a playoff appearance. This still remains a possibility this season. A win today in Arizona would help his case a great deal. A loss would make these coaching search articles multiply ten fold across the internet. Let all hope for a Panthers win. Stay Tuned! Click here to view the article
  7. Good morning. Nothing like watching the sun rise over the stadium. Heading over in 10 min for tailgating.
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