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  1. Kneel down. Guess Riverboat blew his load with that 4th down call.
  2. Can we reach a mutual agreement with Seattle for less fuging flags?
  3. So uh...any replays of these supposed false starts?
  4. I really wonder if rushing Wilson is just not the right approach... we're forcing him INTO his comfort zone.
  5. Did Fox just play the Russell Wilson line from "Monster" going into that break?
  6. To be fair, the Falcons corner probably meant top 5 in the NFC South.
  7. There was some clear home-team clockwork before that, 14 seconds seemed about right though.
  8. Why can't we ever just hold a damn lead without a backup QB leading a charge? These games are taking years off my life.
  9. Officiating expert: "Time isn't reviewable." Official: "Re-reset the clock please" Of course
  10. Can you trade a timeout to prevent a ten second runoff? Never heard that before.
  11. This after he apparently hated the name, despite never changing his Twitter handle.
  12. @josephperson Panthers waived undrafted WR Damiere Byrd, per source. Could come back on their practice squad if he clears waivers.
  13. We usually keep 5 DEs, which is kinda sparse right now given Alexander and now Miley's injuries. CJ, Ealy, Addison...Horton I guess. Cox may make it.
  14. Only one player can get that designation. Shows how high they are on him.
  15. @josephperson: Panthers have cut linebacker Brian Blechen, according to a source. Hope to bring him back to practice squad.
  16. Bersin Mike Brown Ball Lucas Simonson Glanton Foucault Redden 14 to go.
  17. @jjones9 Panthers will release T David Foucault, per a league source. He's a candidate for practice squad as Panthers figure out OT depth
  18. @jjones9 Panthers cut DT Terry Redden, per a league source
  19. Jones reporting Simonson is gone, but also that they'll probably try to sign him to the practice squad.
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