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  1. I don't think he's being literal (but then, I didn't hear him say it). Longtime girlfriend = Panthers Put up dating profile = on the market for a new QB
  2. I'm a little late on seeing this but...you figured it out, the waive/IR period is over the second you submit your 75-man roster. That said, on the subject of IRing receivers, I think the practice squad is most likely for these guys. Of our 14 receivers, only Hill and Ginn don't have practice squad eligibility remaining (assuming the two practice squad "exception" spots get renewed for another year, currently that provision has expired after a 2-year trial phase); of course Ginn is likely a lock, and there's really no incentive to IR Hill given that he's a pending UFA (unless of course he actua
  3. Sorry, can't get rid of this damn quote box. We've kept four TEs for the last few years, though one of them could be more accurately be designated as a FB. For this reason I viewed Rockhead and Bonnet as competing for the same spot; even if the positions are officially different, the roles would be similar. But now with Bonnet out of the picture, the fourth TE (Simonson) could be replaced by an extra, more traditional fullback. Basically I think 8 spots will be divided between RB, FB and TE.
  4. Well we carried 5 all of last year, though Marlowe was basically a redshirt.
  5. I'm expecting an OT signing as well, but I think it'd be at the expense of Foucault. Not sure I see him hanging around as a 5th OT. Extra spot would go to a TE that can block.
  6. I think they keep 6, maybe at the expense of a fifth RB or Safety (both of which we kept last year). I don't think he's one of the six, but it seems disingenuous to put Bersin below Cobi freaking Hamilton, a guy we've seen literally nothing from. I also don't consider Philly a "lock," but he's rather comfortably in 4th. I think the last two spots come down to Bersin, Norwood (who they've invested a 2017 pick in), Hill, and Garrett.
  7. I believe in our system he'd be more of an F-back, but that's splitting hairs. Dickson and Swole were kinda thrust into the blocking role as a last resort when Brockel was injured. I see either Sandland or McGee taking the third receiving TE role, with Bonnet and Rockhead pushing Simonson for the blocking TE/FB position.
  8. I'm hoping for 6 receivers (like we ended up carrying for most of last year), but 5 is also likely. I don't love the practice squad option for Cash or Garrett though as they'd likely get picked up pretty quickly. Especially Cash, who apparently had 20 teams after him. I also think with all the TE and FB players brought in we could see some competition for the third receiving TE, as well as a 4th in a potential TE/FB "Brockel" role. Simonson, Sandland, McGee, Bonnet, and Devon Johnson. At least 1, maybe 2, will make the cut.
  9. So our new corner trio will cost a little under $9.7M combined over the next four years, big difference from 1 season of 1 (very good) player at $13.9M.
  10. He'll get a 2017 third round pick out of it, that's a 4th pick in the top 100 of what projects to be a stronger draft.
  11. Sooooo much DL talent left (which is kinda why I wanted to hold off, but there's something to be said for getting one of the top talents at a position), wouldn't be surprised if we double-dip again: Dodd, Ogbah, Spence, Bullard, Nassib, Reed, Robinson, Billings, Jones, Johnson, Day, Collins, Calhoun, et al. DBs too: Alexander, Fuller, Davis, Howard, Redmond, Bell, Thompson, Killebrew, Cash, Green. That said I'm hoping for an offensive player this time around. Some intriguing raw OT talents still available in Spriggs and Clark, plus guys like Coleman, Beavers, and Hawkins. Skill
  12. I think he could play as a 4-3 end as well, though 3-4 is probably the better fit. Ken's list has us meeting with him at the combine, so there's at least mild interest. Basically I like him in the scenario that all of Lawson, Dodd, and Ogbah are gone. I think he's the last pass rusher with legitimate first round talent.
  13. Hard to really argue with any of those guys. We have a second meeting coming up with Ogbah, and that seems pretty significant being that we're only about a week away from the draft. My best guess for the pick would be whoever is left out of the DE trio of Lawson, Dodd, and Ogbah. We've met with all 3 at twice. Dark horse would be Noah Spence. For all the talented DTs at the top of this draft, we've really only met with 4 of them (reportedly): Butler, Robinson, Reed, and Jones. The Alabama duo are both likely gone, but even still we've shown the most interest in Butler among that group. S
  14. Another guy I like is Daniel Braverman, who's getting some late buzz as a Beasley/Edelman type (yeah, he's white). Could be a nice day 3 find.
  15. Really like Shepard, but I have a hard time believing he'll be available to us in the second barring a Funchess-esque trade. Being a top 5-6 WR in a poor offensive draft, if a team thinks he can be an OBJ-type player he could go in the first a la Agholor last year (who was also a late riser). Cooper I like as well, but I have similar fears about him going late third ahead of us. Funny how a lot of these guys seem just out of reach, but then someone always falls.
  16. Very imbalanced draft as far as offense vs. defense. I could see about as many defensive linemen going ahead of us as offensive players in total. Defensive Linemen: Bosa, Buckner, Lawson, Dodd, Robinson, Reed, Rankins, Billings, Butler, Nkemdiche, and potentially guys like Clark, Jones, Spence, Bullard, or Ogbah. Offensive players: Goff, Wentz, Elliott, Tunsil, Stanley, Conklin, Decker, Treadwell, Coleman, Doctson, and potentially Lynch, Fuller, Kelly, and the Henrys. Obviously some of those will fall and others rise, but that's just to illustrate the gap between offensive and
  17. Gettleman does follow a strategy closely resembling BPA, but he also pretty clearly utilizes a "horizontal draft board," as some refer to it, to rank the players. Every year he makes comments that indicate it isn't as cut-and-dried as taking the top player on a ranked list. "We considered taking a receiver in nearly every round (2014)" comes to mind. He won't sacrifice talent for need, but if multiple players are ranked similarly he's probably gonna pick the one that addresses the need. Star at 14 was absolutely the best player, one who had been considered a top 2 pick prior to his heart
  18. Probably more realistic if you swap the rounds on these guys. Henry is much more likely to be available in the 2nd, I think Lawson goes before our first pick but he could be there at 30.
  19. Sick as a dog. Can barely talk but might cough up a lung. This game might kill me. #KeepPounding
  20. So you can challenge two different parts of the play? Holy hell did the officials miss that incompletion.
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