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  1. Lol. The cards are an embarrassment to the NFC. What a bunch of f'ing clowns. Get the hell off our field
  2. How's that "worst second half team in the NFL" working out for ya Bruce? F**k you and f**k your team. Go warm up your busses you f'ing scrub. Get the f**k outta my city.
  3. After the constant, ignorant ass drivel that hit this site last week, im glad to see the opposing fan base keep to themselves.
  4. Hahahahahahaha. Suck it Seahawks. You're clowns. The lot of ya.
  5. WE all knew this team was capable of this(well us true fans any way), now the WORLD will know what this team is all about. Take notice world.
  6. Seattle are clowns. F'ing clowns. Get these losers out of Charlotte
  7. This team just stronger at every level. Nothing to "fix" for Seattle, they just aren't strong enough
  8. That was against Washington with RGIII as QB. Not the 15-1 panthers. Stop acting like a punk ass scared little b***h.
  9. Not sure Iv ever seen this team this fired up. These dudes are angry. Let's go fellas. Put the foot on the throat and twist. Gut these f***ers!
  10. The only thing certain, this team is absolutely, head and shoulders better than both GB and Arz. Let's get past Seattle and then pencil in that trip to the SB!
  11. It doesn't matter who wins, the winner just used up every bit of luck and energy they had on reserve.
  12. Why the f**k shouldn't we be, we won 15 f'ing games, one of which was against the very team we are set to play this weekend.
  13. I could understand their excitement if they blocked the kick, but nope, the dude just shanked the hell out of a chip shot FG. That steel curtain of a defense allowed Minn to go right down the field and get in FG range and the dude just doinks it. Ugh, the lucky bastards.
  14. A few days in and i still hate that we even have to entertain Seattle fans. They were beaten by Minnesota. They shouldn't be here. They did nothing to win that game, Minnesota did everything to lose it. Good news is I only have to hear them for a little while longer. Come Sunday eve, Seahawk nation will have been silenced, left to ponder why their luck ran out only a game away from the NFCC game.
  15. Seattle gonna need a whole helluva lot more than luck next week. I didn't want to play these guys again due to the BS(like that kick) that they ALWAYS seem to have go for em, but in terms of talent, we got em. We ARE the better team and we'll prove that next week.
  16. Christ that is the luckiest f'ing ball club in pro sports. Ah well. Their season ends next week. We aren't the lame ass Vikings. We. Are. Carolina!
  17. THAT is why Norman never, ever, ever, ever, ever needs to "tone it down". Dude can make you so mad that you take it out on the ref and get tossed. If I ever hear another Panthers "fan" claim that JNO needs to tone it down, I'm going to violently remove your fan card. Permanently.
  18. "All we gotta do is double Olsen". Howd that work out for em last time? Hell, how has that worked out for ANY team we have played?
  19. Wow. Iv never seen anything like this between two players before. Did one of these dude kick the others dog?
  20. I'm sure it's been said, but I don't see this game going much different than the Dallas game. You got a few in your fanbase feeling a bit nervous(for some unknown f'ing reason) and an opposing fanbase that's feeling a little froggy due to their previous weeks win. It's all very familiar. This Carolina team is just too damn good at too many positions to lose to a poor team like the Giants. The Giants would absolutely have to play flawless football for 4 qtrs to have a shot at topping us. NOTHING they've done all year leads one to believe they are capable of that kind of game.
  21. What's there left to say? We are just F'ING BETTER THAN EVERYBODY! Period. End of story. Damn it feels good to not only beat the Cowboys, but thoroughly kick their ass in their own stadium on national TV.
  22. Another half like that and this team is 11-0. Keep it up boys. Go for the throat.
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