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  1. With all the angst in that post, I feel you've backed me into a corner. But, here goes. He is talented, he is getting coaching, he has weapons. There is every reason to believe he is going to improve. If he plays well, we should have a really good year. He doesn't have to be a top QB for us. Just be good enough. There is no gamble. If, Zod forbid, he stinks it up. All it cost us was a 2nd rounder, and 1 year of a rebuild.
  2. No, no I'm not. I understand that 10 wins is your threshold for being good. I was asking, in a bad way it seems, that if this team wins 9 games, wouldn't that make this a good year. You already answered this. I did want to answer this post specifically.
  3. I get that, and other than what number makes you good. We both agree that this team looks to be trending up.
  4. We are in year two of a rebuild though. Does that not have any bearing on this? For this year?
  5. I guess we just disagree here. To me 9 wins=winning season=good year.
  6. Not to me. Sam is the answer, until he's not. See that's the rub. I am still optimistic, even though I know our Oline is in flux right now. Why not be? Until the games start it's just Schrodinger's Cat. It may be good, or it may not. This s the fun part of the year. After the draft, and before the season. It is a time for excitement, and being giddy. Cuz once the games start. Who knows what will happen.
  7. So, you are saying that a team, in the 2nd year of a rebuild, wins 9 games. And that isn't a "Good team"? I guess we have different views on what constitutes a good team. Because to me. Any team that can win 9 games has to be pretty good.
  8. The only difference between Lt and RT nowadays? Is LT is the QBs blindside. It means more, and more teams have pass rushers on both sides of the line. That and also, teams moving their pass rushers around. So, protecting the blindside is more important, hence your better LT works over there. Short story long; LT is slightly more important than RT.
  9. I thought we were talking about the roster. Not whether this season will be successful or not. I am of the mind that if Rhule and Fitz knock it out of the park next year, like they did this year. We are going to be a really good team going forward.
  10. Um, okay? Other than the Oline, because we already know that unit may need some work. What 'low probability moves" are you talking about? Or is Oline your only worry?
  11. Yeah, We are looking up at Seattle. You really are a...wait for it...Jackazz
  12. what does that mean? Lucky breaks?
  13. The problem is, that was not this regime. That was the past. Let go of the past, it only impedes your forward progression.
  14. I am not going to go through a whole song and dance on why I think we have improved so much. However, I will say that if all things being equal. By the end of this year, depending on how the Oline plays. We may not have many holes left to fill. That if Rhule and Fitz can knock it out of the park next year? Like they did this year? We will be staring down the barrel at a really good team.
  15. ME TOO!!!! Beer for almost everyone. Or until I run out again.
  16. LOL @ snippy. When did it become fashionable to call other Huddlers "Snippy" or "Emotional" just because they disagree with you? Listen. I made a mistake responding to you. It turned out exactly how I thought it would. You moved goalpost to avoid a topic you couldn't defend. So I bowed out. That is my prerogative.
  17. Ya, ya, ya. And no back-to-back winning seasons'. We all know the record. The problem is, this is a new regime. Who took over a team bereft of talent. We had. No QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, no TE, 1 OL 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 CB, and no S This years team may still need some help. But it is light years ahead of where we were when Rhule arrived. And in year 2, folks are mad we haven't done more? C'mon
  18. I do have to wonder how many Huddlerz will be bringing up stuff about Fields? And for how long? I get it. We passed on Fields, and those that wanted him were upset. But it's Pre Season now. Let's move on to our own team.
  19. Yeah, I'm not doing this. I'm not going to get into some lame discussion about a QB who is not even on my team. Sorry.
  20. Yup, if you can play, you can play. However, that does not explain how, after the meltdown on here over one bad PRACTICE. We get one tweet about Fieldsy, and he gets excuses? It just feels...off.
  21. Excuses for Fields. Wow, who'd a thunk it. Folks will give Fieldsv a pass, but rip into Sam? What is wrong with this picture?
  22. Except it was Bell that played LT, not Chandler, who was on the right side. Don't let fact get in the way of a good burn though.
  23. With all the roster churning we've done, he is still here. With all the cuts so far, we've cut 10 guys, he is still here. The longer he is here, the longer I have hope. I mean, backup DT, and backup C. That's the versatility Rhule looks for. GO GREEN
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