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  1. What history? This is Rhule's second year. Too many WRs? C'mon man. DJ, Robbie, and maybe DMoore are the only WRs with any experience. Also, not sure you can have too many WRs. Especially as young as we are.
  2. So pretty much bidness as usual for you huh? lol
  3. "We came in with a plan to get him ready for training camp," Rhule said. "He's doing a good job in the meetings, he's out here for walk-throughs and things like that, but we are, like with other guys, trying to get him as healthy as possible. "He had a couple of injuries in college, and we want to make sure he's whole before the start of the season." Marshall's still on the field during practice, and catching balls from the Jugs machine afterward, as they try to have him ready to contribute once the season starts. That is from an article on Panthers.com. So, he is basically healthy. They are just playing it safe.
  4. I don't have a life. Hit me up next time you need someone to sit around and wait. That's right in my wheelhouse. I ain't cheap though.
  5. I don't want to be that guy. Aw hellz, I love being that guy. So...That's Tommy Jone. If you care that is. It's the NFL, injuries happen. Nobody except teh Panthers cared that CMac was out last year. Nobody but the aints cares that Thomas is out this year. Also, we can only play who is on our Schedule. We will play some bad teams, and we will play some good teams. During the Regular Season a win is a win. Now, when the Playoffs start. Yeah, that's defiantly a different beast.
  6. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. He was working on a bike. Bikes have brakes. Freudian slip. But no. You just gotta jump in with both feet. Jackazz. Are you really that dense you couldn't get the inference? And here I thought you were the smartest one here? Oh noes, my hero has a flaw.
  7. And right on cue. A random fan of another team. Here to insult either the Panthers, or Panther fans. He is a two trick pony. Don't you have a Cap resume' to send out? I'm sure once word gets out about your brilliance, teams will be knocking down your door.
  8. He used it as a not so subtle way of insulting me. Damm I love that guy.
  9. According to you. Everyone posts like that. I mean, after all, you are an equal opportunity insulter. As an aside: IMO, if you weren't' here? The entertainment value would plummet. Cuz you are one entertaining sombich.
  10. I don't have a life. So thankfully they are. Otherwise all I'd have to talk about is Football. Don't get me wrong, I love talking Football. But those two are just too damm entertaining.
  11. Sinking to grammar policing. Grammar policing is the lamest of insults. Damm dude. Pick it up. You've got a reputation to uphold. lol
  12. Aw, you love me after all. Why else would you be so obsessed with me? It's ok, there's nothing wrong with it. As long as it stays here on the Huddle that is. Your lame azz insults are like candy. I can just eat them up. Yum yum. It's almost as though you don't realize that radom azz insults, from radom azz posters, are like a pillow fight. Ain't nobody gettin hurt.
  13. Yupperz. @SizzleBuzzgot me with that one. See, that's the difference between you and me. I can laugh at myself. Did you even notice I pied his post? Of course you didn't. Me? I'm having a great time. Your obsession with me is hysterical. Between you and fu dude, I'm enjoying the heck out this afternoon. Football is meant to be entertaining. And by George I'm entertained.
  14. There's an awful lot of hate in there. Are you sure I'm not under your skin? lol You truly believe what you say, on a random message board, has one iota of affect on people. That my friend is the definition of Narcissism.
  15. I had another thought after I had posted. Couldn't edit, so I requoted. Simple as that. Bet you never thought of that one did ya? You were in such a hurry to insult me, it never crossed that pea brain. I throw a line in the water, and hooked another sucker. Easy peasy I say. Edit to add: 2020 Mich St v Mich BB game on one tv, My Cousin Vinny on another, and the Huddlez on the laptop. Life is good my friends.
  16. Atta boy Shaq. Putting in the work. Also, hard to believe that at 27 he is an elder statesmen on that D.
  17. I'm not going to invite him over for Thanksgiving. That'll show him.
  18. Ladys and Gentlemen. The King of misrepresentation. I have never called anyone emo. That's fu dude and your territory. I wouldn't touch it in a million years. See, I am not a bully, so I don't attack people. I just enjoy the fug out of defending myself. You try and insult me. I respond with humor. You get angrier, I respond with more humor. You think you've won. And I laugh at your hubris. You see. I have no life. So fuging with you two is my thrills of the day. And it's funny, cuz you two truly believe you are getting under my skin. lol
  19. But the Panthers have never had a HOF QB. I would hope that a team that has had a HOF QB behind center for the last 30 years would have more than just 2 SBs See, that's the rub. I was talking about the Pack having HOF QBs for the entire 30 years. Others have brought out other topics to make their point sound better. It worked to a degree. In this entire thread. I made 1 post where I forgot to mention that the Pack have had only 2 QBs in the last 30 years. And that is the 1 post that got everyone all hissified.
  20. Thanks for the diagnosis doc. But I'm just fine. I enjoy the heck out yanking the chains of you and that fu dude. It's easy peasy I tell ya what. You and fu dude go out of you ways to interact with me. It's kinda endearing. But I already have 2 dogs, so you guys will be at the back of the pack. But you guys are used to the scenery anyway. lol
  21. Let's be honest. That Division isn't the strongest. It is set up nicely for the Pack.
  22. Are you always a bully? Or is that something you reserve for us here on the Huddle? Oh noes, the big bad Fudude insulted me. Whatever shall I do? lol @ u I know you think you are oh so clever. But you have the rep of a condescening ahole. You know that right? Of course you don't. That would take self reflection. And we all know that ain't happening. Green Bay has had 2 HOF QBs in the last 30 years. And has a whopping 2 SB wins. Quit being lazy, and follow the entire thread. As a Lifelong Lions fan, I am following a team in my Division. Being a dumbass is talking sht about folks when you know nothing about them. Dumbass. lol Why don't you go be a Packers fan then? You obviously hate the Panthers. All you do is whine, bitch and moan over every little thing. Truthfully, it is getting a little stale. If you ain't crying over some perceived Panther mistake, you are throwing insults at fellow Huddlerz. Mommies boy syndrome.
  23. Just another in a long line of lame azz posts? Damm dude get back to football, or leave.
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