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  1. 2 hours ago, SBBlue said:

    Adam Gase was coach of Miami 2016,2017 & 2018 and the jets 2019 & 2020   

    Tannehill QBRs under Gase were: 45.6, 48.6 and 33.2 for an average of  42.5   Ryan Tannehill Stats | ESPN

    Darold's QBRs under Gase were:  45.6 and 40.1 for an  average of 42.9 Sam Darnold Stats | ESPN

    This surprised me...but under Gase,   Darnold's QBR was higher than Tannehill's.

    Tannehill was ranked 32nd by QBR in 2018, his last year under Gase. In 2019 after he left Gase, he was ranked 9th in the regular season, and 4th out 12 in the postseason.    2018 NFL Season Leaders Total QBR | ESPN

     In 2018, when Tannehill was under Gase, Darnold was under Bowles.   Darnold, as a rookie, was ranked higher than Tannehil that year. 2018 NFL Season Leaders Total QBR | ESPN

    Tannehill's QBR went from 33.2 to 64.2 after he left Gase.  Where will Darnolds 40.1 QBR go to?


    Another fine example of why Sam could improve this year. I mean if that Tannyhill character can do it, so can Sam.


    Now prepare yourself for the inevitable but, but Sam sucks crowd. They all just know he is destined to fail. You can't be allowed to buoy folks enthusiasm for Sam. Check outside your window for those dark SUVs. lol



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  2. 20 minutes ago, SBBlue said:

    Nobody is asserting that LIttle wasn't controversial here, so no need to look it up.

    My point was that he was controversial.  

    The published  grades I found were  2  others had  as a 3.    He didn't combine well, Hurney didn't get the memo.  





    Yeah, I don't think I've seen one person that doesn't think that Little wasn't a dissapointment. Not sure why some folks feel the need to be so harsh with their disdain.? He had no control over where he was drafted.

  3. 1 minute ago, 45catfan said:

    I historically exist about from 1.75-2.5 if you made this into a sliding scale.  Why?  I've been a Panthers fan WAAAAY too long to be solidly in group 1 and while not perennial playoff contenders, we aren't the doormats of the League either, so group 3 isn't for me.  I simply go off gut feeling about the prospect for the team leading into each season.  Usually I'm not too far off. 


    lol I'm not sure how many folks would even admit they were ever in tier 3. Me? I'm a solid 3. 1+2=3. I'm a cockeyed optimist, with patience. lol

  4. 5 minutes ago, CPF4LIFE said:

    Brown was a monster toward the end of the season. With a better secondary he will get even better and burns will get in that 15+ sack range.  I cant count how many times he got right in qbs faces just for them to get rid of the ball at the last second.


    I do believe we led the league in pressures. Or, were leading at one time. But yeah, if the Secondary can give the Dline that extra half second or so. This line can put up some numbers.


    Oh, and I dig what Brown is putting down. The dude can be a Monster.

  5. 14 minutes ago, SBBlue said:

    Not sure who the "sunshine squad" are.  Is there a  "sky is falling"  crew?

    My point on this thread is that draft profiles and predictions are often wrong as exemplified by our own oline. 





    There are basically 3 groups of fans up in here. 1. The cockeyed optimist, or the "sunshine squad". 2. The wait and seers. 3. The doom and gloomers, or "Realists".


    The 1s, and 2s can basically cohabitate. Whereas, the 3s tend to...play their music too loud.


    Though we all want the Panthers to win. By some of the conversations, you would think that is not true. Just remember, it is supposed to be for entertainment. So enjoy it, and don't take it too cereal.


    Just pick your battles, and never give up. Never surrender.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, 1usctrojan said:

    What gives me hope is the praise from very good NFL defensive players (Sherman, JJ Watt, Clooney,etc) who played against him.  Your HC stated that the defensive coaches went to him regarding Sam.  In college, our first team defense raved to anyone who’d listen, about Sam on the scout team.  

    QBs play against defenses, for me, their praise means more than a QBs offensive teammates’ praise.

    They just want the damn ball (Keyshawn reference here), defenses want to destroy the opposing QB.


    Not a bad way to form your opinion. There is potential there. Going to be fun watching this play out.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, SizzleBuzz said:

    In the last 50-years there have been 10 QB's drafted at #3.

    The majority have been busts and only 2 ever started more than 50-games and produced an overall winning record (Matt Ryan & Steve McNair). 






    So you're saying there is a chance gif

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  8. 11 minutes ago, 1usctrojan said:

    I know for a fact Sam is tired of losing.  I believe in him, but I’ve seen him make some amazing, wow plays....then I witnessed the USC coaches ineptness after the Rose Bowl by completely changing the offensive scheme to one that did not suit his style of play, his style that won games.  They were fired the next year, the entire offensive coaching staff.

    Then the triply inept Jets.

    All that is in the past, he has another chance.  If the coaches and the players believe in him, he can be that guy that was so much fun to watch.

    No one is stopping us from seeing the potential.


    Former #3 pick. An Offense that could have made Teddy a star. And Sam has a poo ton more talent than Teddy. Lots of weapons. 


    IMO, lots of reasons to be hopeful over. Especially at this time of year. Now get back to me after 8 games to revisit the topic.

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Khyber53 said:

    I'm thinking there's something wrong here. Julio went a little too cheaply. Missed what, like seven games last year? 

    It's fully within reason that a team up against the cap could come to one of its overpaid, injured and/or older stars and says, "Let's work on this together. You aren't the same you were when you signed this contract. Either we can release you and take the immediate hit(s) or maybe you can publicly ask to be traded and maybe we can pass that big contract on to another team that can afford it/you. Win-win, millions of dollars on the table for you." And maybe a smart guy like Julio bets on himself and agrees to make that tweet saying he wants out and starts the pot to boiling. 

    Not saying it happened, but it isn't out of the bounds of possibility. Either way, the NFCSouth's DBs can breathe a sigh of relief.


    The wife is like ihat. If she can think it, it could happen. Makes for some entertaining convos I tell ya what.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, 45catfan said:

    I was here for that.  Question...do you know why the archives here are absent from 2017-2019?  I was going to prove a point to this dude (even though I shouldn't have to) but when I searched "draft" it goes back to the start of 2020 and then skips all the way back to 2016.  Very odd. 


    We demand answers!

  11. 8 minutes ago, glenwo2 said:

    And you don't think Sam isn't tired of LOSING and being in a LOSING situation like he was?

    You don't think Sam has that chip on his shoulder that must be the size of the Carolinas right now?

    Yeah I do get that some have no expectation that this will end well based on what happened with Teddy but if that's the prevailing attitude, why are we even here then?

    Aren't we fans?   Don't we always have hope beyond hope that things work out?

    Don't we want Sam to succeed?    Some here do(like you, for example) but others don't for no other reason than to be proven right because they're jerks by nature(it's how they roll). 


    The $1,000,000 question. We all want the Panthers to succeed. But some folks sure have a funny way of showing it. 


    Just wanted to add. IMO, Panther fans are some of the best fans I have ever met. That said, the interwebz is the Devil.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

    I mean, clearly to you it is since you are stalking me from one thread to the next seething with anger. 

    Not that I am complaining. It's free entertainment for me. 


    You quoted me on a post I made to @SBBlue. lol Or can't you remember that far back?


    Take a step back. Put your critical thinking cap on. Take the emotion out of it. Then get back to me. Mkay?


    James Bond on one tv. Clippers beat the Mavs on another. And this, whatever it is, with you. What a day.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Panthers8969 said:

    How do they rank us 20 then offer a final statement that we “can have one of the better receiving cores in the league again” ??? Sounds pretty contradictory to me 


    IMO, we lost Samuel, which made us worse. When we actually replace his production, our ranking would go up. 


    Right now we have DJ, Robbie, and potential. Until that potential is realised. We are who they say we are.


    Scary thought. We may only have DJ, potential.

  14. Just now, glenwo2 said:

    You forgot to add :  There will be folks who would harp on him negatively no matter what he does, due to stupid reasons like PJ-worship or wanting Fields or just plain disdain.


    I try not to engage those types. They get nasty when you won't bow down to there view.


    Out of sight, out of mind for those types.

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