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  1. I "hedged my bet" as Linville would say and said that he could throw deep, not that he could throw deep well.
  2. You want smart moves... but you also said that CMC is at best a slot WR, Herbert is Gabbert 2.0, and that we couldn't get a pass rusher because winning a game took the team from #9 to #16? Sir, history is most certainly not on your side here.
  3. Though... I can't lie... a QB room that goes from Teddy Bridgewater, PJ Walker, and Will Grier to Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, and Justin Fields sounds kinda hawt
  4. This makes me feel much, much better. Phew. RASHAWN SLATER TIME
  5. I can live with the 6th and a 4th next year, but the 2nd rounder as well without a 5th year option and on the final year of his deal? fuging ew. The only thing that makes this palatable is that his cap hit is just below $5M
  6. Got clipped by the left behind the ear coming in with his arms extended out the gate RIP
  7. Is that like when we won a "meaningless game" against the Saints and as a result we lost the ability to pick a top flight pass rusher like Brian Burns at #16 because losing to secure #9 was the only way?
  8. tldr; Deshaun Waton's attorney's son works for HPD?
  9. https://www.si.com/nfl/texans/news/deshaun-watson-accusers-lawyer-reveals-change-in-houston-police-cooperation Take it as you will. Seems like bullshit carnival games to me on Buzbee's part, which is a shame since they don't need anymore of his dog & pony shows. I will say though, if somebody believed this was a conspiracy by the McNair family because Buzbee lives in their neighborhood, then they're going to have to keep consistent and give Hardin's son being a part of the HPD that same energy.
  10. I'm not trying to convince you of anything, just help you understand. Whether or not you want to be convinced to change your opinion/behavior/whatever is on you. I'm good on the idea though that you have to be convinced to understand why what you said is seen as ignorant in regards to expectations/perceptions of victims of sexual misconduct.
  11. Then you're looking to be convinced, not understand unfortunately.
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