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  1. The final years on Stafford's contract look similar to Teddy's, with the difference being $33M for 2021 rather than $24M. For 2022, both QBs are set to make $26M in their final playing seasons under contract with $5M in dead cap for Teddy and $6M in dead cap for Stafford. Stafford does have a $3M dead cap number in 2023. Lions have a better salary cap situation than the Texans as well. ($3M under while HOU is $22M over). Gives the Panthers an upgrade at the position but also makes it harder to sign other talent. I'd rather see Moton's deal inked before making a move on a QB.
  2. 10. It's still Panthers football bby!!! I would be at 100 if we had a young star QB waiting to take over in 2022 (OVER 9 MILLION IF THEY GET DESHAUN)
  3. Used to live across from the one on King St in downtown Charleston It is gutter trash
  4. I would read when I can as the Post & Courier down in Charleston is lucky to have anything Panthers related, but that paywall is a killer.
  5. This seems like it's worth bumping with all of the mock draft craze
  6. Very few players are. You're asking for a Ring of Honor candidate to just appear on that one.
  7. So happy for Bills fans. Have always had a special place for them in my heart watching them struggle to try and win one as a kid. Really happy for the former Panthers on the squad, especially those that were the favoured scapegoats of the Huddle.
  8. Players have power in the NBA. Not so much in the NFL.
  9. Teddy, 2021 1st & 2nd, 2022 1st, 2023 2nd for Deshaun?
  10. Queued up for my afternoon background listening. Thanks!
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