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  1. Been hella busy so I didn't get to finish and write up a summary until today. Funchess and Jalen got to know each other when they were both in IND as new guys after being familiar with each other from their time in the NFC South against one another. Funchess was a 3-sport athlete in HS: football, basketball, and track. Started out as a tight end and a linebacker. When he went to Michigan, he was originally classified as an athlete and played all over the place. Sophomore year was when he started focusing in more on being a wide receiver. The first thing that Funchess says to Jalen every time they meet up is, "Hey... you know I got drafted ahead of you, right?" (Funchess went 41, Collins went 42) Has family outside of Durham in Mebane, NC so he knew about the Panthers, Cam, and KB (who he knew through Jameis Winston). Midway through the 2015 season they knew they had something special going. Lots of beloved names being dropped from that team. Everything lined up that season: practice performance, flights on time, etc. Big time family type of atmosphere that was due to Ron Rivera. 2k was the video game of choice for players that year. DB pointed out that all of their guests that have played in the Super Bowl have lost the Super Bowl, starting out with JC who had the worst loss of all. The week of the Super Bowl was very different from what players were used to in season. The schedule they've had all season gets changed up and if a player hasn't experienced it before it throws them off due to having all of the extra stuff. Media folks that they got parked in front of from around the world would try to get a rise out of them with their questions. Funchess claimed that he never had a welcome to the NFL moment, even against Luke, TD, and Shaq. Players looked out for each other in practice. DB brought up Rashaan Gaulden hitting KB during camp when it wasn't a live drill. Funchess seemed to not care for Gaulden, said he did it during spring too. They said Gaulden was one of those "can't get right" players. They all agreed that there's always one guy in camp like that, but that the coaches have to get them out of there otherwise they're going to just hurt teammates. Funchess went to IND because he wanted to play with Luck, but Luck only practiced 2 - 3 times before the eventual retirement. Had no idea that retirement was coming. (DB pointed out that Luck never lost to the Titans). Fans in the stands were asking players on the bench if Luck was going to retire when they were still in the 4th quarter, and that's how players found out what was about to happen. Showed a clip of Funchess catching a TD on Collins in training camp 1-on-1s and roasted the latter for it. Always knew he was going to play basketball after he retired from the NFL. Was playing with Michael Beasley. Got to play with a bunch of folks in the TBT tournament before going to the Philippines where he made his pro basketball debut. Had tried out with two teams over in Japan and was impressed with their love of the game. Basketball is crazy popular in the Philippines, so a lot of the players that were coming in from the outside were big guys like you'd expect them to be. Has some more try outs coming up and then in the summer has some 3-on-3s before going overseas to the Olympic trials. Also tried out for a few G League teams including the Clippers'. Funchess is an anime fan. All-time favourite is Naruto. Also watched Bleach, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, and just started One Piece (which is Jalen's #1). Him and Jalen are fans, DB and King are not. Talked about the Madden check (which rookies don't get) but still have to go to the PA meeting. Funchess spent his on his grandfather. Took him fishing and bought him some stuff. Was the first guest on the show that spent his Madden check responsibly. KJ Hamlin had Funchess come out to Denver to break a world record for catching a pass from a helicopter that Gronkowski had set the record for the year before (and he did it in slides, which according to Jalen he always wears). Was always a better basketball player than football player, so his family was surprised when he went football full time. Lou Young was the defensive back that gave him the most trouble. Lou's doing comedy now (he's been on Cam's show a time or two). Otherwise, feels that at 6'4" 235lbs with a 4.4 forty that he wasn't ever really pressed by an opponent. Oklahoma Drill: Cam vs. Luke. Funchess said Luke at first thinking it was about an actual oklahoma drill, then when they clarified he picked Cam. Then they all started talking about how Luke was calling out the opponent's plays and how smart he is. Didn't have any crazy stories about Luke, called him a stand-up Captain America type of guy. Would call guards pulling. Watched a few clips and had a laugh at some of the stuff that was going on in them. Some basketball and a guy that got an LV face tattoo. Oklahoma Drill: Eminem vs. Big Sean. Picked neither, acknowledged Eminem's impact but said he runs with folks from both circles. Did the long jump and 200m in track Viewer mail segment. Talked about the recent hip drop tackle controversy. Everyone said it's just a tackle and that it's a part of football. Had never heard it referred to as a "hip drop" until recently. Update on the merch store
  2. Was a rough season, but we had to go through 2001 to get to 2003 and 2010 to get to 2015. Here's to hoping that the third time is the charm and 2023 leads to a Super Bowl dub! ... "If wE gEt A dIffErEnt qb thEn wE mIght" Beat you to it. Now post something worthwhile.
  3. Folks were flagging. Said shitposter (talking about @LinvilleGorge so that there's no confusion) has made it clear that they don't act on reports if they don't like the person submitting them. I mean, there was a thread this week with the opening post attacking Mr. Scot that LG participated in. Having differing opinions about football is one thing, but directly encouraging a toxic environment and trying to blame it on the people that don't care for it like he and others have done ain't it. fwiw I appreciate efforts by yourself, Ricky, and rayzor despite life events and the state of the team. Y'all consistently show an attempt to truly understand whatever perspectives are involved in a situation before handling it.
  4. The board is garbage and it isn't because the team is losing. Active moderators have made it abundantly clear that we're not allowed to discuss the Panthers without whining, derailing threads, or making little zingers about BY9. Maybe holding shitposters accountable would bring the clicks back, but that'd require the biggest shitposter to be demodded. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. All of the copium from the Texans and Bears fans in this thread is delicious
  7. You're absolutely right. It makes zero sense to remain on the Huddle if somebody wants to actually discuss football instead of scapegoating a rookie QB.
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