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  1. I'm interested to see if Zavala ends up starting next to Icky and Brady moves over next to Moton until Corbett comes back or if they're going to look to continue with Brady at LG and filling in at RG until Corbett is cleared. Great opportunity for Mays/Zavala. They'll be stuck between Bozeman and either Icky or Moton. Not a bad position for a rookie interior offensive lineman to be in. Not bad for Bryce either as he's going to have an offensive line with depth throughout it protecting him. I'm sure Miles Sanders isn't displeased either.
  2. There was 1,442 total snaps under Matt Rhule's regime and 723 under Steve Wilks'. TMJ was on the field for 30.6% of the snaps under Rhule, 81.3% under Wilks. It is very much so accurate to state that TMJ was "hardly on the field" while Rhule was running the team. TMJ's averages per game from his 15 games under Rhule: 29.4 snaps (441 total) 19.8 routes (297 total) 2.3 targets (34 total) TMJ's averages per game from his 12 games under Wilks': 49 snaps (588 total) 22 routes (264 total) 3.6 targets (43 total) To put those numbers into perspective, here are the averages for the other two WRs mentioned under Rhule: Chosen (22 games) 53.9 snaps (1185 total) 36.9 routes (812 total) 5 targets (110 total) DJ (20 games) 55.6 snaps (1112 total) 36.2 routes (723 total) 9.1 targets (182 total)
  3. Thank you for making sure to mention this early in the thread. We regularly see folks apoplectic when discussing the later years of a player's new deal without taking into consideration the regular increases to the salary cap. Can't wait for Burns to be locked down contractually for the next 3 - 5!!
  4. The team invested in Cam Newton having weapons + an offensive line, but due to injuries (along with a couple of misfires evaluation-wise) those position groups were regular points of concern.
  5. I was about to say... Joe Webb got himself quite a few threads here.
  6. If that's the way that you want to see it, then good on you.
  7. They're literally quoting him: "I would definitely say just my patience for myself and being able to have that perspective because, I mean, it's hard," Corral said Monday when asked the biggest difference from this time last year.
  8. Only makes sense with the 17-game season. Surprised this wasn't part of that initial rollout.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me to see the team march out in 01 personnel and have Shenault motion into/from the backfield.
  10. From what (little) I understand, there are a few factors: Hotel accommodations Transportation Fan support I'd imagine a local government with experience in hosting large scale events is also desirable. I could even see Mint St hosting a lot of the activities Would be nice. Who knows. The draft is a bucket list item for me and being in Charlotte would make the trip a whole lot cheaper!
  11. If you don't understand how losing now to gamble later is not as beneficial to a team (or a business) as winning now and later then that's a you problem that you'll have to figure out.
  12. I wonder if this is linked to the Panthers' interest in hosting the NFL Draft in 2026. Could feed into future plans (if any) to host a Super Bowl in Charlotte.
  13. I'm very interested to hear how some of the pro-tank crowd will convince players to sacrifice one year of their career for an organization that they won't be back with the following season. I imagine that that's going to be a difficult task. Especially so when considering that the average NFL career lasts just over three seasons. But yea, go ahead and tell those guys to have a seat so that the team can get one or two spots ahead in line at the counter for lotto tickets that are going to be used to replace them. The same folks suggesting tanking will be the same ones complaining that the team can't attract free agents and claim that it's because "nobody wants to play for a loser." -_-
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