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  1. Just took my 6yr old to his first football game last Saturday and now he's excited for football on the TV instead of being mad that he can't watch Bluey or Teen Titans Go. Luck of the draw tbh. We had some folks behind us screaming obscenities, but everybody else around us was fun. Might be worth bringing headphones since young ears can be sensitive to the noise. Was thinking about taking the family to the TNF game since tickets were only $65/ea (vs TB is frigging $200+) Like @trueblade mentioned, be prepared for them to want to leave around halftime or the 3rd quarter if youre lucky. Little attention spans run for only so long
  2. Beyond thankful that we are finally developing a franchise LT instead of dumpster diving
  3. He dropped into coverage on the Brown INT.
  4. I will always pie a David Gettis callback.
  5. Looking forward to it! I've got to go back and watch the second half still (got sick on Sunday afternoon and have been in bed since ), but: -Performance of DL depth -any reasons for DJ Moore's lack of stats? -Corbett improving at all? -Baker's biggest issues -Tremble still in the doghouse?
  6. Apparently it was Henry Anderson that made the block? ayyyy!!!!
  7. Hell yea I'm watching! It's a win-win. A loss is another step closer to life after Rhule, and a win is a win. Going to be keeping my fingers crossed as always for the guys to come out healthy and see if players are growing. Going to be especially interested in watching Derrick Brown, Yetur Gross-Matos, Tommy Tremble, Brady Christensen, and of course Ikem Ekwonu.
  8. Thank you again for this! I wasn't going to rewatch this week like I usually do (there's some extra salt with this one since my wife is a Giants fan ), but reading through the breakdown a second time has me wanting to start finding the good that can be built on. Would pie twice if able.
  9. Got a sneaking suspicion that when Tremble reached for the goal line in week 1 that he was immediately put in the dog house, but I'm hoping that this is just the coaches leaning on Ian Thomas while Tommy continues to develop. Not feeling too good about only having a 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th for the 2023 draft but Fitterer has shown that he's able and willing to move back and accumulate picks.
  10. By all means, poo on him all you want but at least be intellectually honest. There's plenty out there to use against him. Nonsense like showing a picture of DJ and Ian Thomas and trying to imply that somehow the team is inept because Myles Garrett blew up the latter is dumb, as is going to a 2mo old press conference just to find more stuff to rage over. But hey, sad bois gonna sad I guess.
  11. An Eagles fan's power ranking doesn't really mean much tho https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/platform/amp/2022/9/14/23352804/nfl-power-rankings-week-2-eagles-chiefs-bills-rams-cowboys-vikings-packers-football-teams-ravens-bgn
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