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  1. The moment it was made clear that the current state of the message board is okay because it's no longer a community but a place for content to be consumed, the more the current active moderation made sense. The subreddit discord has been a welcome change.
  2. They have got to find a way to get this kid some weapons.
  3. Not a good look for anybody and doesn't exactly send an inspiring message to the team. Would rather Thomas be able to develop with Bryce with the season already looking the way it does. This just reeks of, "We're getting fired so now I have to do everything," from Frank.
  4. I think so? I don't know what's considered right/normal/etc here anymore. First we weren't allowed to be positive and now who knows if we're allowed to be even keel. This current "coping" of aggressively defending another team's QB's from anything that isn't hero worship is way too goofy for me though. Oh, and @frankw, if it will help you sleep at night here's me defending Stroud when the "character concerns" were floating around. I'd offer tweets as well, but since you've made it clear that you have notifications on for me already I'll save us both the time. And look, let's stop the beating around the bush. We're both aware of why you defend Cam and CJ as passionately as you do: the media trotted out harmful stereotypes in an attempt to fill the airwaves and shitty people with shitty views latched onto those shitty narratives to continue their shitty ways. That's terrible and it shouldn't have happened to them, full stop. Them having experienced that does not exclude them from factual observations about their situations with their teams though. Stroud has had play calling, play design, pass protection, receivers separating, and a developing run game help set him up for success that he was bound to achieve based on his skillset and talent alone. Freaking out and reacting as if that means that the person who mentioned those in-season observations believed the pre-draft character assassination attempts is just gaslighting yourself into being an asshole. That's like screaming at somebody for being Nawrocki 2.0 because they wished Cam would have worked on his mechanics more when he was playing so he wouldn't have had those lasers that would fly just a little too high for his receivers. It's asinine, and I'm sure there's better things that you can do with your time than that. Hell, hmu and we can game sometime if that'll help you decompress from Panthers' football.
  5. It is so strange seeing Panthers fans going out of their way to defend another team's QB the same way they did/do for Cam. It is even weirder how when folks point out that the Texans have done a much better job of supporting CJ with pass protection, play calling, play design, receivers getting open, and finding success in the run game that some of CJ's fans get personally offended. I haven't seen anything stated nor insinuated that CJ is being carried by the Texans, but I've definitely seen his fans make sure to scream that CJ and CJ alone is the sole reason for the Texans' recent success (and damn any data or film showing otherwise!). Folks went from complaining about Cam not getting the OL + WR help that he needed to refusing to acknowledge the same situation for Bryce... what a time.
  6. The irony of the three posters most likely to poo up a thread being the first three to respond with no attempt at a good faith engagement says all that needs to be said.
  7. Nobody wants a positive vibes threads. If anybody believes that's what folks want then they're incredibly bad at listening (or incredibly good at trolling?). Folks want to be able to have a good faith discussion about Panthers football and learn something from it without it devolving into posters being accused of working for the team or being a burner account simply because they aren't raging on the Internet. That's it. Unfortunately, when there is anything that isn't incessant bitching it's mocked as "hope." So... enjoy the threads of incessant bitching I suppose? Was hoping to catch a film review thread but instead we have this.
  8. Just checking in to see if the Cottards have seen a throw that impressed them yet
  9. This one hurts bad. Thank you so much for everything you've done. Your knowledge was one of the primary reasons I kept coming back to the Huddle, along with everybody else that spends more time trying to figure things out rather than scream about who is to blame. I hope that LCF and yourself find peace and joy going forward. I understand though. Yesterday was my 40th birthday and I only had one rule for myself: Don't log on to the Huddle. Despite that, out of reflex, I opened a tab for the forum (but quickly closed it). My wife watched her game (Giants) and I watched mine, commiserating over our teams now and then, and when it was all over we hung out until my mom came back with our son. It was one of the best birthday's I've ever had. Despite the ugly Panthers' loss, there wasn't any ugliness in my life. I was able to sit back and appreciate everything that I have instead of having to mentally steel myself for the toxic environment that the Huddle has become (made worse by the fact that an active moderator is one of the leading culprits and therefore validating the toxicity) when trying to see what other posters that are knowledgeable about football are seeing. The Panthers lost, but I'm still a fan of the team and going to keep cheering on Sundays. If I want to talk about the team though, I'll probably spend more time in the group chat with some local friends that are also fans.
  10. If the Miami game is as ugly as this last one, sacrifices will be coming.
  11. RG3's arc as a wild man media member is one that I'm here for.
  12. Not much to be happy about as a Panthers fan, but after a scary incident during the game it sounds like Chandler Zavala was able to return home with the team. https://www.panthers.com/news/chandler-zavala-returns-with-team-after-neck-injury Glad that the kid seems to be okay. My stomach was doing flips seeing the way he went down. Early reports are that it was a bad stinger.
  13. Bryce trusting Frank to uplift him like Francine Reich.mp4
  14. Team take on the personality of their coaches. Hopefully we start seeing more Brown/Evero/Staley than we do Reich
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