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  1. Creed Humphrey was my draft crush this most recent draft, so if there's anybody that was disappointed that we didn't draft him it's me. Despite that, TMJ has been pretty damn solid when compared to other 2nd rd WRs the Panthers have picked up. Plus, the staff during the behind the scenes footage was clearly targeting an OT, that's why they traded up to select him ~10 picks later. If TMJ was actually underperforming, I'd understand the handwringing more. The Trey Smith groaning imo is just folks dedicating themselves to being miserable as 31 other teams passed on him as well. If anything, TMJ is a Bradberry pick as we took multiple CBs that year and we took multiple WRs this most recent.
  2. Wait wait wait Folks are down on TMJ? Are they just not watching the games... or did he wedgie them in elementary school?
  3. I mean... he did here as well: Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater shoulders blame for loss I genuinely do not understand the constant hate that people direct at Teddy. Everywhere but in Carolina he is regarded as a team-first guy that's well liked. Ask Panthers' fans though and they'll tell you that Teddy slapped their momma in a dream that they had once.
  4. We're competing with what we have this season and next. After that, we're built to blow up the roster with the exception of whomever staff believes that their core are. I was a little irked at first, because on the surface we have just the following draft picks for 2022: 1st, 4th, 5th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 7th. When I remind myself that the missing 3rd went to picking up CJ Henderson I feel a bit better (though a bit worse with the way Sam is currently playing since that 2nd was to pick him up). Tyler Linderbaum in the first, and then we've got 6 day 3 picks to take shots on depth and development with. That... kind of lines up with last season where we had 7 day 3 picks in this most recent draft (4th: Chuba Hubbard, 5th: Daviyon Nixon, Keith Taylor, 6th: Deonte Brown, Shi Smith, Thomas Fletcher, 7th: Phil Hoskins). That also means that the pick for the round where Rhule has landed Chinn, TMJr, and YGM was used on Sam... Oof. Hopefully dude turns it around and is at least a serviceable game manager with the ability to make plays with his arm downfield as well as his legs to provide a dual threat to make it worthwhile.
  5. Every time I see how bad Matt Paradis is doing, I remind myself that despite how much I hated the signing we might be in position to draft Tyler Linderbaum and that makes me feel better.
  6. Joe Brady, and it isn't even close. Now if it was who do we prefer between Brady or Chudzinski, then I might have to do some thinking.
  7. Is the offense worse? Most definitely. OL, TE, and QB are all downgrades. The defense though? Substantially better.
  8. The OL is going to need some significant revamping in the upcoming offseason. Draft Tyler Linderbaum to be our center for the next decade in the middle of the 1st (possibly trading down and reacquiring a 2nd or an additional 3rd), bring in a veteran guard that is a capable starter, and then let Erving/Christensen/Daley/Brown compete for the other two spots. If there's a chance that the team can grab/develop a TE2 as well, that would be incredible. The WRs, despite their trash-tastic day yesterday, are under contract for this season and two more. Can you imagine how spoiled a rookie QB would be by this team if they're able to get the OL together while maintaining their weapons + defense? It's fun to dream!
  9. I started KJ Osborne... SO MANY MIXED EMOTIONS
  10. poo poo poo. Keep em out of the endzone... come oooooon!!!!!
  11. Good play call and ball... Keith did everything he could there to try and prevent the completion
  12. Jermaine put a hit on Dalvin there, but they still got the first. Come on defense... don't let this be the type of drive where you give up the big play(s) and a TD!!!
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