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  1. That ship has crashed, sank, and us burning at the bottom of the ocean.
  2. If anything, we can come out of this with eggshell penis. Should commemorate an emoji of it.
  3. Is there an actual time that dw has to make a choice This poo is getting old
  4. Me everytime I use mobile. I forget to turn it on.
  5. I'm sure dick coins is a crypto lol. wouldn't be surprised
  6. Lol fug that noise. I'm blocking everything or buying the sub. YouTube without ads as replaced tv for me, and I'll gladly pay the 10 bucks to not deal with ads every 5 mins
  7. I was in a customer's garage that had a Porsche in it. They really are watching and listening. Lol
  8. You've never googled eggshell penis before?
  9. I was a kid that season. Man that sucked. And the only win was literally the first game I think... against the vikings?
  10. idk I find it so bad that it becomes enjoyable. All the Arnold one liners are so bad.
  11. exactly, at the end of today specifically, I think it was a round of click bait. No one knows anything, and if they pretend like they did, it was for clicks and traffic.
  12. I get that. Im just having a hard time understanding why DW, who has been trying to leave Houston, gets hit with all his legal poo, misses a year with potentially more punishment, would want to go to Houston .5 The hometown thing doesnt make sense, NC isnt that far from ATL. Clemson is right there. IDK poo doesnt add up for ATL.
  13. Just reported, Arthur Blank has probably said the N word before.
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