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  1. announcer "broncos fans deserve better." stfu they were gifted a superbowl
  2. the other qb also took us 15-1 and made us relevant. but go off with Sam i guess?
  3. wouldnt punting the ball out of anger be unsportsmanlike?
  4. damn blackshear hit the ground hard af
  5. these announcers sound like absolute dorks.
  6. Don't gatekeep football Fandom. It's a really weird thing to do.
  7. What a bs call, and he gets ejected? So it's his fault Tua got sent back out when he shouldn't have?
  8. this game def gonna go into overtime.
  9. lol @ bills. how do you fug that up
  10. jesus christ diggs with the best catch ive seen all year
  11. ok id argue there is a duality in place here. Putting in a good effort and losing sucks less a meaning less win.
  12. i think i just disagree with how something like winning gets taken. Do you want to convince an absolute loser of a team they good, or remind a good team in a bad situation that they are good.
  13. ah poo didnt actually factor tepper in. maybe hes a wild card, and will change this offseason...... maybe?
  14. My entire arguement is the understanding of that point. Im talking about the actual people and the mentality that that logic implements. You dont lose out to get better picks because its humans you are dealing with. the browns are the best example of this. they suck every year for a qb and never got it right, while tanking every year.
  15. im down for pj/baker/matt next year. We made our pick and never got to develop it. Im pretty ignorant in current college qbs, but has anyone flashed so far?
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