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  1. If it means getting rid of Fitt, I'm for it. I don't doubt Tepper would go all in on a Belichick, O'Brien & Young combo. It would be an entertaining experiment. Young credited O'Brien with his success in college. May be the only shot Young has at success in the NFL. I would want to take a Walsh-McVay path to a championship team. That wouldn't include Young. Tepper isn't dumping Young. Just like he isn't dumping Hubbard, TMJ, Mingo & Tremble.
  2. Teams have been slow playing the Panthers D to run clock for 3 quarters, maintain the lead & open up in the 4Q. The only thing that would impress me with a 1 win defense is being top 10 in turnovers(32nd), scoring %(28th), sacks(30th), missed tackles(32nd), pressures(32nd) red zone &(31st) & TDs allowed (29th). Defense is clearly a problem.
  3. Just get it over with. Hire Tabor as HC & keep Fitt as GM. Tepper will have his 2 puppets who will run the team & not fight him when he wants to change an OC or DC. Tepper will have complete roster leverage & no back talk about benching his players he wants to watch on gameday.
  4. Why are Hubbard, TMJ, & Tremble still here? Young & Ekwonu will join them on the no cut list for the next HC. Any QB who can't get 1st downs with the game on the line in the 4Q with the win in reach is always to blame. It's the NFL & QBs who can't produce GWD never survive.
  5. Young isn't going to be benched. I expect TMJ to be active again. TMJ, Mingo & Tremble will get the targets. Hubbard will get the carries. Thielen, Chark, Shenault, Sanders, Dalton & Hurst will mainly be mentors on the sideline & role players on the field.
  6. When you want to be like the Jets & Browns, you become the Tepper owned Panthers.
  7. Tepper & Fitt are searching for the offense whisperer they can force Young, Hubbard, TMJ, Mingo, Tremble, Ekwonu, Christensen & Zavala on. Those players are the development projects that are not going away. The coach must fix them all & make them the winning unit. Free agents will only be signed that will be mentors to their development. Dalton, Sanders, Thielen & Hurst are not to be relied on to win games & take away reps. There will not be a rebuild. These are the core offensive players Fiit & Tepper want to see win. When the 3rd coach is not allowed to cut them or bench them without the threat of being fired, everyone will have to acknowledge this forced roster on coaches.
  8. This is about proving the Teppers & Fitt are right. Young, Hubbard, TMJ, Mingo & Tremble are going to be forced on us all. They aren't going away any time soon. I expect Ekwonu, Zavala & Christensen are all set on the OL too when healthy. Any coach talk about not getting this group of players the game reps will get coaches fired.
  9. Any HC walking into a situation with a rookie QB who's struggling & limited, a GM who can't build a roster & a husband/wife meddling owner combo is on a fast path to failure. Let's not forget a defense that can't stop the run, RBs who can't impact a game & receivers who are not playmakers. The HC job will be to prove all of these failed parts can be the best in the NFL. We need a miracle worker who makes zero decisions & can beat the best coaches in the NFL. Who would that be?
  10. Let's fire the CJ Stroud camp & go all in on the Bryce Young camp! That'll show them who's right. Don't want to go to work everyday with a bunch of humble know-it-alls who wanted to bench Young for Dalton.
  11. Frank Reich is obviously the reason CMC & DJ Moore got traded, Brian Burns wasn't traded, Derrick Brown hasn't been a dominant playmaker, Jaycee Horn can't stay healthy, Ikem Ekwonu can't play LT & Bryce Young can't pass from the pocket. Let's not forgive Frank for wasting all those draft picks on Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, CJ Henderson, Matt Corral, Brandon Smith & DJ Johnson. He walked into a loaded WR room too with the young trio of TMJ, Mingo & Shi. This team was clearly built for any coach to succeed year 1 & had no sign of roster regression. Fitterer, the Teppers & Rhule have been the problem. FIRE FITT & stop pretending average coaches like Reich can do anything with the dumpster fire started by clowns & balanced on a brass bull sack that has been the Panthers roster build since 2021.
  12. He is an offensive guard. Laid it out before the 2022 draft. He'd be a huge weapon and an all pro of he were at guard
  13. Hopefully Brown holds up for the game Having every 1st round pick look horrible against the Titans would be really bad
  14. Young & Ekwonu 2 top 6 picks paying dividends
  15. 1st sack for that defender in 2 months. Good job Ekwonu
  16. Willis & Young would both do well in the CFL
  17. I agree. So, what does Young bring consistently to the NFL? I don't see it. NFL defenses easily game plan for the few strengths Young has in his game.
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