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  1. There was a group of us who were never fooled by Rhule on day 1. We kept outlinging the problems. We got blasted. Teddy outlined the problems after year 1 and he got blasted. In comes Fitterer and Morgan who help find Darnold as a value and it is pointed out again. We got blasted. Gettleman fooled the same group that Rhule fooled. Fitterer is going to fool you all for another season or two. I will say this again. This organization was built to win in 2002 and again in 2011. The wheels started falling off after the 2013 season. The organization was strong and the NFL reaps the benefits from all of that to this day; just not with the Panthers anymore. When the core that was put in place pre-Gettleman faded from this organization, everything that was done wrong was there for everyone to see. There was a small sliver of hope when Hurney stepped back in, but change to Tepper and Rhule killed that quickly. Hurney is not a dyanasty GM/VP, but he will get a team to the SB once every decade. He will make mistakes, but he is one of the top GMs when it comes to bringing talent to the NFL. He found Delhomme and Heinicke. If Tepper were truly patient, he would have Heinicke at QB after Kyle Allen and Cam Newton had their runs. A QB like Jimmy G was available and some told you about him while you laughed at us. A QB like Jimmy G or Heinicke pair well with CMC. The combo opens up everyone on the field and gives you a great chance of winning close games in the 4th quarter. You were told about McDermott leaving and Beane not being allowed to be GM. You were told about Moore being no better than a good #2 WR. This team would likely have Stefon Diggs #1, DJ Moore #2, CMC, Heinicke and Jimmy G at QB, and Dawson Knox at TE. If everyone who got fooled in the organization didn't miss what was under their nose. This small group of us will let you know when you are no longer being fooled. You can keep laughing until then and be entertained by your fools and jesters you view as heroes.
  2. Murray went right at Brown and cut off Brown jumping outside. Said TY for the huge hole Brown and getting in the way of your LB. Brown is ALL Pro though. I know I know
  3. DJ Moore with his typical 4 TD season. Maybe he will finally get a career high 5 TD this season.
  4. DJ Moore as a vet WR does not realize a scramble drill means come back to the QB? Instead, DJ goes off book and decides to go deep since he could not get the separation on the out route with his QB scrambling to the sideline. A QB forces that ball deep to DJ while scrambling to the sideline under pressure and it is likely an INT. DJ should be shaking his head at himself.
  5. If CJ Stroud is the top QB in this draft, then it will be another dark year for QB prospects.
  6. Stroud's value just crashed with that decision. Significant mental error. 2nd or 3rd round pick imo.
  7. They have a shorter shelf life in the NFL and a 65% + passer is a must to win a championship
  8. This is the moment for Stroud. He has had 4 GWD in his college career and has converted on 2 of them. If he can show calm, control his team, run the clock, set up the win, and score the TD without any mental mistakes, he is worth a mid to late 1st round pick. Likely will go in the top 10 if he follows up a win in this game with another couple wins to finish out his college career.
  9. Mac Jones is another wasted 1st round pick. Game manager. Choke artist. He is the worst clutch QB in the NFL. Sam Darnold gives you a better chance at winning at the end of the game. Why do so many people think these choke artists like Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Teddy Bridgewater can magically become a clutch QB? College FB is producing a lot of good game managers, but these big college programs are not developing clutch QBs anymore.
  10. I like McDermott, but he needs to get better at positioning his team have the ball with a little more than a minute on the clock. He goes with the Rivera school where they want to control the ball going in to the 2 minute warning. QBs performed as expected. Goff had every advantage to win this game, but he continues to struggle in the clutch.
  11. Andy Reid would not be looking for a QB like Newton. He values footwork, accuracy, and quick throws in the pocket. Those were Newton's flaws and led to several inaccurate short passes and overthrown 5 to 10 yard sideline passes. I agree with you on the coach. Heinicke is being coached by Rivera now and he is performing at a higher level than Fields. I believe Andy Reid would get more out of Heinicke, but Heinicke is still going to produce under Rivera. The Panthers only gave him 1 start. Heinicke had a 42.3% GWD coming out of college. The highest of all QBs the Panthers had post Cam Newton's injury (Grier, Allen, Teddy, Darnold, Mayfield, Corral, and Walker). Now, he seems like a surprise QB when this was already known. He should have been given 5 to 10 starts with the Panthers when the others failed - not 1 start. Hurney and Rivera brought Heinicke with them and now he is winning games with a strong 33.3% GWD - placing him in the top 10 QBs among SB winning QBs. Heinicke will be a starter in the NFL with playoff success for some time. Heinicke can go toe to toe with the likes of Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and Aaron Rodgers. Teddy may be better than Darnold and Mayfield, but everything that mattered pointed to the Panthers keeping Heinicke and Newton until Heinicke replaced Newton or the Panthers found a more productive NFL QB. That would have required patience as Cam Newton pre-injury and Heinicke not only gave the Panthers a better chance at winning games, they were among the top 25 active QBs in the NFL back in 2018. Cam Newton needed to be replaced after the injury, but he should have never been replaced with a healthy QB that has proven they are not as capable of winning an NFL game in the 4th quarter or playoffs. You'll be surprised how accurate this method of QB evaluation is and how it translates from college to the NFL much better than traditional scouting and the issues with good college QBs with big programs who are unprepared and never translate to the NFL - even as a Heisman winner or national champion.
  12. Carr is an Aaron Rodgers type QB. I would expect him to win a SB every 10 years or so with a good defense and supporting crew around them. Carr and Rodgers have hero moments that stand out and are good when it comes to winning a game, but they do take a few too many risks and come up short more than the elite QB. They could easily be considered a QB that can carry a bad team and may even look like an MVP with a couple elite players around them. A Mahomes, Brady, or Garappolo type QB will out play a Carr or a Rodgers in the 4th quarter. I like Carr. You can win with Carr, but you better have a defense that can create turnovers and a special teams that can change field position more often than not. In Carr's first 32 starts he had a 21.4 GWD%. He has raised that to a 29.4 GWD%. Good QBs on bad teams will have a 30% GWD. In Carr's best season he had a 70.0 GWD%, and last season he had a 46.2% GWD. Both those Raiders teams gave Carr 10+ GWD opportunities. They were bad teams that would have never seen the playoffs with a QB like Fields. Rodgers had a 50.0%GWD in his best season. If Carr had the level of coaching and talent around him that Rodgers has had in his career, Carr would be considered an MVP candidate. Last I checked Carr was ranked 15th in GWD% and capable of directing a championship contending team. He is in his 9th season, and I would expect his career to last for 15 to 18 seasons with his style of play.
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