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  1. Browns and Saints have interest in Darnold. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more. Not going to get back what the Panthers insanely gave up for him, but there may be a pick or 2 on the board you can leverage into a few mid round picks.
  2. In your 2 minute read you determined he is worthless? lol
  3. Trade Sam Darnold for draft capital. Keep Cam Newton with a 2 year contract. Draft a mid round QB (Aqeel Glass is who I want) to learn under Newton. Trade down from the 6th pick to accumulate draft capital. 3 possible QB outcomes: Cam Newton revives himself with a full offseason. Aqeel Glass takes over as starter. Set up with draft capital to build around a leader at QB. Become more attractive to a temporary QB with past playoff success. Keeping Sam Darnold and PJ Walker has little to no hope at success with him as the starter. Builds no draft capital. Has no mid round rookie QB that may be able to compete with the best. Will never attract a temporary QB with past playoff success. Only hope is that Sam Darnold becomes an instant playoff success or PJ Walker magically becomes the answer when Darnold is benched or injured. Keeping Darnold is a limiting choice for a bottom dweller. Rhule however is not planning on completing his 7 year plan (he never did with any institution). He will just look for a better opportunity every year and sell them on the same 7 year plan he has yet to prove in his career. So, I don't think he cares. He will stick with Darnold as any change would admit a mistake and drop his stock to move somewhere else. He can keep gaslighting with Darnold at QB.
  4. DJ drops the ball too much. Reid would never start him. Reddick and Burns would not start. They would be situational pass rushers. Moton is not a starter on most teams. Gilmore would rotate in on both teams in nickel and dime packages seeing limited playing time. CMC, Shaq OLB, and Chinn SS. That is it.
  5. Yeah. Panthers need leaders to define a championship culture. Starts with ownership and coaching.
  6. Does you know how to use does. When you does' well talk about the Cheifs?
  7. Not with the current regime. I believe a team can be turned around in 2 seasons, but the Panthers are not running that formula. 7 years to hope for mediocrity is the current culture led by ownership.
  8. neither defense would have stopped either QB. Coin toss determined it.
  9. Not convinced that was a catch by NFL rules Mahomes would have still scored though Last QB to have the ball wins. Coin toss for OT was the determining factor. I could see Josh Allen doing that too if the Bills won the toss.
  10. disappointing finish by NFL and officials
  11. incomplete. ball not secured in time
  12. Double OT playoff game incoming
  13. Now it comes down to the first defense to stop these truly great QBs
  14. Josh Allen just won the game on X-Clown play?
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