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  1. The good teams keep getting stronger. They know how to use the draft.
  2. Smaller & slower version of Captain Munnerlyn Another special teams player
  3. Panthers selected an inconsistent TE who can't run block and is worse than Stephen Sullivan? Another special teams player
  4. Do you believe a 1st round pick should be an immediate impact player and likely starter thatvis NFL ready? (Especially on the worst team in the NFL)
  5. How is Legette better than Mingo & TMJ? There's a good chance he doesn't even beat them out in camp.
  6. The Panthers are so bad that the picks in the first 3 rounds should start if the front office is good
  7. Luke McCaffrey. There's the Cooper Kupp of the draft Washington doing very well in the draft
  8. Kamren Kinchens reminds me of Mike Minter
  9. Were you the one who shot down my value on Kobbie Turner & Zach Tom too because our front office did better with their LB picks with Morgan's lead? Being from the Carolinas means nothing? A team has no excuse for missing on their top local talent for special teams players & project players from around the nation!
  10. The Triple-Ds are lighting the 2024 NFL draft on fire!
  11. You want to believe Dan Morgan wasn't putting the boards together? Ok. Morgan just sat back and watched as he let everyone else scout & write reports, right? Asst GM just gets the coffee & drives the players around?
  12. Brandon Smith & DJ Johnson agree with you
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