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  1. Got it. Everyone but Bryce Young is terribad on the offensive side of the ball. Stop holding Bryce's HOF ability back!
  2. Desmond Ridder and Brock Purdy are better than all the 1st round QBs drafted in the past 3 years The 1st round QBs in the NFC are at the bottom. Carr, Ridder, Hurts, Purdy, Prescott, Howell, Cousins, and Smith are the front runners for the NFC playoffs. 13-5 record. 1st round NFC QBs are 6-8. For the NFL, 1st round QBs have an 18-24 record. All other QBs have a 14-8 record. Bryce Young doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being better than Derek Carr or Desmond Ridder.
  3. Well it wasn't a rebuild to begin with. Was suppose to be a load up and improve from Wilks and Darnold/Mayfield. At this point, you have to admit the GM screwed up and treat it like a rebuild with a new GM. This is where you fire the GM after 4 to 5 weeks and call it a rebuild.
  4. Slow play the Panthers and take points. Then make Bryce prove he can win in the 4Q. That's what I imagine is coming again. They are going to make Bryce prove he can win with his head and arm from the pocket. This is the way of the NFL. Opposing NFL coaches only roll the dice when they know they have to worry about the QB in the 4Q.
  5. Evero D can't even stop a single run play when it's needed... ugly
  6. Young looks like a QB on the sideline who has already accepted the loss
  7. Saints are thinking they can just kill the clock. Not sure why the Panthers used 2 minutes on that drive when the Saints were giving up easy plays.
  8. Bryce will be able to display his talent now. This is all QB time. Make plays as a QB or go home. Doesn't matter if you're a rookie or a 10 year vet. Prove you can win and not make mistakes.
  9. Saints are clearly not worried about Bryce Young at QB or Frank Reich as a play caller.
  10. Shhhhh. Young is prepared for the NFL. He'd never do that.
  11. OK. Time to let Bryce loose and see if he can produce a 4Q comeback. We see all the good NFL QBs do it
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