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  1. If I view both BC and Ickey as starting OTs who would be ranked 20 to 25 in the NFL, I view BC as a 20 to 25 starting OG, and Ickey as a top 10 OG with PB potential, then what makes the most sense as the optimal starting lineup? Why would I want to go with an OT/OG combo that would produce among the bottom of the league when you have a PB potential at OG and a serviceable starting OT? The OL is better with Ickey at LG, and both Michael Jordan and Elf on the bench. I'd much rather have BC or Erving at LT than Michael Jordan or Elf at LG.
  2. You sir are the winner. Ickey and Corbett at G would create a running/screen game that would open up everything for CMC. Ickey would be an immediate candidate for an All-pro spot in his rookie season. At LT, he gets eaten up by pass rushers, stunts, and blitzes off the edge. He'll be lucky to break the top 20 LTs in the NFL. BC has shown he can handle the edge rush as good if not better than Ickey. Ickey will eventually be moved to G in his career. If not with the Panthers, with another team that has a championship minded coaching staff.
  3. LT BC, LG Ickey, C Bozeman, RG Corbett, RT Moton That's the winning line up to make the team better. I expect this from a losing organization: LT Ickey, LG MJ, C Elf, RG Daley, RT Moton Ickey will end up as a pro bowl guard. As LT he won't break into the top 20 LTs in the NFL. He doesn't have what it takes to shut down the speed rushers consistently in the NFL.
  4. That defense has a soft middle with MLB, DT, and SS. Plus, there is no run contain at DE. Shaq, Luvu, and Burns better shoot all those gaps and not miss a tackle.
  5. He looks like he should be playing guard. Not LT.
  6. Bill Walsh and John McVay said you can't make something out of nothing, but all you need is to find a QB with basic intelligence and basic ability and you can develop them quickly. Walsh developed 4 SB contending QBs. Ken Anderson, Dan Fouts, Joe Montana, and Steve Young. Third rounders and a 1st round bust who came of age at 31 years old. Anderson, Fouts and Montana represented 3 of the 4 QBs in the conference finals. There's a reason the playoff successful QBs tend to be with the same teams/off the Walsh-McVay tree. It's not a lottery. You need to know how to spot these QBs in a matter of a few hours of repetitions, and you need to know how to develop them. Hardly rare how the Walsh/McVay system of developing a QB has led to numerous playoff/SB QBs including Favre, Rogers, Brees, Delhomme, Garoppolo, Mahomes, Goff, Stafford, Foles, Newton, Esiason, Montana, Anderson, Young, McNair, Dilfer, Flacco, Johnson, Gannon, McNabb, Hasselbeck, Grossman, Kaepernick, Wilson, and Ryan. Maybe they know the system to identify and develop a QB that was taught to them? I highly doubt the Rhule coaching tree will be as good at developing a QB quickly.
  7. Corral played worse than many undrafted QBs in their rookie season with the 3rd team. You will find better QBs than Corral being cut by NFL teams in the coming weeks. 3rd round was a reach for Corral.
  8. A QB like Howell or Corral should move the ball and excel against 3rd team NFL defenders.
  9. I guess Phil Snow was not expecting that from Howell in his 40 years of coaching defense. I'm sure no one would have ever thought Howell would ever try to run the ball. Defensive genius.
  10. Corral with his patented hospital ball he displayed at Ole Miss
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