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  2. It's actually getting pretty funny now. Every time I refute one of his points, he just changes it again.

  3. replive, how you doing bro. Been looking for your post's, I owe you some pie!

  4. Alright. Sometimes I think I come off as angry when I'm just trying to give out some friendly advice. Thanks for understanding, and you raised good points as well.

  5. It's cool man you made a good point.

  6. Ahh, good luck with everything my friend. Also, thanks I LOVE PIE!

  7. Just Working, trying to take care of the family. Next time I see you on the board I'll give you some pie!

  8. Nothing much Spanky, just living. How's things going for you?

  9. What's going on replive? Hope your all good man, later.

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