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  1. Thats cool man, I was going to change it last night but my home PC crashed. I change mine up every so often but I've been so busy I had'nt been on here for 3 or 4 weeks.

  2. haha thanks, I'll be changing mine up throughout the season too...I'll try to make sure its different from yours lol

  3. Nice AVI, I've got one too! I'll change up soon so you can keep it, I've got a bunch to choose from.

  4. Thanks Mike,need all the help I can get, I hope it will get better after the season starts. And soon I'll have more time on my hands to be on here. It's not easy keeping brain to hand interface with PanthaSans AVI looking back at me.lol

  5. Where have you been hiding?

  6. Hey Spank! Not much, same ol' stuff. I agree..it's certainly about time!

  7. Did someone say football? Been a while Coolpepper, how have you been bro?

  8. That pic u sent crispybangs is great PanthaSan!

  9. LOL..., that big girl is a trip man. Very big...joints!

  10. Where you been hiding? ain't seen you around lately?

  11. Must spread some rep. before giving it to Jangler. I'll catch up with you bro. How about pie instead? I watched the monkeys back in the day. lol

  12. Hey man, sweet profile pic bro.

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