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  1. Fug PK Subban!!! Good on Tripp for calling him out!
  2. Bottom line: Every fanbase but one has this feeling every season. For some teams' fans, this despair starts sinking in around January. I don't miss those days! Yeah, we're all pissed! But, we made it damn near to June before feeling this way. Our team staved it off longer than all but 2 others. Twas a hell of a season boys and girls!
  3. One period with the season on the line... Time to nut up boys! Load up the top line and leave it all on the ice!!!
  4. This is objectively true! Most people don't realize that before the series, Waddell contacted the Wachowski sisters to get a few of those handy dandy red pills. Then Dundon and Wads snuck into the Panthers facility and spiked Bob's water bottles. They had just rewatched Matrix 4 and thought if they could get Bob to slip into bullet-time then he would dodge all the pucks coming at him and we could win each game by a 10 goal margin. Unfortunately, it turned out that Bob was actually an anagram for The Obb and he was the messaih that zion was promised all along. Instead of dodging the pucks in bullet-time, he learned to stop them in their tracks. I don't know wtf Wads was thinking, really! fuging cheap ass watch ruined our only chance to ever win a cup!
  5. Who just smashed their stick going down the tunnel? The most fire I've seen from a canes player in ages!
  6. fug Bettman fug Canada fug zebras burn it all down!
  7. Pair Chatty up with Pesce... I'm fed up with Skjei.
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