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  1. Hear Ye, HEAR YE... The Cariolina Hurricanes have henceforth acquired the services of the formerly beknighted defensemen Sir Zachariah of Hayes! "Zack is a young defenseman who will add to our organizational depth on the blue line," said Waddell. "He is an experienced leader who knows how to play physically on the back end." -Bishop Monsignor Don Wadell Unfurl thyne scroll to readeth more...
  2. Last season: This season: The foreseeable future:
  3. That entire sequence was a thing of beauty!
  4. It's always nice to see when Svech remembers that he's a "big boy!"
  5. Then how come we all knew KC was gonna lose the SB when they announced Remmers would be starting at RT for the Chiefs?
  6. Is he the only player to singlehandedly lose 2 Super Bowls?
  7. Buttchin might have something to say about that...
  8. Raanta just watched that one go in...
  9. Get to the front of the net and good things happen...
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