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  1. Idk if anyone else is watching the post game, but I NEED to know how Tripp blessed the stick.
  2. From pulling your goalie to potting the empty netter for the 2 goal win in under 2 minutes...
  3. Just got home from work. So... - Rod broke Aho by taking away his Jarvy - Raanta stole Freddie's gear - Pesce broke his dick again Am I up to speed now...?
  4. Don't know I this has been posted on here, but this got me hype AF!
  5. It was really nice of Martin to send us all into the postseason with such fond memories of Annti Raanta!
  6. At least the Honorable Mr. Van Buren saved all these goals allowed for a game that doesn't matter... lol
  7. Shorten it to Utah 'Yotes and it kinda works, as dumb as this whole thing is...
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