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  1. That is mostly true. For some players, quality of life is more valuable to them and their families than top dollar. You also have the face of the franchise types who can increase their endorsement potential by being the star player on a championship contender, a la Brady in NE. Brian Burns is THE cornerstone of our defense, but he is not the face of the franchise type imo. He should and will get top dollar from this organization. CMC on the other hand might be an option for a hometown discount of sorts. In a year or 2 when this teams championship window should be wide open, he could renegotiate a team friendly extension with very little new money. Frees up some room to keep guys like Burns and Reddick around. And, I have no doubt that CMC would more than make up the difference in endorsements with the shine from a couple rings! Don't forget, McCaffery and his family already have generational wealth..
  2. Thank God David Tepper is not Tom Dundon! Burns will get paid.
  3. It's me playing Madden, keep running the same blitz every play until you find a way to beat it... I feel seen, thank you coach Snow!
  4. Didn't Rivera run a 3-4 with SD when they had a top 5 defense?
  5. In our entire history, we are undefeated in games where Hasaan Reddick teabags the opposing QB. Dunk that cauliflower nugget in your vegan ranch and smoke it... wait...
  6. If you have followed Tyrod's career, you would know that him missing time all but guarantees that his backup will be at least pro bowl caliber. You can go ahead and lock in Mills for that 3rd qb spot in the AFC...
  7. You are derailing this thread more than anybody!
  8. But that makes racists feel sad and ashamed.
  9. Of course Robby won't be returning punts... that would be crazy!
  10. Might as well get some use out of him...
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