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  1. What reason do we have to think that he will? What tangible improvement has DJ made to his game since coming into the league? CMC, Samuel, Anderson all markedly improved as pass catchers with the Panthers. They had the same QBs. I'll grant that DJ hasn't had a passer who could take advantage of his deep game. But, Robby and Curtis were supposed to be solely deep threats coming into this league. So the Tedd Ginn type burners were able to take advantage of a dink and dunk QB. But, the complete #1 WR couldn't?
  2. I hope so. We still need him to start, what, 8 more games? Maybe Rod gives Reimer a go to keep him in shape, a la Gardiner. But, I can't see it. And with 4 regulation goals in 2 of his 3 starts vs DET this season, I wouldn't even think about putting Mraz back out there against the Ford Family Feudal Colony.
  3. LMAO idk what it is about the dude. You see him on video and he looks normal enough. But somehow, in every individual frame of the clip, he looks like a Canadian brown bear on cocaine who hears the cops in the distance.
  4. Eh, the refs played their part in this one. But, they didn't give up 4 goals in regulation to the fugging Red Wings. Defense looked bad without Fleury and Mraz is still getting his legs back under him. It is what it is.
  5. El Nino: blows it Shitty Pizza Town: finally ends it
  6. Slavvin: Tried to check the goalie Mitten People: This is gonna take a while.
  7. Aho: forgets to shoot Pantystains: not so fast
  8. That was a sloppy OT. But, Mraz looked ready when he needed. Hopefully he's ready for the shootout.
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