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  1. We can't let these turnpike humping, wannabe New Yorker weirdos take this game... Send them back to their waterfront garbage dump with their rattails between their legs!
  2. Did Joe Person fug your wife or something? You seem to have some deep seeded issues with sports writers...
  3. Slavin out here sniping MFers like it's Call of Duty! (Is that what the cool kids are playing now)
  4. We were lucky to get out of that period with a clean score card...
  5. The children will sing songs of the battles that Freddie of House Andersson has fought here today!
  6. To vent the frustration from having a pyrite tongued coach with a playbook drawn using a half eaten crayon. We've got nothing else. This is where we are now. Unless we get the pitchforks out and go take down our fat sweaty dork of a feudal lorde over at Appaloosa and fire Rhule ourselves, whining is all we got!
  7. Jordo is playing like a bull in a China shop right now!
  8. These refs are the ones who fuged that pangolin over in wuhan a few years back...
  9. Nippleshorts was fired for his role in exposing what a piece of poo Ole Jerry was behind the scenes. Everybody remembers Blue Jean Fridays and the creepy foot massages, but nobody ever talks about the scout (hired by Gettledouche) that JR dropped the hard R on multiple times before he quit and dimed out the entire shitshow we had going on down on Mint Street.
  10. You had me until... *shudders* until... *retches violently* until...
  11. Goddamn you Scooby Doo! ...and you meddling friends, too!
  12. We need Bobrosskey to have one of his happy little accidents...
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